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I have assembled and sleep-tested over 30 adjustable beds in the last 5 years and picked out my 6 favorite adjustable beds for you. Which one will be right for you?

Why don’t we jump straight into our Best Adjustable Beds?

I am addressing some of your most frequently-asked questions below the ranking. Buying an new adjustable bed is a big deal and something you will probably only do a couple of times in your life, so let’s make sure you get it right!

If you want to read up on how to select the right Adjustable Bed for your needs and better understand what to look out for, feel free to head for our Adjustable Bed Frame Q&A first.

If not, let dive right into our Best Adjustable Bed ranking for this year, introducing several new models from last year’s list. Click on the category name in the first column for more detail on each model.

Best Adjustable Beds Reveal

Price List updated: March 2023- pre-discounted prices

Click on the Best Adjustable Bed Frame category for more info on each base!

Best Adjustable Bed Category Adjustable Bed Brand & Model Unbiased Review Queen Price Shop Here
GhostBed Adjustable Base
Nolah Ultimate Adj. Smart Base
Review Coming Soon
Spoon Sleep 900
Yaasa Adjustable Bed
DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame
Leesa Adjustable Base

Best Adjustable Beds - Top Editor's Picks

Before we get into the detail of each Adjustable Bed Frame, I wanted to give a special shout-out to my Top 3 picks. Here’s what is important to me, in an adjustable bed. I am looking for a quiet base that will not wake up my partner when I go to bed later than he does. I love for the bed to be ultra responsive to the remote and think all of the bells and whistle are really cool – of course not necessary for a good night of sleep, but if I can get ambiance lighting, I will!

My top adjustable beds are:

    • responsive enough to adjust as soon as I hit the button
    • include the zero-gravity position as a preset position
    • have several massage modes
    • come with the split King option so my partner and I can each control our own side of the bed independently

You will find more details on each one of them below, but here’s what my Unbiased Best Adjustable Beds podium looks like: 

Without further ado, here is all of the detail for Best Adjustable Base in each of the categories. Happy adjusting, guys!

Best Adjustable Bed - Editor's Top Pick + Quiestest

GhostBed Adjustable Base

50% OFF
GhostBed Adjustable Base review
GhostBed Adjustable Base
50% OFF site wide and 15% OFF if you sign up to email list, with coupon code (click to reveal)
50% OFF site wide and 15% OFF if you sign up to email list, with coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less

When shopping for an adjustable bed, I understand that you have many choices and it can be difficult to truly understand the difference between products. Let’s look at our top pick – the GhostBed Adjustable Base. It is by far the quietest base in the industry. So quiet, you will wonder whether it is actually moving! Going for a quiet base is incredibly important, especially if you have a different sleeping pattern than your partner.

The GhostBed Adjustable Base also comes with 15 (you read that right, fifteen!) whisper-quiet massage modes. Those are heavenly good after a long active day at work. I might add, they are quite addictive! You’ll find yourself looking forward to bed time, just so you can get rid of the day’s tension and soothe your body to rest.

Note that, in the King size, GhostBed only manufactures a Split King. In other words, if you own a King-size mattress, you will be able to synchronize the 2 Twin XL adjustable bases that make up the Split King GhostBed base. It will feel no different than a regular King-size adjustable base. GhostBed, however, understands the value of a Split King, which allows you and your partner to adjust your side of the bed independently from the other. To fully benefit from a Split King adjustable base, you will need to purchase two Twin XL mattresses. Check our Top Mattresses List to pick one that works best for you!

If you are able to spend about $1,300 on a base, you will find great value in the GhostBed Adjustable Base. Let’s look at everything that helped us rank the GhostBed as the top adjustable bed this year.

What we loved:

  • Whisper-quiet adjusting
  • 15 ultra-quiet massage functions
  • 2 USB ports on each side of the adjustable bed
  • Under-bed LED ambiance lighting
  • Zero-gravity preset position
  • TV preset position
  • Lounging preset position
  • Anti-snoring preset position
  • One-click back-to-flat position
  • Heavy-duty construction supports up to 2,000 lbs!
  • Flash light on the remote
  • Backlit remote
  • Easy, no tool required, assembly
  • 6″ legs available for purchase (reg. base comes with 12″ legs)
  • Headboard brackets available for purchase
  • Works wonders with the GhostBed 3D Matrix, one of our top Mattresses yearly!

