We tested the Moon Pod 4D Pillow, claiming to be calming, putting you into deep sleep, and relieving stress and pressure under your head and neck. 

Let’s what we thought about the pillow and whether or not it delivered!

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MoonPod 4D Pillow Review
MoonPod 4D Pillow
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  • 20% restocking fee on returns
Moon Pod 4D Pillow review
Moon Pod Pillow discount code

What's Inside The Moon Pod 4D Pillow

In a nutshell:

  • Thousands of micro-beads
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Dual membrane
  • Sensory technology

In more detail...

Thousands Of Micro-Beads

Moon Pod uses the same micro-beads in its 4D Pillow as it does in its award-winning zero-gravity bean bags. The thousands of micro-beads are made of high density EVA beads, which seem to sustain hundreds of use without flattening or clustering, from our experience of using the Super Moon Pod for over a year. 

Ergonomic Designs

The sleeve containing the micro-beads is designed to cradle around your head and neck, creating an ergonomic shape that moves and adapts to your body, as you toss around and switch positions during your sleep. 

Dual Membrane

The Moon Pod 4D Pillow uses the same membrane as the Moon Pod bean bags. The dual membrane cover is incredibly soft and elastic on the outside, making you want to snuggle with it. You can use the Moon Pod 4D Pillow with a pillow case, or directly on its cover, since it is easily unzipped and washed. 

Sensory Technology

The thousands of micro-beads inside the Moon Pod 4D Pillow conform to the exact shape of your head and neck, creating a cradle that supports you and creates calming pressure around your body. This sensory therapy helps your body calm down, bring a sense of relaxation and meditation, as well as help those suffering from anxiety, stress, and ADHD. 

Moon Pod pillow review

Moon Pod 4D Pillow Sleep Tests

Everything we felt in one box

Firmness Temperature Maintenance Sleeping Style Materials
The Moon Pod 4D Pillow's firmness is hard to judge as it conforms to the shape of your head and neck. Since it constantly adjusts to your body's position and shape, it provides the exact support you need, and we rated as average since the pillow is 5 inches thick and constantly shifting to provide the best firmness / pressure relief combo.
Thanks to the large amount of air flowing through the micro-beads, as well as their inability to catch and retain body heat, the Moon Pod 4D Pillow sleeps very cool. While it does not feel cool to the touch, it sleeps perfectly temperature-neutral and you should not feel hot, nor sweat on this pillow.
The Moon Pod 4D Pillow's cover can be machine washed. Simply unzip the cover and throw it in your washing machine to wash on cold, then tumble dry on low heat. Should the inner micro-beads pillow become stained, wipe it clean with a wet cloth and mild detergent as needed.
We are combo-sleepers and tested the 4D Pillow on our stomachs, backs, and sides. We found it comfortable for all sleepers, thanks to the micro-beads conforming to the shape of your head and neck, no matter your sleeping position, as well as support provided by the ergonomic shape of the pillow. You will find your neck supported and spine aligned, no matter your sleeping style.
The thousands of micro-beads inside the Moon Pod 4D Pillow are made of EVA beads, which are a custom density beads and brand new when added to your Pillow. The beads manufacturer is a U.S. based and fully sustainable manufacturer, who recycles extra material into subsequent projects to limit its amount of waste.

Soft —————- Firm

Hot —————- Cool

Non-Washable – Washable


Moon Pod 4D Pillow Prices & Discounts

Additional 15% OFF
MoonPod 4D Pillow Review
MoonPod 4D Pillow
Take an additional 15% OFF, with exclusive coupon code NBR15
Take an additional 15% OFF, with exclusive coupon code NBR15 Show Less

The Moon Pod 4D Pillow comes in just one size, making the shopping experience super easy. And you have the choice of three colors, which align with the Moon Pod bean bag colors, in case you decide to use it on your Moon Pod: Cosmic Ash (dark grey), Space Gray (the color we tested), Moon Indigo (a navy blue).

