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Finding the Best Mattress That Ship to Canada

I’m not Canadian, but I speak French so I’ll occasionally shoot some of my videos in French.  I have also had the pleasure of visiting Goose Bay Canada while on Air France 66 (an Engine blew up)

Unlike many of the review sites out there, I sleep test every mattress that I review for about 2 weeks. This means that I can only get to 20-25 mattresses per year, so I am pretty selective about the ones that I choose to test.  The logistics of testing mattresses from Canada are a bit more complex than the US mattresses that I typically test.  Therefore, I am willing to bet that there are quite a few mattresses made in Canada that I haven’t had the chance to test yet.  That said, if you are a Canadian firm and want me to test your product please shoot me an email.

We have compiled a list of the best mattresses that ship to Canada.  The prices listed are before discounts on a queen size mattress.

Best Mattresses in Canada

Two of the beds that sell in Canada go head to head in Purple’s human egg drop test:


Brand Type Score See Reviews Price Coupons
douglas canadian mattress logo Foam 91 Douglas Review CD $799 $50 off

Foam 87 Casper Review CD $1,175 Free Shipping
Purple logo on white Foam 95 Purple Review CD $1,399 Free Pillow
Foam 93 Leesa Review CD $1,290 $130 Off
novosbed logo Foam 91 Novosbed Review CD $1,299 $100 off
Alexander Foam 93 Alexander Signature USD $1199 OMG100 additional shipping fees
Foam 92 Layla Review USD $899 $100 Off additional shipping fees
Polysleep Foam 91 Polysleep Review CD $799 $70 off
brooklyn bedding logo
Foam 91 Brooklyn Bedding Review USD $949

10% Off Code Nonbiased10

additional shipping fees


Of these mattresses the Douglas, Polysleep and Novosbed are the only ones made in Canada, the rest will face shipping issues and currency fluctuations.

On 4/11/18 the Canadian dollar is worth 0.8 USD.  What does this mean to you?  Should I take that into account when I give you my rankings?  Of course!  Let’s discuss.

The original Purple ships to Canada at $1,399 Canadian vs. $999 US.  This is a bit more than $100 USD that it would be if you were on the other side of the border, so you can think of it this way.  Would I pay an extra $100 USD to ship a Purple up to Canada?  I would say yes, but it would make my decision more difficult.  Purple states on their FAQ that it costs extra to ship from their factory in Utah to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.  However, there is no “separate fee”, instead it is calculated at check-out.

The Leesa mattress is priced at $1,290 Candadian, which is equivalent to about $1,025 USD.  So there isn’t much of a bump up to get it shipped to Canada, around $30 USD.

The Casper at CD $1,175 is actually a discount to the US price at the current exchange rate.  In addition, Casper just changed their secret sauce and added a zoned comfort approach.  That combined with their pricing make them a very attractive option for Canadian shoppers.

Brooklyn Bedding, Nest Bedding and Layla all come from a factory in Phoenix.  They all state that they ship to Canada for an additional fee, but their websites do not provide details.  Therefore, you will see that I have listed the prices in US dollars in the chart above.

I’m still sleep testing the Douglas, but so far it may be one of the best choices for people in Canada.  Firstly, you won’t have to worry about extra shipping fees since it’s made in Canada.  More importantly look at the price in the table above.  It is far less expensive than all of the other options.  I have been pleasantly surprised by my sleep experience on the Douglas.  It has a few features that I haven’t seen in the other mattresses that I have tested.  I’m actually quite sad that I can’t keep mine, it was a sample sent across the border so it needs to be recycled when I complete my testing.  Here are my thoughts on the Douglas.  In the comments below you can let me know how thick my accent is, I promise I’ll survive.  I’m open to constructive criticism to help me improve.

I wasn’t allowed to keep the Douglas here in the States, so I put it through a lot of different experiments before I sent it off to be recycled.

Bed Size

  • Twin: A twin will measure 39″X 75″. Your basic set up for children and a spare bedroom with limited space
  • Full: 54″ X 75″, which is a good size for teenagers as long as you don’t expect them to grow to six feet tall.
  • Queen: 60″ X 80″. It fits two adults, but you had really better like each other as you will be very close.
  • King: 76″ X 80″. This gives two adults more space, but has the same amount of leg room (height) as a queen.
  • California King: 72″ X 84″. This will give plenty of room to two adults and allow people in the 6’6″ range the ability to sleep on a bed without dangling their feet off the end.

    Our Rating Criteria

    We use 10 categories to rate the mattresses we sleep test. Each category is scored 1-10. Unlike other reviewers we aren’t scared to give a mattress a low score if it is deserved. If I spend 2 weeks sleeping on a mattress that consistently gives me back pain, you will read about it on my review!


    First Impressions count right? Some of the mattresses come in boxes, and some come in over sized bags. I prefer boxes as they are much easier to move around. Some boxes have cute logos and some have really fun quotes, and yes I really made a video called box vs. box vs. box in a box. Try saying it fast three times in a row. Did you get tongue tied?


    On the subject of first impressions, some of the mattresses will have a bit of an odor when they are unboxed. Most people use the term off-gassing to describe it. Some of the mattresses take a few days for the smell to go away and sometimes it is barely noticeable.


