How do you feel about a mattress made of eucalyptus, natural Talalay latex, and steel? This is the Sheets and Giggle Eucalyptus Mattress.

In other words, a natural mattress made from sap from eucalyptus and rubber trees, with hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating properties, no toxins, no petrochemicals, soft on the planet and human health!

We are huge fans of natural mattresses and the Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress checks all the boxes. Let’s look at it in more detail!

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Sheets & Giggles eucalyptus mattress review
Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress
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Sheets & Giggles Company Policies

  • Made in the USA
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-night at-home sleep trial
  • Free shipping
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Sheets and giggles mattress review

What's Inside The Sheets And Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress

In a nutshell:

  • Eucalyptus cover
  • 2 Talalay latex layers
  • Hybrid mattress
  • Sustainability +++

In more detail...

Eucalyptus Cover

The Sheets & Giggles mattress cover is made of the same eucalyptus lyocell as their renown sheets! It is thick and padded, sleeps cool and soft, and made from sustainable eucalyptus fibers. 

The cute design is nicely welcome and we loved the breathability, thanks to which we never felt hot. The eucalyptus mattress cover is thermo-regulating, helping bodies regulate their own temperatures. 

Two Talalay Latex Layers

Under the mattress cover come 2 layers of Talalay latex. The upper layer is a comfort layer that is softer and provides the pressure relief your body needs in any sleeping position.

The lower latex layer is firmer and acts as transition layer, providing the support your spine needs to be aligned and sleep in a healthy position.

Talalay latex has a very even particle distribution for more consistent comfort. It has bounce to prevent the feeling of being stuck in the foam, and it sleeps cool thanks to the open cell technology that lets hot air flow away from your body, and cool air flow back up to you!

Hybrid Mattress

The Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress is a hybrid mattress, which means that it has a center layer of coils. The steel is American recycled steel, and each coils is individually wrapped. 

The coil isolate motion really well, ensuring that a moving partner is a not a disturbance to the other sleeper. They also allow for air to flow through the mattress all night long, rising cooler air up to the latex layers, further ensuring a cool night of sleep. 

Sustainability +++

Sheets & Giggles is all about sustainability! You are purchasing a mattress made to order, that is natural, vegan, cruelty-free, polyurethane-free, fiberglass-free, OEKO-Tex certified, made of non-toxic, eco-friendly materials! The latex is renewable and biodegradable, eucalyptus fibers are clean and safe, and the steel is recycled U.S. steel!

Sheets & Giggles reviews

Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress Sleep Tests

Everything we felt in one box

Firmness Temperature Maintenance Sleeping Style Bed Base
We rated the Sheets And Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the firmest of mattresses. This ranks the Sheets & Giggles mattress as just a little firmer than average (6 to 6.5). If you are looking for a great mixture of pressure relief with spine-aligning support, you will surely enjoy this firmness level.
Thanks to the temperature regulating properties of eucalyptus, the open cell technology in the latex, and the air flowing through the coils, the Sheets & Giggles sleeps very temperature neutral. If you are a hot sleeper, this is a great mattress for you!
In case of a stain, try to tend to it as quickly as possible. Blot excess liquid with a cloth, then gently spot clean with a clean cloth, clear water, and mild detergent. Never rub, as that could spread the stain further. I always recommend protecting your investment with a mattress protector!
The Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress is a great mattress for people of all sleeping styles. We recommend it for all back and stomach sleepers, as it provides the firmness needed to align your body and spine. Side sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress will also do really well. If you're in for the deep sink, the Sheets & Giggles will be too firm for you.
You can lay your Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress on any flat base, which works well in RVs where you typically have a flat wooden base.

Soft —————- Firm

Hot —————- Cool

Non-Washable – Washable


Sheets And Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress Prices & Discounts

25% + 15% OFF
Sheets & Giggles eucalyptus mattress review
Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress
25% OFF mattresses + an extra 15% OFF your entire order with our exclusive code (click to reveal). Ad up to 40% OFF site-wide.Show More
25% OFF mattresses + an extra 15% OFF your entire order with our exclusive code (click to reveal). Ad up to 40% OFF site-wide. Show Less

Sheets & Giggles only offers one mattress at the moment, and one of the only eucalyptus mattresses on the market today. It does come in the 6 most common mattress sizes, fitting virtually any household bed frame.

We find the price to be a great value for the quality of materials making up this Eucalyptus Mattress. A natural mattress (+ recycled U.S. steel coils), you are purchasing one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly mattresses on the market.

Add to that a mattress made to order, and you have yourself a mattress with virtually no off-gassing, no chemical emissions, and a very low impact on the nature around the communities it is produced!

Note that we highly recommend being two adults to set up the Queen, King, and California King mattresses. The Queen-size mattress weighs ~138 lbs, and while it can be done by a single person, it remains a heavy mattress to set up alone.

Make sure to click the box above to claim the deepest Sheets & Giggles discounts.

