Best Mattresses in Canada

To find the best mattress in Canada one needs to look north and south of the Canadian border.  Here are my top picks of mattresses that are made in Canada or shipped there for the right price.  US-CAD exchange rates used as of 8/12/19: 1 USD=1.32 CAD

Finding the Best Mattress That Ships to Canada

I’m not Canadian, but I speak French so I’ll occasionally shoot some of my videos in French.  I also had the pleasure of visiting Goose Bay Canada while on Air France 66 (an Engine blew up).

The prices listed are for queen size mattresses.  The expected price CAD column is to show relative value with the exchange rate.  If the CAD price is lower than the expected price, then the mattress is at a relative discount to what a person in the US would pay.

Brand USD Price CAD Price Expected Price CAD
#1 Novosbed
#2 Polysleep
#3 Silk & Snow Hybrid
#4 Silk & Snow
#5 Leesa
#6 Casper
#7 Douglas
#8 Endy
#9 Logan & Cove
#10 Purple

#1 Novosbed Mattress

Novosbed crushes the competition with an astounding + $252 CAD relative value in today’s exchange rate.  What I really loved about testing the Novosbed was the adjustable firmness attachment that you can zip to the top of your cover.  In the bed-in-a-box world it is difficult to know that you will have the right feel for your body without testing it.  That’s why you get a trial period and that’s why Novosbed offers 2 chances to get that feeling right.

$100 Off
douglas canadian mattress logo
Good Morning
Canadian mattresses: Douglas, Novosbed, Brunswick, Recore, Loan & Cove
Canadian mattresses: Douglas, Novosbed, Brunswick, Recore, Loan & Cove Show Less

#2 Polysleep Mattress

polysleep mattress review

Polysleep takes the number 2 spot with a relative value of almost $200 CAD.  You can see in the photo above that they punched holes in the top layer to give the mattress better air flow.

Read my Full Polysleep Review

I shot my video review of the polysleep mattress in French.

25% Off
polysleep mattress review
Polysleep Canadian Mattress
Polysleep Canadian Mattress Show Less

#3 & #4 Silk & Snow

The 12″ Silk & Snow hybrid mattress comes at a relative value of $138, when compared to what one would get in the US.  While the regular 10″ all foam S&S mattress has a relative value of +$106 CAD.

My preference of the two S&S mattresses is the regular one as it does better on adjustable beds (which I sleep on to control my husband’s snoring).  The S&S hybrid will still work on an adjustable bed since it has pocketed coils, but the all foam variety will do a bit better.

#5 Leesa Mattress

leesa mattress on top of Leesa hybrid mattress

Leesa is one of my top overall choices and comes to the Canadian market at a positive relative value of $23.  In other words, you lucky Canadians are getting a better deal than we are in the States.  

Leesa has sold over 350,000 mattresses and has expanded from the USA to sell in Canada, the UK, Germany, Ireland, and soon France.  If they didn’t offer such a great sleep experience would they be able to tap into so many foreign markets?

Read my In-Depth Leesa Mattress Review

$129 Off
small photo of leesa original mattress
Go to Leesa's Canadian website for $129 off
Go to Leesa's Canadian website for $129 off Show Less

#6 Casper

Much like Leesa, Casper has done such a great job dominating the US market that they have been able to successfully expand into both Canada and Western Europe.

They offer a relative value of $18 to you lucky Canadians who can score a Casper for less than we Americans can.

#7 Douglas

You won’t have to worry about extra shipping fees since it’s made in Canada. More importantly look at the price in the table above. It is far less expensive than all of the other options.  The only thing keeping it so far down on this list is that it isn’t available in the USA, so I can’t give it a relative value score.  Perhaps the people at Douglas could provide me with the price that they would launch at in the US and I could adjust their position.  Why would I go to all of that trouble?  Because it is an AWESOME mattress!  No joke, it is one of the few mattresses at this price-point that I would gladly sleep on.

I was pleasantly surprised by my sleep experience on the Douglas. It has a few features that I haven’t seen in the other mattresses that I have tested. I’m actually quite sad that I couldn’t keep mine, as it was a sample sent across the border.  It was a sad day when I had to destroy it and then ship it off for recycling.

Read my full Douglas Review

$100 Off
douglas canadian mattress logo
Good Morning
Canadian mattresses: Douglas, Novosbed, Brunswick, Recore, Loan & Cove
Canadian mattresses: Douglas, Novosbed, Brunswick, Recore, Loan & Cove Show Less

#8 Endy Mattress

Purple Sheet Set

Just like the Douglas, the Endy suffers from not selling mattresses in the states.  Hopefully, they will offer one in the States so that I can calculate a relative value score for their mattress.

#9 Logan & Cove

16 inch difference betwen king logan and cove and queen douglas

This also comes from the folks at Good Morning, the makers of Novosbed and Douglas.  Just like the Douglas, I was sent a mattress that wasn’t cleared by the US so I had to dispose of it when testing was complete.  It’s a nice mattress, so I was sad that it didn’t get to find a nice home.

