We tested the Bearaby Cuddler and voted it Best Body Pillow For Side Sleepers and Best Pregnancy Pillow. 

The comfort it provides, both physical and mental, is unparalleled, and you can’t beat a 100% vegan and organic pillow, packaged in an organic cotton tote, and manufactured from plants by a zero-waste company!

Read our full review and don’t miss the video review, for our full thoughts!

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Bearaby Cuddler
Bearaby Cuddler
The body pillow that relaxes you and alleviates your body pain, whether pregnant or not!
The body pillow that relaxes you and alleviates your body pain, whether pregnant or not! Show Less

Bearaby Company Policies

  • Free shipping
  • 20% restocking fee on returns
Bearaby Cuddler review best pillow for pregnancy
Bearaby Cuddler best body pillow for side sleepers

What's Inside The Bearaby Cuddler

In a nutshell:

  • 100% natural and vegan
  • GOLS-certified Melofoam
  • GOTS-certified organic cotton
  • Body pillow + cover

In more detail...

100% Natural And Vegan

All materials used inside the Bearaby Cuddler are 100% natural and/or organic, and all vegan. So natural in fact, that the entire pillow and its cover are biodegradable. The cover is even compostable!

GOLS-Certified Melofoam

The foam inside the Bearaby Cuddler body pillow is made from steaming natural tree sap from Sri Lanka rubber trees. The Melofoam is equally breathable and responsive, providing cozy comfort and full-body support. Great as a body pillow for pregnancy and side-sleepers.

GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton

The Bearaby Cuddler comes wrapped in a white 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton cover. You can also purchase a cozier, and colored Cuddler Cover, also made of 100% organic cotton. We love that you can machine wash and dry both of those covers.

Body Pillow + Cover

When purchasing the Bearaby Cuddler, you will receive the body pillow in its white organic cotton cover, wrapped in a beautiful organic cotton tote. Note that Bearaby is a zero-waste company, which does not use plastic! While you do not have to, we recommend adding the Cuddler Cover for extra plushness and a splash of calming color. 

Bearaby Cuddler Melofoam

Bearaby Cuddler Body Pillow Sleep Tests

Everything we felt in one box

Firmness Temperature Maintenance Sleeping Style Materials
The Bearaby Cuddler is a firmer pillow, with enough thickness and softness to feel incredibly cozy, and let your body sink in just the right amount. The Melofoam is firm to offer support to the body parts you decide to lay against the pillow. Its 7.5 inches of thickness are firm enough to hold their size when laying between your knees or underneath your head.
The Melofoam is an open-cell foam that is pierced with thick holes to let plenty of air rise up to your body while drawing your body's heat deep down into the foam. Since the Cuddler Covers are made of organic cotton, they are very breathable and you can expect to sleep temperature neutral, without ever getting hot.
We love how easy it is to wash the Bearaby Cuddler Covers. The original cover is white and comes with your Cuddler. It is made of 100% organic cotton and machine washable. You can upgrade to the cozier Cuddler Cover (separate purchase), which is also 100% organic cotton. Both can be machine washed on cold and dried on low tumble.
Everyone can benefit from the Bearaby Pillow. Our favorite time to use it is to lounge or read, on the couch or in bed. If you plan to sleep with it, it is a fantastic option for side sleepers, helping you relieve tensions from your neck, lower back, and hips. We also highly recommend the Bearby Cuddler as a great body pillow for pregnancy. If you are pregnant, it may quickly an inseparable friend! Back sleepers might also find the Cuddler very comfortable and stress relieving to sleep with!
The Bearaby Cuddler is so natural that it is fully biodegradable and compostable! Crazy right? It is 100% vegan, made of 2 different materials. The Melofoam is made of certified natural tree sap from rubber trees, that is steamed into the airy foam it becomes. The covers are both made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton!

