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gravity blanket from their website

Gravity Blanket Review

Gravity Blankets, also known as weighted blankets have so many benefits. From reducing stress and anxiety to maximizing relaxation and minimizing body movement which leads to deeper and better sleep. 

That being said, there are so many of them out there and the name says it all, literally, they are heavy. How to chose the right one? That’s why I am here to help you decide. So many factors can make a weighted blanket the right one for you. Keep your eyes peeled on a review that will compare many weighted blankets I will be testing down the road, but today I am reviewing a very special one, The one and only Gravity Blanket from Gravity. 


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gravity blanket from their website
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Gravity Video Review

Weighted blankets have been used in medical communities for ages. The folks at Gravity brain stormed and came up with not just the Gravity Blanket but a whole line of products to help you rest easy. Gravity Blanket is made with YOU in mind. 

Gravity Company Policies

The name of the company is GRAVITY and Gravity Blanket is one of their many sleep products.

It may sound confusing, and i have to admit i was confused at first. But it is actually smart!
They have a 30-Day Return Policy, which is more than fair. Some other companies do not offer a trial period at all. Gravity give you plenty of time for you to get used to their Gravity Blanket.

They do ship nationwide and if you live in France, Germany and Spain Gravity is available on Amazon EU.


What's Inside the Gravity Blanket?

15 pound blue gravity blanket

The Gravity Blanket is built with two components: 

The exterior duvet cover (which is also available in Grey or White plush microfiber) and the inner weighted blanket featuring fine-grade glass beads for weight. Its job is to help calm the nervous system by engaging key relaxation pressure points, stimulating points on the body linked to improved sleep and mood. 

It is not recommended that you share your Gravity blanket with a partner and there’s a good reason why.

Each blanket is based on the user’s body weight and it must be evenly distributed over that one person to be effective. Sharing can change the efficacy of the gravity Blanket- Plus who would want to share something as soothing as this blanket with someone else anyway! 


How do I care for my Gravity Blanket?

While the duvet cover or shell, is machine washable, it is recommended the the weighted insert is hand washed. For ongoing care, remove the cover before washing and machine wash in cold water with similar colors, using non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry on low and cool iron if needed. The Gravity Blanket can also be dry cleaned. 

Gravity Blanket Price & Coupons

This blanket is available in two sizes: Single (72″ x 48″, throw size) and Queen/ King (90″ x 90″). The original Gravity Blanket that measures 72 x 48 inches and is available in 15, 20 and 25 lbs. The Queen Gravity Blanket that measures 90 x 90 inches and is available in 35 lbs. 

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gravity blanket from their website
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Gravity sent us this for testing purposes.  All of the opinions expressed in this review are mine.

The Gravity Blanket is available in select Bloomingdale’s. B8ta and Tangible locations within the US or at select Indigo locations in Canada. Go online or call beforehand to make sure they are available at your locale store.

Gravity Blanket is made in China. They distribute their products from their main facility in Chicago to be manufactured in China. 


Yes they offer the Aromatherapy Pillow ( next on my list), their Cooling Blanket, Their Gravity on the Go as well as two types of sleep masks, The Thermo- comfort weighted and the Weighted Sleep mask. 

They kind of carry something for almost every season. For cold winter nights try their Faux Fur Duvet Cover. For your spring easy breezy days try their Spring ’19 Duvet Cover with their gorgeous prints! 

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gravity blanket from their website15% Off
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