For right around $1,300, you get a lot of luxurious comfort and features. We absolutely love the GhostBed Adjustable Base and think you will too!

Shipping – FREE in the continental USA

Warranty – limited lifetime (extended warranty available for purchase to full cover parts, labor, and freight for an extra 3 years)

Most High-Tech Adjustable Bed

Nolah Ultimate Adjustable Smart Base

35% + $50 OFF
Nolah Adjustable Base with Wall Glide
Nolah Ultimate Adjustable Smart Base
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If you are like me, and technology matters to you, the Nolah Ultimate Adjustable Smart Base is for you. Also known as Nolah Adjustable Base With Wall Glide, it comes with the latest bells and whistles available on the market today.

Just like the GhostBed, you get infinite leg and head positions, massage functions, USB chargers, preset positions, and under-bed lighting. But with Nolah, you can add wall glide and voice control to the list.

Note that Nolah also offers only the Split option for King and California King. Not to worry, here again you can synchronize both sides of the bed if you don’t own Split King mattresses.

What is wall glide in an adjustable bed? It is a space saver and shoulder protector. The entire bed base moves towards the head wall as you raise the head panel. It keeps your shoulder as close to your bedside table as when you are laying flat, helping you reach your books and lamp even as you are in raised position.

What We Loved:

  • Wall glide technology
  • Head and foot massage with 3 intensities
  • Preset zero-gravity position
  • 3 customizable programmable preset positions
  • Use Alexa or Google Voice commands to control the remote
  • Under-bed LED lighting
  • 4 USB ports in the Twin XL and Queen
  • 8 USB ports in Split King and Split California King
  • Easy, no tool required, assembly
  • Works great with the Nolah Evolution 15, our Best Mattress Top Pick!

Shipping – FREE shipping

Warranty – 10-year limited

Easiest Assembly Adjustable Bed

Spoon Sleep 900 Adjustable Base

10% OFF
Spoon Sleep 900 Adjustable Base discount code
Spoon Sleep 900 Adjustable Base
10% OFF Site WideShow More
10% OFF Site Wide Show Less

The Spoon Sleep 900 Adjustable Base is incredibly easy to assemble. If you have ever assembled anything IKEA, this will feel like Kindergarten! No tool required at all. The Spoon Sleep 900 Adjustable Base is shipped to your door in a box, and completely pre-assembled.

When you receive the Spoon Sleep 900, open the box, hand-screw the legs, place inside your bed frame (or simply put in place if you are not using a bed frame), plug, and voilà!

Just like the GhostBed and Nolah, Spoon Sleep manufactures an adjustable bed with massage function and under-bed lighting. A cheaper version exists – save about $250 with the Spoon Sleep 700 Adjustable Base. It comes without the massage and under-bed lighting functions, but all else is the same.

What We Loved:

  • Easy, no tool required, assembly
  • 3 massage intensities for foot and head, with massage timer for automatic turn off
  • Infinite head and foot adjustability
  • Under-bed LED lighting
  • 710-lb weight limit with automatic shut off in case of overload (710 lbs per base, means 1,420 lbs on a Split King, including mattress weight)
  • One-click back-to-flat button
  • Automatic power down in case of loss of power
  • Customizable leg height – 5″, 7″, and 12″
  • Preset zero-gravity position
  • 2 customizable programmable preset positions
  • Remote lock function

Shipping – FREE shipping

Warranty – 5-year limited

Best Style Adjustable Bed

Yaasa Adjustable Bed

10% OFF Site Wide
Yaasa Adjustable Bed Coupon
Yaasa Adjustable Bed
10% OFF site wide with coupon code (click to reveal)
10% OFF site wide with coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less

Yaasa is dedicated to making people’s lives more comfortable through the power of adjusting. With their adjustable bed frame, they want everyone to get better sleep without compromises. At the touch of a button, customize your sleeping position and increase the quality of your sleep for a happier and healthier day.

Yaasa is a Swiss company and the design of their adjustable base is unique. Very modern, made of 4 light color panels, an aluminum frame, and white mattress stopper, its contemporary look is like no other.

