Saatva Dreams is brought to you by Saatva, America’s largest and most successful online mattress company.

Whether it’s one of their mattresses, like their Saatva Classic Luxury innerspring, or their Loom & Leaf known for its Ultra- premium memory foam or even their amazing Zenhaven with 100% Natural Talalay Latex and of course their sheets sets, Saatva is well known for its high quality natural and organic products ! 

Now back to their irresistibly soft and luxurious Lofton sheets, made from 100% long-staple organic cotton in a fine sateen weave.

As soon as I opened up the box I knew I was about to experience something different! The box itself and the way it was wrapped with this beautiful ribbon, was so pretty and elegantly put together. I instantly thought this set would make a wonderful gift for sure. But it’s easy to make all things pretty I guess, what matters is the product itself! 

First thing I instantly noticed was the smell of the sheet set. They are so pure and toxin free that I forgot what clean organic materials smell like. Sadly we are not used to this anymore! That’s why I turned away for a second thinking they didn’t smell so good, it was the opposite. It was the smell of nothing but 100% non toxic, chemical free materials! It reminded me my Grandparents house and their way of living, before all the chemicals were introduced to the market. Then I thought how a good smell can bring you back so many memories, that was one of them. 

Did the Lofton organic Sheet Set meet my expectations? The answer is yes! You will find out why you keep on reading more about them. Their features, how and what makes them stand out from the crowd. 

Experience silky-soft sateen in a 300-thread count, long-staple, organic cotton weave.

What makes the Lofton Organic sheet set so unique: 

Lofton Sheet Set Pros & Cons

Affordable Luxury

What happens when you use the highest quality 100% organic cotton, correctly compensate factory workers and then sell your product online, cutting out the middleman? You get Saatva Dreams bedding of exceptional beauty and quality at a much more affordable price. And that my friends in the truth! Save yourself time, buy directly through our link and take advantage of their trial period. ( try them for 45 days at the comfort of your home).

About the Fabric

Lofton Organic Sheet Set

Long-Staple Organic Cotton

Long organic cotton fibers, or staples, are woven to create soft, sumptuous and more durable sheets.

Optimal Thread Count

As thread counts rise, fabrics become warmer. That’s why they handpicked a thread count of 300 — perfect for cool, breathable, comfortable sleep.

Fair Trade

At Saatva dreams they make their sheets in Fair Trade Certified™ factories because they believe it’s the most effective way to do the most good every day.

Organic All The Way

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. From harvesting the cotton through every step of manufacturing, they are organic through and through.

Who Should Buy the Lofton Sheets?

If you love that pure organic sheet snuggle, you won’t be disappointed. Forget about how soft and breathable those materials are for a moment, think Fair Trade and Ethics! It’s like doing what’s good every single day.

Exceptional Quality! Here’s why

Thoughtfully Sourced Materials

Their materials are grown in healthy soil without the use of GMOs, insecticides or pesticides. This makes their products better for you ( consumers), for farm and factory workers, and the environment.


Designed and manufactured by meticulous craftsmen from around the world, they use only the finest materials to create their luxurious, hotel-quality bedding. Leading-edge technology, cutting-edge design and eco-responsible practices are a must.

Current Specials

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45-Day Returns
24/7 Concierge Service

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