Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review

New Purple Mattress 2-4 inch layer choice

The Original Purple Mattress is still for sale, but they have added a new member to their family – the Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress.

The Purple Hybrid Premier mattress has 2 options. Both models have a layer of coils, making it a hybrid mattress. You can however choose from 2 thicknesses when it comes to the Purple polymer layer. The cheaper Purple Hybrid Premier mattress comes with 3 inches of the polymer grid structure layer. The more expensive option boasts 4 inches of Purple grid.

If you want to stay closer to The Purple Mattress, you could also get the less expensive Purple Hybrid with a 2″ hyper elastic polymer section.

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Video Review

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Purple Mattress Review
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Below is a video showing the difference between the Purple mattress and their Purple Hybrid Premier mattress.  The major difference is that the Hybrid Premier has 1 more inch of the hyper-elastic polymer (“HEP”) so that’s 3″ total.  If you want to you can get up to 4″ for an additional fee.  Along with that, they have added pocketed coils and a foam barrier around the HEP.  

Warning, if you are tall enough that your feet would hit the bottom edge you may not like the feel of the transition from awesome HEP to polyfoam.  Same goes for the sides, if you and your partner barely fit on a queen size (one of you is always on the edge) it may be time for you to upgrade to a king so that you don’t have that awkward feel as you transition from HEP to polyfoam.

Besides the choice that you now have for the polymer section, the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress now has a 7-inch layer of individually wrapped coils.  This provides sleepers with the additional support that some feel that the original Purple did not provide.  This may be the game changer that Purple was seeking to appeal to more sleepers.

You can think of the New Purple as a beefier option for larger/heavier sleepers.  I’m a side sleeper and they say that their 4″ polymer section is ideal for side sleepers.  So for my queen size they are suggesting I fork over $2,799 to try this.  At the same time, I’m not heavy so I’m not sure I’m the ideal candidate for the .4.  I am a bit tempted by the thought of floating on an extra 2 inches of the egg catching polymer layer, though.

As usual, Purple came out with a fantastic Human Egg Drop Test commercial.  What was I going to do just sit back and enjoy it?  Nah, I needed to try it myself.  So I moved my Purple mattress from the spare bedroom to my bedroom.  Then I asked my son if he wanted to have some eggs strapped to him to test out the Purple’s egg catching powers.  He happily agreed, and here are the results.  Thanks to Ray Landreth for being a good sport:


What Is Inside The Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress?

This comes down to your choice of how much you are willing to spend.  The 2″ polymer layer with the transition foam and 7″ coils is $1,599, which is on the high side for a hybrid coil foam mattress.  However, this isn’t really foam is it?  I mean you do get the egg catching capabilities of the Purple polymer layer.  The big question is – are you willing to almost double your cost to double up on their polymer layer?

What I really want to know is, how crazy is the .4 on the Purple Powerbase’s massage feature?

One of the things that I always test for on a hybrid mattress is if I can feel the coils when I rub my hand on the sides of the bed.  The Purple hybrid has foam between the coils and the cover, so you won’t be able to feel the coils, and it will give the mattress nice edge support.  Personally, I don’t tie my shoes or get dressed on the side of a bed, and I’m pretty light, so edge support isn’t nearly as important to me as other factors.  That said, I’m impressed that they took the extra step to “hide the coils”.

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Purple Mattress Review
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Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Sleep Test Results


• When you lie down on the Original Purple and then the Purple.2, and then the Purple.3, you find yourself drawn to the .3 and even tempted to get the .4.  Purple is really onto something. The level of comfort and coziness is unparalleled.


•The 4″ Purple Hybrid Premier is 168 lbs for a queen size.  The original purple is 110 lbs and I HATE to move it around, it tacos on me (imagine it bends like a taco and falls over on me when I move it)
•The Polyfoam on the borders is an awkward transition out of the HEP zone. You actually feel yourself moving from the HEP layer onto the polymer
•Did I mention that it is EXPENSIVE?

 Who Should Buy the Mattress?