While a little louder than the above adjustable beds, we love that it comes with the wall glide technology, USB ports, under-bed LED lighting, as a back-lit remote. Let’s look at everything there is to like about the Yaasa Adjustable Bed.

What We Loved:

  • Infinite leg and head adjustability
  • Contemporary design
  • Wall glide function
  • USB ports
  • Under-bed LED lighting
  • 700-lb weight limit
  • Backlit remote
  • One-click back-to-flat button
  • Zero-gravity preset
  • Anti-snore preset
  • 2 customizable programmable preset positions
  • No tool assembly
  • 30-day at-home sleep trial!!
  • Current limited time offer includes a free Yaasa mattress of your choice with the Adjustable Bed purchase

Yaasa Sleep Trial – 30 nights

Shipping – FREE shipping

Warranty – 10-year limited

Best Value Adjustable Bed

DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame

50% OFF + FREE Gifts
DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame review
DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame
50% OFF + $599 of FREE accessories with mattress purchase with our exclusive coupon code
50% OFF + $599 of FREE accessories with mattress purchase with our exclusive coupon code Show Less

For the second year, the DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame makes the Non-Biased Reviews list of Best Adjustable Bases. A favorite for its value. The non-discounted Queen-size adjustable bed frame retails for $999, with a current 30% OFF discount (with our exclusive coupon code), you can put a high-quality adjustable bed in your bedroom for $699!

We love DreamCloud for its incredible 365-night at-home trial on its DreamCloud mattress (also on our list of Best Mattresses this year), and it offers a 50-night trial on his adjustable bed – more than any other company we are discussing here.

You won’t believe what you are getting for this price: USB ports, massage functions, zero-gravity, no-tool assembly, and a beautiful upholstered finish!

What We Loved:

  • Best value
  • Infinite leg and head adjustability
  • Zero-gravity preset position
  • Three customizable programmable preset positions
  • No-tool assembly requiring the hand screwing of a few wide-headed screws
  • 3-speed vibration head and foot massage

DreamCloud Sleep Trial – 50 nights

Shipping – FREE shipping

Warranty – 3-year limited

Thinnest Design Adjustable Bed

Leesa Adjustable Bed Frame

25% OFF
Leesa Adjustable Bed Frame review
Leesa Adjustable Bed Frame
Get up to 25% OFF mattresses + 2 free pillows with mattress purchase, and 25% select bedding and bases, or use our exclusive discount code NONBIASED...Show More
Get up to 25% OFF mattresses + 2 free pillows with mattress purchase, and 25% select bedding and bases, or use our exclusive discount code NONBIASED for 15% OFF your entire order! Show Less

I love seeing brands working on unique designs. Most of the adjustable beds on the market have a beautiful upholstered design. But if you are looking for something a little more minimalist, Leesa is a very good option. The Leesa Adjustable Bed Frame is thinner than any other upholstered adjustable beds, and includes a lot of the features you will be looking for: under-bed LED lighting, split-king setup, a 30-day at-home sleep trial, up to 25-year limited warranty, and a bed frame designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA.

Priced on the lower-end of the adjustable bed spectrum, don’t forget to use our exclusive coupon code for 15% OFF and get the Queen-size adjustable base from just about $1,100, shipped to your door!

What We Loved:

  • Infinite leg and head adjustability
  • Under-bed LED lighting
  • Designed, engineered, assembled in the US
  • White glove delivery including set up, during non-COVID times
  • 30-night at-home trial with free returns (Alaska and Hawaii will be charged a $100 return fee)

Leesa Sleep Trial – 30 nights

Shipping – FREE shipping

Warranty – 25-year limited

Which Adjustable Bed Is Right For Me?

If you are new to the Adjustable Beds, you are in for a real treat. You probably don’t even realize what you have been missing. I promise you, however, that once you step into the Adjustable Bed world, there is no going back. If you are ready to elevate your bedroom and a little tired of propping yourself up with pillows to watch TV, you are in the right place!

Adjustable Beds are the ultimate luxury in any bedroom. There are different kinds of adjustable beds and we will look at the different options below.

The best Adjustable Bed for you will depend on your budget and the bells and whistles you are looking for. I am personally a lover of details and something as simple of USB plugs connected to my Adjustable Bed makes a world of a difference. Why don’t we look at what makes an adjustable base!