    When you lay on a mattress and it’s not comfortable that’s surely something that we should point out right? If I’m having trouble sleeping on a bed, I’ll tell you that. If I can’t sleep on a mattress I will scream to high heaven that you need to steer clear of a mattress if you have a similar sleep profile as I do (petite side sleeper). Remember, just because it doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.

    This is a key category to focus on when you are going through my various reviews. The more mattress that I sleep test the larger my comparison database gets. If you ask me about 2 mattresses that I have tested, I can instantly tell you which one was more comfortable to me.


    I have had a ton of mattresses which fail to give me the proper support. There is nothing worse than falling into a deep depression that you have to climb out of. Sometimes you can even get multiple sinking parts and huge mountains in between, clearly not ideal for restful sleep. I test for support with:

    • weights
    • sitting on the edges and corners
    • jumping/standing/walking on the mattress

    If I fall all the way through the mattress to the ground, it won’t score very high. Conversely, if I hardly notice any sinking in the mattress it will get a high score.

    Recently we added adjustable base tests to our review process. How do different mattresses stand up to the test?

    Have you ever walked into a mattress retailer? Of course, you have! Did you notice that almost every mattress is now on an adjustable base? This is the wave of the future, I know that I will never sleep on a bed frame that isn’t adjustable. Sure, I’ll test different frames and foundations, but my go to sleep set will always be adjustable. It’s hard to explain, but once you try one you won’t go back. I even credit my adjustable frame with curing my husband’s snoring with just a click of the anti-snore button on my remote.


    With the hundreds of new brands that have popped up over the last few years it is difficult to sort through them. I’m putting in the leg work to figure out which companies are connected to each other. In doing so I can help determine the expected longevity of each of these mattress companies. If I don’t think a mattress company is going to make it in the long term, then I won’t expect their warranty to hold up. A company my promote a forever warranty, but if it closes down in six months you surely won’t be able to get your bed replaced.

    • I use Fakespot to see if companies are planting fake reviews. You will be amazed by some of the results some of these online retailers get on fakespot.
    • I research other review sites to see which ones are owned by mattress companies. For example; Sleepopolis, mattress clarity and slubersearch are all connected to Casper.
    • Community outreach by the company: I love companies that give back to their communities. If your company is holding an event for the community in the Phoenix area let me know and I’ll cover it.
    • Customer support: If a company has poor communication or support, you will read about it here or hear about it on my video reviews.
    • Warranty: the companies in our top categories all score highly in the warranty field. If we don’t think a company will be around to honor their warranty they won’t be included on our list.

    Motion Transfer

    When I’m standing on a bed and a wine glass doesn’t move when I walk near it, it will score high on this test. A high number is great for when you have a partner who is tossing and turning and not disturbing you. On our scale from 1-10, one is a waterbed, 10 is; wait what? There is someone in the same bed as me!

    Sleep Quality

    If I’m not able to sleep on a mattress, then it’s possible that you may have the same issues. This is really the most important category that a buyer should be focused on. It is nice when a bed is well constructed or made by a reputable company. However, if you can’t sleep on it, you are going to find yourself shopping for a new bed sooner than planned.

    Stays Cool

    I live in Scottsdale; Arizona and I’ll tell you a little secret about the weather here… It gets hot in the summer, and I understand that isn’t as much of an issue in Canada. Having a breathable mattress is a must here. There aren’t a ton of things worse than having extra heat rising up from your mattress making your back or side sweat. I’m a huge fan of talalay latex, gel infusions, and alternative construction (like Leesa’s Avena foam).


    Surely what’s inside the mattress matters right? I also pay close attention to the covers.


    You really have to look at the prices of the mattress vs. the competition. Not just the direct to consumer, bed in a box model, but the in-store values as well. The bed in a box model offers consumers huge cost savings vs. buying from the store. This is because the middle man is cut out and the companies don’t have to pay electricity and rent.

    We give each category a score from 1-10 with 10 being the highest. I am using a 10 point must system. The mattress that preformed the best in a category gets a 10 and all other mattresses are judged against that standard.
    Recently, we noticed that just about every mattress you see in the store is staged on an adjustable frame. These giant retailers must be on to something right? So, we decided that every mattress we test should also go through a few cycles of adjustments with our adjustable bed. Currently we are using a Rize Verge. We assume that other adjustable frames will have many of the same characteristics. What we have found is that some mattresses don’t fare well on an adjustable frame, while others take a step up to a new level.


    If you haven’t been on an adjustable frame you are really missing out, so we feel that it is crucial to our review process to add this wrinkle. We understand that everyone doesn’t have an adjustable bed, but if you are considering one with your next mattress purchase we feel you should be prepared. If a mattress is too thick or sturdy, it likely won’t perform well on an adjustable base. If it has interlocked coils, forget about it.

Why Buy a Mattress Online?

  • It will ship directly to you, most of the time for free
  • Do you really enjoy having a mattress salesman follow you around and check you out as you try out all of the mattresses? The answer is NO
  • Wouldn’t you rather take some time to test a mattress rather than just be lead around by the salesman to the highest commission bed he sells? Most online retailers offer a trial period of 100 days or more to test out your new mattress.
  • Same quality mattress for a fraction of the cost.
  • You have more time to comparison shop from your home.

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