People who have been considering the Original Purple, but may be on the heavy side should look into the Purple.2. Personally, I LOVE the Purple.3. At my size, I am able to sink into the 3 inches of hyper-elastic polymer on my side and back without feeling the springs inside the mattress. The purple.4 is for side sleepers also, but I think you need to be quite a bit heavier than I am, to need that extra inch of polymer. I would recommend it for sleepers 200 pounds and above.

What Type of Bed Frame Works for this Mattress?

  • Solid Platform
  • Solid Foundation
  • Slatted Base
  • Adjustable Frame: The Original Purple mattress does really well on an adjustable frame.  The Purple.3 that I tested is OK on an adjustable frame. The cover scrunches up a bit and the bottom doesn’t stick to the frame the same way that the Original Purple does.

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Price Table

Price list updated: April 2022
Polymer SizeTwin XLQueenKingCalifornia King

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review Conclusion

First the good, there is nothing on the market that is remotely similar to the feel of the hyper-elastic polymer (“HEP”) section.  Purple was nice enough to double down on that and give you the option to go all the way up to 4 inches of it.  If you can stay in the middle of the HEP section you are in for a serious treat.  Now that leads us to the bad part about these new Purple mattresses.

New Purple.3 mattress next to original purple mattress

You can see in the photo above, that they have surrounded the HEP layer with polyfoam.  This leads to 4 potential problems in my opinion:

  1. It is possible for a bump or a disconnect to form at the edges where your HEP layer goes over your polyfoam layer.  
  2. If you are tall, your head and feet can be in the polyfoam section while your body is in the HEP layer, creating an uncomfortable feeling.
  3. Your partner/pet/kids may push you off to the sides of the mattress.  This means that part of your body is in the awesome HEP layer and part is on the not-so-awesome polyfoam area around the perimeter of the mattress.  Again, not a pleasant sleep experience.
  4. Moving a Purple Hybrid is next to impossible (which is why two people deliver it to you).  The mattress is out of balance.  The HEP is really heavy and the poly foam isn’t.  So if you stand it on any of its sides, it will fall in the shape of a taco.  What’s important is that you not be on the inside of the taco shell as you could get seriously injured by this mattress if it collapses on you.  If you move it enough times it will probably happen.  I bet you didn’t watch the whole video from above, so I have it set below so that you can see what happens when you stand both Purple mattresses on their sides.
Play Video

I know that I said in the video that I was really pleased with the purple.3, but my opinion changed a lot as we struggled to move it into storage after our initial sleep testing.  You can’t carry it flat down a hallway or through a door, or the heavy HEP layer starts to fold (taco shape) in on itself as you move it or slide it on the side.  By the time we got it into storage it seemed so damaged that I’m not sure we could even use it again.  User error?  Bad design?  I don’t know, but I do know that purple mattress return rates are way above their historical average and I’m thinking this is the reason.  

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Purple Mattress Review
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Purple sent us this to test; however, I doubt they thought we would do egg drop tests on it.  All of the opinions expressed in this review are mine.

Purple is incredibly popular since they offer a 100% unique sleeping experience.  With their popularity came a huge retail presence.  You can find a purple in:

Mattress Firm

Bed Bath & Beyond


It is made in Utah

Yes they offer the:

Purple Blanket

Purple Pillow

Purple Seat Cushion

Purple Powerbase

Purple Pet Bed

and many more

The answer is almost no, as there is nothing like it on the market.

  Except, I believe that they license their technology to Intellibed. 

Purple Mattress Review Up 33% OFF
Up to 33% OFF Purple Mattresses with coupon code (click to reveal)
Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review 2024 | Non Biased Reviews
Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review | Non Biased Reviews

The Purple Hybrid Premier mattress comes in 3 sizes. It is all of the comfort you love from Purple's own polymer layer, with the added benefits of coils below it!