Price List updated: November 2022 – pre-discounted prices


USD $899
  • 30"W x 75"L x 11.5" W

Twin XL

USD $999
  • 38"W x 80"L x 11.5" W


USD $1,299
  • 54"W x 74"L x 11.5" W


USD $1,999
  • 76"W x 80"L x 11.5"H

Cal. King

USD $$2,099
  • 72"W x 84"L x 11.5”H

Detailed Sheets And Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress Review Conclusion

We have loved testing the Sheets and Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress and can’t help but feel good about a mattress that is soft on the planet and our human health! We are also very impressed by Sheets & Giggles’ stance on sustainability and their commitment to the communities around them and our planet (more on that below).

We think that the Sheets & Giggles mattress is an excellent mattress for all sleepers, giving each sleeping style a very healthy position to sleep in. We highly recommend it to couples with different sleeping styles, since all will sleep comfortably on it, and the coils isolate motion, ensuring movement from a partner do not disturb the other partner.

Let’s take a closer look at each layer in this hybrid latex mattress and our thoughts on this Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress!

Click HERE for all of our Sheets and Giggles reviews. 

Who Is Sheets & Giggles?

Sheets & Giggles is a super fun bedding company, founded by Colin Mcintosh, a guy who loves his dog, pun jokes, and sustainability! With a small but mighty team, they create eucalyptus bedding, from their famed bed sheets, to pillows and a waterproof mattress! 

All of their products are based on their star material – lyocell from high-quality eucalyptus wood pulp, coming from sustainably-managed bio-diverse farms! None of the pulp comes from ancient or endangered forests, and for every tree they harvest, they plant 2 new ones!

All the way to fabric manufacturing, Sheets & Giggles cares for our planet and its inhabitants. The pulp is processed into fabric in a closed loop that reuses 99.6% of water and solvents used in the production.

Sheets & Giggles is all about allying comfort and cozy with sustainability and caring for Mother Earth! They have received a ridiculous number of certifications, including OEKO-Tex, FKT, Vegan Cruelty-Free, ZDHC, and Canopy. They give back 1% of their profits to local Colorado non-profits and have been a large donor to WWF to help restore koala habitat in 2019, and COVID relief efforts in 2021.

What Is Inside The Sheets And Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress?

The Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress is an 11.5-inch thick mattress, designed with sustainability, your health, and the planet in mind! All materials are non-toxic, eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, polyurethane-free, plastic-free, and fiberglass-free!

Natural and made in the USA, we love that all fibers come from trees – eucalyptus and rubber trees.

  • The eucalyptus fibers come from sustainably-focused micro-diverse farms
  • The Talalay latex is biodegrable and comes from the sap of rubber tress that provide sap for 25 years and are not harmed in the process
  • The steel found in coils is recycled

Let’s take a look at each layer in more detail! 

Eucalyptus Lyocell Mattress Cover

The Sheets & Giggles mattress cover is made of the same eucalyptus lyocell as the sheets that made the company famous. Incredibly soft, the mattress cover is thick and plush, adding an extra comfort layer to your sleep.

The eucalyptus lyocell is made from the sap of eucalyptus trees, which are naturally insect repellent and free of insecticides, pesticides, and neonics, making it a much safer materials for the earth and populations living near the forests, and a softer product on your skin!

Additionally, lyocell is extremely breathable, soft, and moisture-wicking. It is proven to help your body auto-regulate its own temperature. On hot nights, extra moisture will be wicked away from your body quickly, keeping you cool. On cold nights, your body will stay nice and cozy.

Nice detail – the leaf design and Sheets & Giggles purple make for a fun design!

Two Layers Of Talalay Latex

There are two kinds of latex out there (Talalay and Dunlop) and which one you like best is a personal matter, however… Talalay latex is generally believed to be a higher-end (and more expensive) material. Here’s why: it takes four time longer to manufacture Talalay latex, due to an extra 2 steps in the process. One of the steps hard freezes the foam in order to give the layer a more consistent feel (vs. Dunlop, which has heavier particles fall at the bottom of the layer).

Latex is a very sustainable material (even biodegradable), coming from rubber trees that provide sap for 25 years without being harmed. Sheets & Giggles brings the sap back to the U.S., where it is manufactured into foam in Connecticut. An open cell foam, it conducts your body heat down into the mattress and brings up fresh air from your room. Because of the added breathability, you sleep cooler on Talalay latex than virtually any foam.

A big plus of latex is its responsiveness. You will never feel stuck in the Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress, as the layer bounces back to its original form as your body shifts positions.

Lastly, Talalay latex is naturally hypoallergenic (even safe for those suffering from latex allergies), anti-fungal, and anti-microbial. Wave goodbye to bed bugs, mold, mildew, and dust mites.

The upper layer of Talalay latex, which is the first one your body hits after the eucalyptus cover, is a softer comfort layer. It provides all of the pressure relief your body needs to prevents waking up with aches and pains.

The second latex layer, coming right beneath the first, acts as transition layer. It transitions your body from softer latex into the firmer coils, with a firmer latex layer. This layer helps provide the support your entire body needs – from your spine (for proper alignment) to those high-pressure areas, which also need support.