At 13 inches wide and 24 inches long, it works well for one person, no matter the size of your bed. It looks a little small on a king size bed (as it has the width of a regular queen pillow), but can be added as a decorative pillow on top of your bed when you do your room. Once you sleep on it, the size works great and is sized to be ergonomic and enveloping of your head and neck. 

Our son now sleeps on the Moon Pod 4D Pillow and the size works really well on his Twin-size bed. 

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Price List updated: June 2022 – pre-discounted prices

Detailed Moon Pod 4D Pillow Review Conclusion

Moon Pod has a wonderful mission to help people relaxation. They call it the future of relaxation, and if stress-relief and well-being are on your agenda, you should definitely look into their products. Nothing can compete with the feeling of zero-gravity that the Moon Pod micro-beads bring you. 

With their newest product, the 4D Pillow, MoonPod is bringing a world of relaxation to your bedroom. Nothing prevents you from using the 4D Pillow on your Moon Pod bean bag, however, it is designed to sleep on and be used on your bed. 

We found it to bring an incredible sense of calm and sensory value. Our heads sinking into that zero-gravity materials and feeling a gentle hug everywhere below our head and neck. We qualified it as the weighted blanket for the head and neck!

Who Is Moon Pod?

Moon Pod started as a Kickstarter a few years ago. 5,000 backers raised over $1.2M, making the zero gravity bean bag a reality.

The owner and founder, John Fiorentino, knows a thing or two about relaxation. He started the Gravity Blanket through kickstarter in 2017 – which has quickly become a market leader in weighted blankets!

Today, Moon Pod has a few products: the original Moon Pod – the zero gravity bean bag for one; the Super Moon Pod – which is 2 Moon Pods brought together in one sleeve, and designed for two; the Crescent – an ergonomic backrest and the perfect addition to the Moon Pod; and the Lunar Lift – a foot rest that aligns your feet with your heart when relaxing on the Moon Pod, and which started shipping in August 2020. The 4D Pillow is one of Moon Pod’s latest inventions.

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What Is Inside The Moon Pod 4D Pillow?

The Moon Pod 4D Pillow is made of 2 parts – its dual-membrane cover and the ergonomic micro-bead insert. Let’s look at both independently: 

The Moon Pod 4D Pillow Cover 

Moon Pod uses the same double-membrane in its pillow cover as the bean bag cover. It has a soft and stretchy feeling we’ve come to love on the bean bags and Crescent back support bags. It is so soft that it makes you want to snuggle in it. 

We love the seamless zipper, hiding itself in the cover, and making zipping and unzipping for cleaning super easy. The cover is machine washable on the cold setting. You can then tumble dry on low heat, which brings it back to its firmer original state, if you ever notice it loosing stretch. 

Ergonomic Micro-Bead Insert

What makes the pillow is the ergonomic insert filled with thousands of Moon Pod’s own micro-beads.

The high-density EVA beds fill up all the space below your head and neck, providing pressure relief in the heaviest parts of your head and conforming to the shape of your body. They provide total sensory relief and immediately instill a sense of calm and relaxation. If you use a weighted blanket for stress, anxiety, or ADHD, you should definitely add the Moon Pod 4D Pillow to your sleep arsenal. We found it to provide similar benefits!

How Does The Moon Pod 4D Pillow Sleep?


The Moon Pod 4D Pillow completely conforms to the shape of your face, head, and neck. Its firmness is hard to measure as it constantly adapts to your resting / sleeping position. We rated it as fairly average since the pillow responds to your movements. 

The 4D Pillow provides just the right amount of firmness and pressure relief to support the curves of your body, as well as provide sensory relief throughout the night. Overall, hard to quantify, we are calling it average firmness. 


The thousands of micro-beads allow for plenty of air to flow through the inner piece of the pillow. The beads do not trap your body’s heat, allowing for a constant temperature-neutral sleeping experience. 