Soft —————- Firm

Hot —————- Cool

Non-Washable – Washable


Bearaby Cuddler Prices & Discounts

Bearaby Cuddler
Bearaby Cuddler
The body pillow that relaxes you and alleviates your body pain, whether pregnant or not!
The body pillow that relaxes you and alleviates your body pain, whether pregnant or not! Show Less

The Bearaby Cuddler is a beautiful product, using high-quality products that are 100% natural and organic, as well as entirely vegan. You will find Melofoam made of rubber tree sap grown in Sri Lanka and certified organic cotton, for a healthy product, safe to your body and the planet. We recommend the Bearaby Cuddler as best pregnancy pillow, as well as a great body pillow for side sleepers. 

The Cuddler is a longer pillow than average, with most pregnancy pillows between 40 and 60 inches. Measuring 82 inches long, it is a great size to support your entire body, from head to toe. 

You may find that the price is higher than average for body pillows, but the quality can’t be beat and we still believe that it offers a great value. 

We highly recommend adding the organic cotton cover to your purchase. Your total price will be $328, and it will be $328 well spent.  The Bearaby Cuddler can be used every night, pregnant or not, as well as while lounging and watching TV! NEW in October 2022 – the Cuddler Cover is now available in rich velvet, for an upgraded look and feel!

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Price List updated: September 2022 – pre-discounted prices

Detailed Bearaby Cuddler Review Conclusion

We tested the Bearaby Cuddler as body pillow and pregnancy pillow, and truly believe it to be one of the best body pillows on the market! 

Best Body Pillow For Side Sleepers

A body pillow is typically used by side sleepers to provide neck, back, and hip support. The Bearaby Cuddler is the best body pillow for side sleepers, as it is long enough (82 inches)  to fit from head to knees (and further). You will find enough responsiveness and firmness to provide support down the entire spine, as well as enough firmness to relieve pains and tensions in your hips and knees. 

When sleeping on your side, you will find that the 7.5 inches of thickness are ideal to relieve your neck of all pressure, as it fits most bodies’ thickness of shoulders. 

Best Body Pillow For Pregnancy

The Bearaby Cuddler can be used as a pregnancy pillow and it holds its weight in gold, when it comes to pregnancy support! 

Pregnant women will find that using a pregnancy pillow is a life-saver for their hips and lower back, especially if they are not originally side-sleepers, and now forced to sleep on their sides while pregnant. 

Wrap the Bearaby Cuddler pregnancy pillow under your neck, alongside your back, and through your knees to receive full-body relief. Many pregnancy pillows are made of pellets that do not provide any responsiveness and lack in support. The Cuddler will help your body relax by disengaging muscles you would otherwise contract to hold a position that is not natural to your body. We tested it Best Pregnancy Pillow for sure!

Who Is Bearaby?

Bearaby is an American company known for their high-quality weighted blankets. All of their products are hypoallergenic 

They take great pride in the materials they use in their products. Their organic cotton is OEKO-Tex 100, BCI, GOTS, and Fair-trade International certified. It is farmed and sourced in sustainable farms in India. 

They offer 4 weighted blankets for adults, and the Nappling for kids. Their Tree Napper, a weighted blanket for adults, is made of Tencel, a sustainable fabric made of wood pulp from trees grown in Austria. 

Additionally, Bearaby is a zero-waste company, committed to zero plastic in their production line. You will find that their weighted blankets are delivered in 100% organic cotton bags and held together in paper. 

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What Is Inside The Bearaby Cuddler Body Pillow?

The Bearaby Cuddler body or pregnancy pillow is made of 2 parts – its foam insert, which creates the shape of the pillow and gives it its healthy properties; and its organic cotton cover, to which you can decide to add the Bearaby Cover. Let’s look at both independently: 

The Natural GOLS-Certified Melofoam

Bearaby manufactured a vegan foam made of 100% tree sap from Sri Lankan rubber trees. It uses open cell technology to ensure that plenty of air flows through the pillow and you never sleep hot. Your body heat is drawn into the Melofoam and cooler air raises up through the pillow, to help you sleep / rest / lounge cool.

