Rana on the Saatva loom and leaf and zenhaven

Saatva Dreams Sheets

Saatva Dreams is brought to you by Saatva, America’s largest and most successful online mattress company.
Whether it’s one of their mattresses, like their Saatva Classic Luxury innerspring, or their Loom & Leaf known for its Ultra- premium memory foam or even their amazing Zenhaven with 100% Natural Talalay Latex and of course their sheets sets, Saatva is well known for its high quality natural and organic products! 

Now back to their irresistibly soft and luxurious Lofton sheets, made from 100% long-staple organic cotton in a fine sateen weave. As soon as I opened up the box I knew I was about to experience something different! The box itself and the way it was wrapped with this beautiful ribbon, was so pretty and elegantly put together. I instantly thought this set would make a wonderful gift for sure. But it’s easy to make all things pretty I guess, what matters is the product itself!  First thing I instantly noticed was the smell of the sheet set. They are so pure and toxin free that I forgot what clean organic materials smell like. Sadly we are not used to this anymore! That’s why I turned away for a second thinking they didn’t smell so good, it was the opposite. It was the smell of nothing but 100% non toxic, chemical free materials! It reminded me my Grandparents house and their way of living, before all the chemicals were introduced to the market. Then I thought how a good smell can bring you back so many memories, that was one of them.  Did the Lofton organic Sheet Set meet my expectations? The answer is yes! You will find out why you keep on reading more about them. Their features, how and what makes them stand out from the crowd. 

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Up to $600 OFF
Saatva mattress review
Up to $600 purchases sitewide (click to reveal code)
Up to $600 purchases sitewide (click to reveal code) Show Less

Saatva Dreams Video Review

You can see how they look in my bedroom, unfortunately you won’t be able to feel how soft and smooth they are, without actually buying them.

Saatva Company Policies

Backed by the mattress company Saatva, they offer free shipping and 45 day returns

What's Inside the Sheet Set?

The sheets are 300 thread count, organic cotton weave.  They have a deep pocket for mattresses up to 15″ high.  This means that they likely won’t be large enough for the Saatva HD mattress, which is 15″ thick.

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Up to $600 OFF
Saatva mattress review
Up to $600 purchases sitewide (click to reveal code)
Up to $600 purchases sitewide (click to reveal code) Show Less

Saatva Dreams Review Conclusion

  • They feel cool, crisp and clean.
    The presentation is stunning! 
  • Makes a great useful gift especially with that elegant box.
  • You won’t feel trapped or tangled in them~ You can easily share your sheet (if you feel like it of course).
  • Some people may not find their smell very pleasant at first!
  • Give them a quick wash before use.


Saatva sent us this for testing purposes.  All of the opinions expressed in this review are mine.

No, fortunately it has a sleep trial so that you can test it at home. 

Saatva mattress review Up to $600 OFF
Up to $600 purchases sitewide (click to reveal code)

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