Product SKU: Hybrid Premier

Product Brand: Purple

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 2299

Price Valid Until: 12/31/2025

Product In-Stock: InStock

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16 Responses

  1. For ppl like me with Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Neck, and Back problems? This is VERY worth the investment. On a normal mattress I can’t sleep on my sides bc there’s not enough anything on my hips so I get pressure sores or on my back bc I have disks that don’t stay in place due to a 4-wheeler accident and if I sleep on my stomach my system tells me I can’t breath. This mattress solves that problem so it’s worth the cons and price tag.

    1. I am so with you, it is just hard to spend other people’s money as when you get to the purple.4 it is really expensive. That said, I LOVE my Purple.3 and will update this with a few videos soon.

  2. Hello I was debating between sapira and purple 3 or 4. I weigh 230 and 6ft1 my wife is around 140-160ish range . we both are side sleepers but i flop around alot . I want support but right now my bed is to hard and my shoulders and hips are starting to hurt as well as lower back. which bed do you recommend? I also was wondering what bed frame do you like better the sapira has one with usb ports which is pretty cool but I like purples stronger fram with a higher height .

    1. This is a hard question to answer as the prices are way different between the purple.3-4 vs the sapira. You would save a ton with the Sapira, but then you won’t have the unique feel of the purple hyper-elastic polymer. I think the answer is really going to depend on your budget.
      Now the adjustable bed frames, the Purple one is the sturdier choice between the two, but I don’t love the purple powerbase price. I have some footage of the leesa/sapira adjustable base on my best adjustable beds video.

  3. I want the new purple 4 mattress soooooo bad. I am so tempted buy it even though it costs a small fortune. I have a very rare neurological disorder, have fibromyalgia, both me and my husband are heavier and are both side sleepers. I have searched all over and done so much research. We don’t want a hard mattress, but we need good support. Sounds like the purple 4 is exactly what I am search of. I wish I could find a mattress like this one but cheaper.

    1. There really isn’t anything out there like it, that’s why Purple does so well. There is a pretty big jump from the purple.3 to the purple.4, maybe you should try to pop into a mattress firm and try the 3?

  4. Hi, non-biased!
    I’m 5’2″, 150lbs and a mostly back sleeper. I have neck pains because of the soft, non supportive mattress I have now.
    My boyfriend is 6’3″, 250 lbs, a side sleeper and has back pain.
    I know we need to go firmer and I was thinking the original purple or nectar, but would he need something with coils because he’s “big and tall”? What mattress would you suggest for us, since we’re basically opposites?

    1. I think he’s going to be too big for the original purple. Nectar is a bit more firm and more of a budget friendly pick, so that could work for you. I think you are going to want something with innersprings so that it can support him and not create a valley that will force you to roll into it. So, I would look at the Purple.3 which you may be able to try at a local mattress firm. It is going to be more expensive than the Sapira, DreamCloud and Saatva, so if you are looking at a lower price than the New Purple, look into those 3. I had my 350 lbs friend test out the dreamcloud so your boyfriend’s size won’t be an issue on it.

  5. I’m thinking, why not just do it if it’s what you want. I’m a side sleeper 60-year-old male 127 pounds so why should I hesitate over 2800 bucks.
    I’ll be sleeping on the thing for quite a few years.
    ***Nice luxury beds in the local stores here in Charlotte are really a little pricier!

  6. Holy moly that is a pricey mattress! Purple mattresses are so fascinating to me, but unless it’s medically necessary, i can’t see a lot of people forking over that extra 1,200.

    1. They tried them in retail stores before they started selling them online. So, my guess is that they aren’t expensive compared to other in-store options. The price seems steep when compared to other online only options. I think that’s what makes it so confusing, I’m still not sure how I feel about their pricing strategy.

    1. I feel like the Purple .2 is at an attractive price, but the .4 is just such a steep increase that I can’t get myself to buy one. I’m hoping that they lower the price of the .3 and .4.

  7. This is one heavy, expensive, purple noodle…but the 4 looks like a heavenly tower! After the egg test- I am sure this would allow me to sleep through my dog’s rambunctious outbursts!

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