8″ Recycled Steel Coils

The steel used in the Sheets & Giggles mattress is made of American recycled steel. Each coil is individually wrapped, allowing for great motion isolation – in other words, your partner’s movements will stay under your partner, and not transfer the motion over to your side of the bed!

Sheets and Giggles has added a firmer perimeter around the mattress, making getting in and out of bed easier and widening the sleeping surface by up to 20%. There is no rolling out of bed on the this Eucalyptus Mattress and we were able to both sleep from side to side!

How Does The Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress Sleep?


We rated the Sheets and Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. An average firmness is between 6 and 6.5, making the Sheets & Giggles mattress a slightly firmer mattress than average. 

If you are someone looking for extreme plushness, this mattress will be too firm for you. It is however, in our opinion, the healthiest firmness for a mattress. It allows proper body positioning and alignment of your spine and bone structure, to position your body in a healthy position and prevent you from waking up with pains and aches. 

Sleeping Style

We recommend the Sheets & Giggles mattress to all sleepers, except for those looking for a very plush mattress.

Thanks to the responsiveness and even pressure relief properties of the Talalay latex, this mattress will work with most sleepers, and makes it a great choice for couples with different sleeping styles.

Side sleepers will get enough pressure relief in their hips and shoulders to sleep in a healthy position. For side-sleepers requiring lots of plushness (some of the lighter-weight side-sleepers, as well as those with a personal preference for soft mattresses), the Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress might be a little too firm.

Back and stomach-sleepers, who require extra support, will find this mattress to be the perfect combination of pressure relief and support. 

All sleepers will benefit from an aligned spine and healthy support under a comfortable and contouring layer of plushness.


The Sheets & Giggle Eucalyptus Mattress uses 3 different layers to bring cool to your sleep.

Starting with the mattress cover, made of eucalyptus lyocell, which is more breathable and wicks away moisture more rapidly than cotton. Eucalyptus lyocell is a naturally temperature-regulating material, which allows your body to auto-regulate its temperature to keep you cool on hot nights, and prevent you from being cold on cool nights!

The two comfort layers in the Sheets and Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress are made of Talalay mattress, which is 7 times more breathable than foam and other kinds of latex, thanks to its open cell design. Talalay latex allows for your extra body heat to dissipate down its layers, while bringing cooler air back up to your body.

Which brings us to the mattress’ excellent air flow, thanks to the 8 inches of coils. Air is constantly flowing in and out of the mattress through its coil layer and perimeter cover.

We tested the Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress in the Florida heat and never felt hot in any way!

Motion Transfer

With 3.5 inches of foam and 8 inches of individually-wrapped coils, the motion transfer is very well isolated in this Eucalyptus Mattress. We tested it with a child jumping on the bed, and felt a little motion. However, overnight with a moving partner, there was absolutely no disturbance!

How Do I Care For The Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress?

The Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress cover is not machine washable, and I ALWAYS recommend protecting your mattress investment with a waterproof mattress protector. Sheets & Giggles sells a beautiful eucalyptus mattress protector, which sleeps soft, plush, cool, and silent! I recommend considering it to cover your eucalyptus mattress, to rip the full benefits of your purchase.

If you do notice a stain on your GhostBed mattress, tend to it as quickly as possible with a clean cloth, water and a mild detergent. Spot clean the stain without rubbing it to avoid spreading it. 

25% + 15% OFF
Sheets & Giggles eucalyptus mattress review
Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Mattress
25% OFF mattresses + an extra 15% OFF your entire order with our exclusive code (click to reveal). Ad up to 40% OFF site-wide.Show More
25% OFF mattresses + an extra 15% OFF your entire order with our exclusive code (click to reveal). Ad up to 40% OFF site-wide. Show Less
  • Natural materials soft on the planet
  • Sleeps cool
  • Modern design
  • Hybrid for more air flow
  • Very little motion transfer
  • Responsive latex
  • Works with most sleeping styles
  • Fantastic for couples with different sleeping styles and preferences
  • Great spinal support
  • Sheets & Giggles give back programs
  • Made in the USA
  • May be too firm for some side sleepers preferring a very plush mattress


Most frequent questions and answers

Sheets & Giggles sent us this Eucalyptus Mattress for testing purposes. This review is not sponsored and all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Unfortunately not, but know that you have a 100-night at-home trial period to ensure you love your new mattress. 

While the materials grow and are harvested outside the U.S., the mattress is designed and assembled in the USA.

No, the Eucalyptus Mattress is Sheets and Giggles’ only mattress for sale at the moment.

Sheets & Giggles offers a wide array of bedding accessories. While they are best known for the eucalyptus sheets, they also offer pillows, mattress protector, pillowcases, comforters, covers, and more.

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    1. Hi Mark, yes, the Eucalyptus mattress will work just fine on an adjustable base! If you have a massaging base, you will also feel the vibrations just fine.

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