What Makes An Adjustable Bed?

Over the years, Adjustable Beds have gotten more and more luxurious. I am seeing more mattress companies building them and investing in R&D to develop relaxing, pain relieving bed frames. They are also adding cool functions and transforming the bedroom experience.

Based on your budget, you can stay on a more basic Adjustable Bed Frame model, which will do the job and raise your legs and back independently. And if you are looking to spend a little more, you will quickly find yourself looking into massage modes, USB plugs, preset positions, and LED lightning. Adjustable Beds are comfortable and can solve lifestyle problems such as snoring and back pain. Let me share with you what you should consider before buying your new Adjustable Bed Frame:

Unlimited Leg And Head Adjustability

The main benefit of an adjustable bed is the infinite possibility to adjust your leg and head height. You can fully customize the angle of your upper and lower body with a remote, and to fit your favorite reading, lounging, TV watching, or sleeping position.

Most adjustable beds are made of 4 or 5 panels, 2 of which raise independently of one another, letting you fully adjust your bed to your favorite position. I recommend purchasing a frame with more than just 2 panels, to allow your mattress to take a more ergonomic position, allowing the lower portion of your legs to naturally bend.

Preset Positions

Many adjustable beds come with one or more preset positions, as well as customizable buttons to save your favorite positions. Let’s look at the preset positions available.

The pre-programmed zero-gravity is the most popular preset position on adjustable bed remotes. At the touch of a button, both ends of the bed elevate to position your feet just above the height of your heart. That position increases blood circulation and reduces your stress in the body. It simulates weightlessness and relieves most of the high pressure areas, in turn relieving some of the soreness. It is my personal favorite position and a real time saver to have it pre-programmed on a remote.

Other popular preset adjustable bed positions include lay flat, TV watching, lounging, and anti-snore.

The one-click lay flat position is great for going to sleep. Push the flat button, and from any position, the adjustable bed will flatten to get you ready to sleep.

The anti-snore position slightly raises the head portion of the bed and is usually used in the middle of the night, by the non-snoring partner. Some swear it has saved their marriage 🙂 Joke aside, it is a quick way to reduce, or stop, the snoring.

Some adjustable bed remotes have left 2 or 3 buttons for customized positions. Those are great to pre-program your favorite TV or reading positions. When sharing your bed with a partner, each person could record its own favorite position and have be just one click of a button away.

USB Ports

More and more adjustable beds come with USB ports, usually located just underneath the bed frame, and easily reachable on the sides of the bed. They allow you to easily use your devices in bed, while charging them. No more charging 3 feet away and weirdly bending to keep your phone at arm’s reach.

Wall Glide

This is a function to really look out for, but not yet available in many adjustable bed frames.

The wall glide function, or wall hugger, rolls the bed back as you recline the head, keeping your body at arm’s reach of your bedside table. This might not be the first function you think about when looking into a new adjustable bed, but believe me, once you’ve tried a wall glider, it is hard to go back to a regular bed.

Back And Leg Massage

The upmost luxury in the world of bedding. There is nothing like laying down, in zero gravity, and getting a gentle back and leg massage. While adjustable beds with massage functions were the rarity, they are taking the store front today, and the industry is definitely moving in that direction. More and more adjustable beds include back and leg massages, at declining prices.

When choosing an adjustable bed frame, if a massage function is important to you, consider options such as timer, intensity levels, and modes. Our #1 best adjustable bed is the GhostBed and it comes with 15 massage modes.

Under-Bed LED Lighting

Under-bed LED lighting is a great way to create ambiance lighting when watching TV. It can also serve as a nice nightlight and will avoid repeated toe stubs in the middle of the night.

Note that if you slide the adjustable bed inside your existing bed frame, there are chances that most of the light will be blocked by your frame. The LED lighting works best if you are using your adjustable bed base with a simple headboard.

Adjustable Bed Lifting Capacity

The lifting capacity of the adjustable bed can be of great importance.  When you are looking into the lifting capacity, be sure to include yourself, your partner, your mattress weight, as well as any unexpected guests (like dogs or kids).  Make sure you have a little buffer in case you go a little overboard over Thanksgiving. 🙂

Adjustable Bed FAQ

Can I Use An Adjustable Bed With My Current Bed Frame?