Additionally, the Moon Pod cover retains its soft and temperature-neutral feel throughout the night.  


It is easy to clean and maintain the Moon Pod 4D Pillow. The cover is easily unzipped and can be washed in your washing machine on cold, then tumble dried on low. 

If you ever feel like the cover is getting a little loose, running this wash / dry cycle will give it its elasticity back. 

Should you need to tackle a stain or spill on the ergonomic insert, use a wet cloth and clean water with mild detergent, then let air dry. The earlier you tackle the stain, the easier it will lift off. 

Sleeping Style

Because the Moon Pod 4D Pillow has a 5-inch thickness and constantly adapts to the shape of your head, we recommend it for all sleepers. 

When testing it on our stomachs, we felt that the angle of our necks was comfortable. Back sleepers will absolutely love this pillow! And side-sleepers should find their neck and spine nicely supported too. 

If you are a side-sleeper who likes a very firm and high pillow, you may find the Moon Pod 4D Pillow to be a little low. 

How Do I Care For My Moon Pod 4D Pillow?

Moon Pod makes it easy and convenient to care and maintain your 4D Pillow. The oute cover can be machine washed in cold water, and dried in your dryer on tumble low. 

The inner insert filled with micro-beads should NOT be machine washed. Should you need to tend to a stain, hand wash it or blot the stain with a clean cloth and clear water + mild detergent, then let air dry away from the sun.

Additional 15% OFF
MoonPod 4D Pillow Review
MoonPod 4D Pillow
Take an additional 15% OFF, with exclusive coupon code NBR15
Take an additional 15% OFF, with exclusive coupon code NBR15 Show Less
  • Great for sensory people 
  • Helps relax and relief stress and/or ADHD naturally 
  • Great for meditation
  • Ultra soft and cloud-like feeling cover
  • Great spinal support, helping to align the spine from top to bottom
  • Recommended for all sleeping styles
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleeps temperature-neutral throughout the night
  • Adjusts to your movements and the unique shape of your head / face / neck
  • Conforms to your specific body shape, providing extra support and sensory relief
  • Only comes in queen-size at the moment
  • A little noisy as you shift positions


Moon Pod sent us this 4D Pillow for testing purposes. This review is not sponsored and all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

No, the Moon Pod 4D Pillow is not currently available to test in store. Returns can be initiated within 14 days of delivery

The pillow cover is manufactured in Asia, while the inner filling and assembly are done right here in the U.S.

Moon Pod does not currently make mattresses.

While not a sleep accessory, Moon Pod sells a foot rest as well an outdoor cover for the Moon Pod, so you can take it with you anywhere you go! You will also find the Crescent for back support on the bean bags, as well as the Lunar Lift for foot support.

Moon Pod FAQ

Does Moon Pod make pillows?

Yes, Moon Pod came out with a 4D Pillow in 2022. The pillow is a wonderful option for all sleepers, especially those looking for a full sensory experience to relieve feelings of stress, anxiety, and/or ADHD.

What is Moon Pod filled with?

The Moon Pod products are all filled with high-density EVA beads. They do not conduct heat, and are the perfect partner to people feeling hot. They provide pressure relief, an incredible feeling of zero-gravity and weightlessness, as well as sensory relief.

How do you clean the Moon Pod 4D Pillow?

The Moon Pod 4D Pillow is very easy to clean and maintain. Its cover can be machine washed on cold and machine dried on low tumble. The inner ergonomic micro-beads insert can be washed with a wet cloth and mild detergent, then air dried.

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  1. Washed cover as instructed. Pillow in case is so hard…not comfortable at all. Will try using in standard pillowcase.

    1. Hi Terry, I am sorry to hear. Do you feel like your cover has shrunk and compresses the pillow, making it feel harder? There really shouldn’t be any hardness to the MoonPod 4D Pillow…

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