That Melofoam is a very responsive foam, which carries 2 important advantages. You will never feel stuck in your body pillow. Switching positions is made easy and the foam bounces right back up to retrieve its original form as your body moves to another position.

Secondly, the responsiveness of the foam provides a large amount of support. While your body will benefit from pressure relief in the first few inches of the Cuddler, it will also encounter enough force for perfect support. You can relax your body weight (i.e., back) against the entire length of the pillow and find enough support to disengage your spine muscles and slip into relaxation. 

The Melofoam is manufactured using a zero-waster process, which speaks highly to Bearaby’s commitment to our planet – a trait we always appreciate in the industry. Though I don’t expect that you ever trash your Cuddler, know that it is fully biodegradable, since its foam is made of 100% plant-based sap steamed into foam!

The 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton Cover

The Bearaby Cuddler is delivered with a white 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton Cover. You can also choose to add the Bearaby Cover to your Cuddler, also made of 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton. 

We highly recommend adding the Cuddler Cover to your purchase as it adds a whole new level of plushness, coziness, and softness, though the white cover is also very soft, thanks to the properties of organic cotton. 

Both covers sleep cool and wick away moisture quickly. They are cozy and soft. The Bearaby Cuddler Cover comes in the 5 Bearaby colors, matching those of the Bearaby Napper. We tested the Moonstone Grey, for reference.

Note that the Cuddler covers are so natural that they are both biodegradable and compostable! Organic cotton uses a lot less water in manufacturing than regular water, making it a more sustainable material than regular cotton. It is also easily machine-washed on cold, and dried on low tumble.

NEW in October 2022 – the Cuddler Cover is now available in rich velvet!

How Does The Bearaby Cuddler Body Pillow Feel?


The Bearaby Cuddler is the perfect amount of firmness and cozy comfort. The Melofoam is very responsive, which gives the body pillow from bounce, allowing you to receive support, as well as making switching positions effortless. 

The foam is also designed to conform to your body’s shape, to provide a gentle pressure similar to a full body hug. This gentle pressure provides stress and anxiety relief, and gives the Bearaby Cuddler a soft and cozy firmness in which your body sinks just the right amount (without ever feeling stuck).


We can’t review the Cuddler without mentioning its softness. Everything works together in this extraordinary body pillow to bring you into a state of calm and relaxation. And its softness plays a large role in making you feel happy and cozy. 

The organic cotton cover is incredibly soft and you will find it hard to stop hugging your Bearaby Cuddler! It may be the softest hug you’ll get all day!


The 100% natural GOLS-certified Melofoam uses an open-cell technology. It is pierced with dozens of large holes, which allow plenty of air to move through the pillow, conducting your body’s heat away from you, and bringing cooler air up to your body.

The Bearaby Cuddler is encased in a 100% organic cotton cover, which adds breathability to the body pillow. It works with your body to help you regulate your temperature. 

Expect a temperature-neutral night of sleep on the Bearaby Cuddler.   


There are 2 parts to the Bearaby Cuddler – the Melofoam, which makes up the structural body pillow, and the 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton cover. 

The Melofoam should not be washed and should be kept dry. In case on a spill, make sure to quickly blot the stain with a clean cloth. Add a bit of gentle detergent if the stain requires help to come off. Let air dry. 

The Bearaby Cuddler is delivered in a white organic cotton cover. You may also decide to purchase one of the Cuddler’s Covers, which is also mad of 100% organic cotton. Both covers can be easily washed in the washing machine on cold, then dried on low tumble. We love the convenient washing options!

Using Style – Body Pillow

The Bearaby pillow is 82 inches long, making it a great size for all body sizes to use. Virtually all users can use it along their entire body, from head to toe support!

The variety of uses is infinite and it will be up to you to decide on your favorite style and positions. A common way to use the Bearaby Cuddler body pillow is for side-sleepers to lay on their side and use the pillow for support under their heads and between their legs / knees, allowing for lower back and hip tension relief. 