Most adjustable bed frames are build a little shorter and narrower than the mattresses they serve, allowing you to easily fit them inside your current bed frame. Only ensure that you first remove the wooden slats or center support beam prior to sliding the adjustable bed inside your frame.

Unfortunately, if you own a bed frame with under-bed storage, you likely won’t be able to fit the under-bed storage once the adjustable bed frame is fit inside your frame.  If you have a platform base, and the center piece does not come out, or a slatted base, which slats won’t come out, you will not be able to fit an adjustable base inside your current bed frame.

What Kind Of Mattress Works With An Adjustable Base?

Most modern mattresses will work well with adjustable beds. We find that all-foam mattresses provide the best experience, especially with the massage functions. We have tested adjustable bed frames with hybrid mattresses as well, and had good experiences. The only mattresses that should not be used on adjustable beds are water mattresses. Additionally, some older, traditional spring mattresses that use a border rod or wire, may not be compatible with adjustable bed frames.

Can A Regular Mattress Be Used On An Adjustable Bed?

Yes, most modern mattresses can be used on adjustable beds, with the exception of water mattresses and some older traditional spring mattresses that use border rod or wire. Modern mattresses made of all-foam, or a combination of foam and coils, work great however.

Will My Current Mattress Work With An Adjustable Frame?

An all foam, or latex bed is the perfect bed for an adjustable frame. Hybrid beds that have independent coil systems are typically going to be just fine on an adjustable frame. It is just important that those coils get the chance to move around without being locked into place. Most of the mattresses sold now conform to adjustable frames.

Are Adjustable Beds Healthy?

Adjustable beds can help solve some common pain points, and some swear that its has saved their couple. Many with snore issues, use adjustable beds to slightly raise their torso and reduce their snoring. Adjustable beds can also help in fight back and neck pain, acid reflux, heartburn, and relieve cold symptoms.

Do Adjustable Beds Need Special Sheets?

I recommend using deeper pocket sheets to avoid them popping off the mattresses. My favorite sheets for adjustable beds are the GhostSheets. Not only are they luxuriously soft, but they never pop! If you find your sheets popping, try using the BedScrunchie – a simple and inexpensive device that will keep your sheets in place!

What Is The Average Cost Of An Adjustable Bed?

You can expect to spend between $1,000 and $1,500 on a good quality adjustable bed frame. Some cheaper adjustable beds can be found on Amazon, but I would personally focus on some of the brands outlined in this Best Adjustable Beds article to ensure full warranties and sleep trials.

Non-Biased Reviews Bed Adjustable Beds 2020

Let’s take a quick look back at our 2020 Best Adjustable Bed ranking:

#1 – Nectar or DreamCloud Adjustable Bed

#2 – Rize Verge

#3 – Saatva’s Lineal Adjustable Frame

#4 – Purple PowerBase

#5 – Casper Adjustable Base

#6 – S-Cape by Leggett & Platt

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Laura is a mother of three who did not sleep through the night for the first 5.5 years of her kids' lives. She is passionate about sleep quality and loves sharing her experience and knowledge of all thing bedding! It is her mission to help you make the best decisions when it comes to sleep and help you get the best deal on the market!

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  1. I have a fairly newer casper king mattress and now looking to purchase an adjustable frame. Can I use a standard king mattress on a split king frame?

  2. Thanks for your reviews. Do you have a recommendation for King size adjustable frame? Brooklyn Bedding Adjustable bed frame – does not offer a regular King. Only split king and queens. Would the purple 3 work on any adjustable frame? thanks!!

    1. A few reasons, first I’m moving these around all the time and kings are really heavy and take up more space. Second, my bedroom is really too small for a king it just took up too much space. Lastly, and this was a benefit that I’m not sure I intended, but my husband doesn’t have as much room to run from me on a queen bed…

  3. I need one of these adjustable beds if not for anything else than the cure for a husbands snoring!! Ooo wee mine can wake the neighbors with his LOL.

    1. A mouth-guard snoring solution asked me to test their product. I was like, we no longer have a snoring problem around here. Thanks, but no thanks! You are going to see more and more adjustable beds on the market, and one day they will self adjust once they detect snoring. I’m just waiting by my phone to get that call to test a truly smart adjustable bed.

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