Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review

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The support and durability of springs resulting in luxurious comfort of foam all in one mattress: The Leesa Hybrid Mattress.

I am already familiar with the Leesa all foam original mattress. I have tried it and their premium super cool foam technology  helped me sleep cooler and better, unlike any other ordinary foam mattress. 

But now they are back even better then before, creating their all new Leesa Hybrid Mattress. The perfect mix of foams and springs for enhanced pressure relief with edge-to-edge support can be found in this supreme hybrid mattress. 

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Seriously cool cover, visually and when you touch it and sleep on it. Immediate response and great edge-to-edge support! Below is a review of the Leesa Hybrid mattress- formally known as Sapira- 

Leesa Company Policies

Just like every company has its rules and policies, Leesa has them too. But if there’s one thing that makes Leesa different than the others, it’s their missions ( not just one- so many). 

They donate one mattress for every ten sold. They also plant a tree for every mattress they sell. Just naming a few of their great work towards the community. I was present when they donated mattresses to one of the shelters here in Phx, Az.

Here’s what they offer:

100- night risk free trial.

Free shipping and easy set up

Optional in-home delivery, and financing. It also comes with a 10-Year Warranty.

What's Inside The Leesa Hybrid?

Formally Sapira, Leesa Hybrid is known for its superior support that makes sleepers happy and comfortable, full of energy next morning, ready to tackle the day. Here’s what makes it extra special! Right under that cool cover, sits a hole-punched layer of foam that helps you stay cool during your sleep while providing a touch of hug and bounce. It’s the breathable, responsive comfort layer. Next there is memory foam recovery layer. Its role is to relieve the back, hip and shoulder pressure while contouring your body. In between the core support layers, lays a 6″ layer of individually wrapped pocketed coils with perimeter edge support. This layer also allows better air flow for even cooler night’s sleep while minimizing motion transfer so you can sleep uninterrupted.

Leesa Hybrid Sleep Tests

After many weeks testing the Leesa Hybrid (Sapira), I have noticed incredible pressure relief ON ALL JOINTS. This great support that comes from their spring system helped align my body noticeably. I am especially impressed at how the layer of coils is tucked in perfectly between the other layers of foam. While you don’t feel the springs, you will be impressed by that great amount of support that comes from them. The durability of springs and the luxurious comfort of high quality foam make the Leesa Hybrid a great mattress for back and side sleepers alike.

Leesa Hybrid Price & Discounts

Keep your eyes on that Leesa coupon floating on your screen! Here’s a table of measurements to help you get the right size. Prices updated 11/1/2021. 

Size Measurements Price
38"W x 75"L
Twin XL
38"W x 80"L
Full (Double)
54"W x 75"L
60"W x 80"L
King (Standard)
76"W x 80"L
California King
72"W x 84"L
30% OFF + FREE Bundle
leesa hybrid close up
Leesa Hybrid
30% OFF mattresses + FREE Bundle worth $299, and 25% select bedding and bases, or use our exclusive discount code NONBIASED for 15% OFF your entire...Show More
30% OFF mattresses + FREE Bundle worth $299, and 25% select bedding and bases, or use our exclusive discount code NONBIASED for 15% OFF your entire order! Show Less

Leesa Hybrid Review Conclusion

At the end of the day you need to treat yourself, and your body. to a luxurious sleep experience you can only find on the Leesa Hybrid mattress. Uninterrupted slumber, cool night’s sleep and waking up refreshed is what I personally aim for. And that is precisely what i was able to get out of my sleep test experience with this five star hybrid mattress. 


Leesa Sent us this mattress.  All of the opinions expressed in this review are mine.

Yes! Find the Leesa all foam mattress as well as their Hybrid mattress at your nearest West Elm location.

It is made in the USA.

Yes they offer just about everything you can think of:

Weighted Blanket


Adjustable Bed


Leesa Pillow

Saatva and DreamCloud offer similar structures at close prices.  However, in my opinion both of those are firmer, so if you are a side sleeper you may prefer the Leesa Hybrid.

leesa hybrid close up 30% OFF + FREE Bundle
Leesa Hybrid
30% OFF mattresses + FREE Bundle worth $299, and 25% select bedding and bases, or use our exclusive discount code NONBIASED for 15% OFF your entire order!
Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review 2024 | Non Biased Reviews
Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review | Non Biased Reviews

The Leesa Hybrid mattress was once called the Sapira, don't let that bother you. It is still the same luxury hybrid mattress, only the name changed.

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