$100 Off
douglas canadian mattress logo
Good Morning
Canadian mattresses: Douglas, Novosbed, Brunswick, Recore, Loan & Cove
Canadian mattresses: Douglas, Novosbed, Brunswick, Recore, Loan & Cove Show Less

#10 Purple

leesa vs purple which one is the best mattress

Purple is my #1 overall favorite.  I have had mine for over 2 years now and sleep on it every chance that I get (when I’m not testing mattresses).  It simply had to be included on this list of the best mattresses in Canada, as it is one of the best available in the States.  The only problem that it has is that it is SO heavy (thanks to the hyper-elastic polymer section on top) that it likely costs the people at Purple a lot to ship it up north.

Purple is the only mattress that made this list that has a negative relative score.  At -$80 CAD, you Canadians have to pay a premium to get this unique sleeping experience.  I purchased my Purple, with my own money, and after 2 years of using and abusing it I would pay an extra $80 CAD for it.

Read my Full Purple Review

Save up to $500
purple hybrid premier
Save up to $500 this Black Friday. The Purple Mattress now has a SoftFlex cover to keep the purple grid tight.Show More
Save up to $500 this Black Friday. The Purple Mattress now has a SoftFlex cover to keep the purple grid tight. Show Less
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28 Responses

  1. I am returning my Douglas Mattress due to overheating, my arm falling asleep and my husbands back (he feels better when he switches back to our old spring mattress). I am a side, front leaning sleeper and my husband is a back sleeper. I was looking into Saatva and Purple, but they don’t deliver to Nova Scotia. How is the Brunswick bed?

    1. Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you, hopefully you are still in the free trial period. I haven’t tried their brunsick, but I have tried the logan and cove which has coils so it may be more similar to your old mattress.

  2. I was delighted to hear your French! I was expecting it to be horrible with the comments you made about it, but I am truly impressed.I am French Canadian born and I can promise you that your French is very good. There is almost no accent. Where did you learn it?!?
    Anyways…I am looking for a new mattress and was wondering which Canadian mattress was your favorite? I owned a Tempurpedic that I loved but my husband switched us to a hybrid which sank and I now hurt like crazy when I sleep (shoulders, hips and lower back) I am a side and back sleeper. Any suggestion?

  3. I am of a certain age when one sleeps quite hot, so i’m looking for a bed that breathes and cools. I’ve read other reviews that says logan and cove is the best for this — given the coils and the silk top. What is your opinion on which bed is best for the coolest sleep possible

    1. Innerspring mattresses like the logan and cove tend to sleep pretty cool. I tried it in the summer and didn’t have any heat issues. You may also want to look into latex mattresses as they are typically cool as well.

  4. I live in Ontario and all I see are foam beds. I recently saw a Hamuq and Logan & Cove appear on Facebook. Do you have any reviews for these beds?

    I really don’t want foam but can’t find any spring mattress reviews..

    Thanks in


  5. You should test out Endy! It’s huge in the mattress market and 100% Canadian I’d love to know what you think of this mattress!

  6. Rana, your videos and website are amazing and so informative! I’m in need of a mattress and I’m considering the Leesa, Tomorrow and Nectar, I have several spine conditions and I’m currently sleeping on all foam 17 year old mattress that has served me well, and is screaming for a replacement. I’m a stomach sleeper but I’m hoping if I purchase an adjustable bed, I can change to a side or stomach sleeper. I’m open to any suggestions you may be able to give me. I’m definitely not locked in,to the three brands I mentioned, any suggestions or advice you can give me is greatly appreciated.
    You are the Mattress Guru, thanks,

  7. I’m Canadian, I looked up some brands available to us in Winnipeg and your site did appear (page 2 I think) . Either way, it’s refreshing to hear someone talk to us Canadians since shipping fees and delays from the US mattress makers is so annoying. Keep growing in our (smaller) country, we appreciate you and other sites starting to do this!

      1. Sure! I’ve seen lots online about the “big guys” – even casper is here now. But haven’t heard much from REAL canadian-made mattresses. A new brand called Logan and Cove showed up in an ad for me but I haven’t read a ton of reviews about them- maybe because they are new. That might be a good one to look at in the future becasue I really am scared of memory foam – but this looks like a spring/foam hybrid. I can try and find more information too but thanks

        1. Thanks! I have a Logan and Cove right now. It is the big brother of the Douglas and has a great sales price of $999 CD, which is like $800 USD. I’m not done with my review of it yet. I’ll try to get it on the site in the next week though.

          1. I have tried it and shot some video, just haven’t edited it yet. They have 2 other products from Novosbed and I prefer their Douglas and Novosbed. However, that’s mostly since I’m small.

  8. Your heart really must go out to your Canadian readers- you put out a lot of work to make their life easier when buying a mattress!! 🙂 <3

    1. Sadly, Google hasn’t really discovered this page yet so I don’t think that I have that many Canadian readers. I have been waiting for them to comment on my french accent.

      1. What French accent? I just purchased a ” Bloom” from Sleep Country. They have a very cleverly worded guarantee! Anyway, I would classify it as a toss and turn mattress. I am seventy two years old and weigh 140 lbs.,5′ tall. Finding a suitable mattress has been a real problem. I just found your site. Thank you. Tom E.

        1. Tom, It gets a little tricky when trying to test and review a mattress coming from across the border but DOZY is on my list. I will try my best to get it some day. Also thank you for the FYI. So do you still have the Bloom? And yes, finding the right mattress is not as easy as it may seem. Keep me posted!

      2. Hi, your French is very good. Also, I just noticed that Novosbed has 2 new mattresses the Record and the Brunswick. I was wondering if you plan to review either of those. Thanks, I really like your reviews.

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