Brooklyn Bedding has 3 types of pillows

They are currently selling the #bestpillowever which is their aerated latex pillow, and the shredded foam pillow.  In addition, they had a prototype pillow at their factory, but it’s not for sale yet, so pretend I didn’t bring it up (I’ll add a page about it once they release it).

The cover is nice and has a simple design that doesn’t leave marks on your face.  It has a moisture wicking removable cover.  It is a blend of 60% polyester and 40% charcoal bamboo.

I don’t think that the cover is going to need to be washed that often as the aerated latex pillow will stay cool.

Aerated Latex

I need to decipher the tag on this or get a bit of help from the folks at Brooklyn Bedding.  If this is the more expensive process of making latex (talalay) then the $40 price for the #bestpillowever is an absolute steal.  If it’s Dunlop latex then it is still going to be one of the best bargains in the industry.  How is this for confirmation?

I have written and researched Talalay latex quite a bit, so I’ll just summarize what I know for you.  Latex comes from the sap of a “rubber tree” and generally going to fall into two categories dunlop or talalay.  Some methods of production will be 100% natural and some will use synthetic, and others will be a blend of the two.  My guess is that Brooklyn Bedding uses a blend of synthetic and natural latex in their pillows.

Why do I think that?  2 reasons, first, if it were 100% natural talalay latex, I have a feeling the box would scream that out.  Second, I don’t think that they could produce 100% natural talalay latex and a cover and ship it to you for $40.

The dunlop process is typically going to be a firmer result when compared with talalay.  Talalay is going to have more spring/bounciness.  I’m not saying that one is superior to the other, although just about everything you read or hear will point to Talalay being the superior process.  However, what I will say is that very few people want hard/dense pillow to sleep on.  I was very pleased to confirm that the #bestpillowever is talalay latex, although I assume it’s not the 100% natural type.

I’m seeing a very nice trend with Brooklyn Bedding.  As a factory direct retailer they have a huge pricing advantage over retail furniture/mattress stores, and that advantage also extends into the online only space.  I have tried similar quality talalay latex pillows that cost north of $100.  This one is ONLY $40.  Give me a few days to sleep on this and I’ll shoot a video of my unboxing and review of the Brooklyn Bedding talalay latex pillow.

I’m going to dig a bit deeper into this and sleep on it for a few more days before I put together my rating of the #bestpillowever

Here is the #bestpillowever video, I also threw in a few shots of the #bestsheetsever.

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