When laying on your side, either lay the Bearaby Cuddler in front of you (belly side) to hug with your arms and receive gentle pressure up and down the front of your torso. Or lay the pillow along your back, and through your legs, to receive back support and tension relief. Laying against the Cuddler in this way will allow you to disengage your back muscles for more relaxation and decreased pains and tensions. 

You can also use the full body pillow behind your neck and head to prop yourself up while reading, lounging, or watching TV, even laying your arms down the sides of the Cuddler, for pressure relief in your shoulders and elbows. 

Lastly, experiment with your Bearaby Cuddler while sitting. Raise it in an N shape being your back (see video at the top of this article for position examples), to receive back, neck, shoulder, and arm support.

Using Style – Best Pregnancy Pillow

If you are pregnant and looking for the best pregnancy pillow, the Bearaby Cuddler is quickly going to become your best friend! 

Again, depending on your personal pains and aches during pregnancy, use your Cuddler between your legs, and either around your belly or behind your back, while wrapping it underneath your head, for the best support and ache relief. 

How Do I Care For My Bearaby Cuddler Body Pillow?

Taking care of your Bearaby Cuddler is easy and convenient, thanks to Bearaby using organic cotton in all of its Cuddler covers.

The only part that should only be blotted with a clean cloth and clear water, is the Melofoam insert. Try to keep it dry if you can, and simply blot it with a cloth if it gets dirty. 

The white Cuddler cover your Bearaby Cuddler comes in, is made of organic cotton, which can be machine washed on cold and dried on low tumble. We further recommend that you add a Bearaby Cuddler Cover to your body pillow. That cover is made of 100% organic cotton as well, and can be machine washed on cold and dried on low tumble. 

Bearaby Cuddler
Bearaby Cuddler
The body pillow that relaxes you and alleviates your body pain, whether pregnant or not!
The body pillow that relaxes you and alleviates your body pain, whether pregnant or not! Show Less
  • 82 inches work for virtually all body sizes
  • Vegan product that is 100% natural and organic certified
  • Helps alleviate pains and tensions in neck, back, hips, and legs
  • Great for sensory people 
  • Helps relax and relief stress and anxiety naturally 
  • Can be used in any way that feels comfortable to YOU with endless configurations
  • Responsive and airy foam sleeps cool and makes moving easy 
  • Ultra soft and beautiful cover, available in several colors to match the Bearaby weighted blankets
  • Comes with an organic cotton cover and can be used out of the box without having to add / purchase the Cuddler Cover (though we recommend you do!)
  • Very easy to machine wash organic cotton covers
  • Adjusts to your movements and the unique shape of your body position
  • Conforms to your specific body shape, providing extra support and sensory relief
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Price of Cuddler + its cover is a bit of an investment, though we believe it offers good value


Bearaby sent us this Cuddler Body Pillow for testing purposes. This review is not sponsored and all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

No, the Bearaby Cuddler is not currently available to test in store. 

The Melofoam is manufactured in Sri Lanka, which the organic cotton is manufactured in India. All materials in the Cuddler are 100% organic (even the tote it is shipped in) and all Bearaby products are Fairtrade International Certified.

Bearaby does not currently make mattresses.

Bearaby currently offers 5 different weighted blankets (including one designed specifically for kids, and one designed for travel), as well as 2 sensory pillows.

Bearaby FAQ

Is the Bearaby Cuddler a good pregnancy pillow?

Absolutely! The Bearaby Cuddler makes an excellent pregnancy pillow, great when you are not pregnant and sure to be your best friend during pregnancy. It provides the pressure relief and support your body needs during pregnancy.

Is the Bearaby Cuddler a good body pillow for side sleepers?

Yes, we recommend the Bearaby Cuddler for side sleepers and back sleepers, as well as pregnant women. It provides excellent pain and pressure relief, as well as sensory benefits such as stress and anxiety relief.

Can you wash the Bearaby Cuddler?

While you should only blot stains in the foam part of the Bearaby Cuddler, its organic cotton cover is machine washable on cold and can be tumble dried on low tumble.

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