Eight Sleep Pod Review

Technology is evolving rapidly, in a good way! One of the latest smart sleep products I was curious about was the Pod from Eight Sleep.
I was mainly intrigued by the fact that it tracks both sleep stages as well as quality of sleep with a detailed, daily sleep report. The Pod basically helps individuals better understand and improve their sleep, it’s like the “science of sleep” explained in a cool manner. So many reasons why I decided to put it to the test to find  out how it works, DOES IT WORK and if it’s really worth it!

eight sleep pod next to the app

Who Will Love It

  • Temperature is key

    Temperature is one of the most important factors of sleeping! If you sleep hot or warm and can't seem to enjoy a restful night the Pod might help you sleep better thanks to its temperature control system.

  • Technology and sleep tracking

    If you are a technology fanatic, the Pod is what you need. The app has easy steps, you just need to make sure you follow them and adjust it and set it up to your sleep habits and preferences so that the Pod along with the app, can figure out how to help you sleep better.

  • Active Grid+ Pod= Best Sleep of your life?

    At some point, the active grid/ Pod will become part of your sleeping routine! Through the app you will receive personalized insights and programs to help you achieve the goal you have been waiting for " The Best sleep of your life".

Who May Not Like It

  • WiFi vs Bluetooth

    Wish the Pod had the option to connect via Bluetooth too. That was my thought when i was trying to get the Pod connected to the correct WiFi. It took a while for me to get it hooked up and for the Pod to find my phone.

  • The price tag

    Some of you may not like the cost of it, but keep in mind you will get the mattress as well, not just the Pod with its advanced sleep tracking and dual zone temperature. This one is a pro- con equally maybe. By the way, financing is available as well as a trial period and free shipping and return. This is becoming more of a Pro than a con now!!

The Pod Review Menu

$100 OFF + 20% OFF Accessories
Eight Sleep Pod Review
Eight Sleep
$100 OFF the Eight Sleep Pod, $75 OFF the Pro Cover. 20% off Accessories with Pod or Pod Pro Cover purchase.Cool your bed to 55F or heat it up to...Show More
$100 OFF the Eight Sleep Pod, $75 OFF the Pro Cover. 20% off Accessories with Pod or Pod Pro Cover purchase.Cool your bed to 55F or heat it up to 115F Show Less

The Pod Video Review

It is super easy to set up the active grid once you have your Eight Sleep mattress sitting in place! Follow the instructions, find the zipper and you are good to go and ready to set up your Hub and Pod. Don’t forget to install the app.! 

Eight Sleep Company Policies

The Pod By Eight Sleep | Non Biased ReviewsThe Pod By Eight Sleep | Non Biased Reviews

I have been to one of the Eight Sleep offices before and I have seen them working hard and meticulously trying to make sure they deliver high standards and quality products at the end of the day! I fell in love with their NYC “smart” showroom, I was like a kid when their smart system integrated with Alexa, made me coffee when i was visiting! Super cool stuff. 

So what do they offer that is intriguing enough for you to try the Pod? Besides the fact that you will get to experience something out of this world – sci-fi level almost- at Eight Sleep you get to try their new Pod for free in the comfort of your home, financing is available as well as free shipping and return. 

What's Inside the Pod?

First, the mattress. 

You know it typically takes time for your body to adjust to a new mattress, well it didn’t take too long for us to get used to the Eight Sleep. It is absolutely comfortable and adapts to your body movements and motions almost instantly. 

Inside the mattress sit four layers of CertiPur- certified adaptive foam integrated with technological components. That’s what it sounds like when smart bed meets comfort. 

Let’s not forget to mention that amazing cover! Feels soft and cool at the same time and does not smell bad when you unwrap the mattress. 

So what is the Pod, how does it work and what powers it? 

The Pod is like when science meets technology that leads to better sleep. 

It is designed with the great efficiency of water- powered thermal technology paired with premium comfort features. 

When it comes to temperature control, the Pod’s Active Grid  technology regulates to temperature on each side of the bed to deliver individual, customizable and perfect sleep environment. 

They call it Smart Technology for a very good reason!

Sensors track your sleep phases, heart and respiratory rate, almost every movement of your body while your sleeping, to deliver detailed reports. 

The hub or what i like to call the conductor with its sleek design, is the Pod’s thermal engine. Clean water flows from the Hub to the Active Grid to keep temperatures as cool or warm as you desire. I love that it is not bulky and that it can sit perfectly by your bed side while still looking neat. 


The Pod Sleep Tests

Eight Sleep Pod

Once i was done installing the Pod and the hub was running, i downloaded the Eight Sleep App that was able to find my unit and filled out my info. What time do i sleep? Do I like to sleep warm, cold or neutral? Do i share my bed with someone? Basic but critical information for the app and the Smart Active Grid to act together to deliver that optimum sleep we all look forward to. 

What i really like is that whether you sleep solo or share your bed with someone, you just need only one unit. No need to worry about getting a second one for your partner. One is enough! 

No need to wear a wrist band to track your sleep anymore, the App has got you covered. It is easy to install, to use, and to get used to it. Most importantly it is promised to deliver accurate results and to help you restore that energy you need for a better overall healthier life and well-being. 

Just like exercise and nutrition, sleep is a essential for your wellness. While we sleep, our body and brain recover. 

Eight Sleep Pod Price & Discounts

For a queen size bed if you purchased a dual zoned cooling/heating system and cover you could expect to pay around $1,000.  This means that the 11″ queen sized mattress is priced at around $1,500.  It is a fantastic mattress, but I think it would be a better deal at $200-$300 lower.  Fortunately, you can use our coupons or discounts and pick one up during the holiday sales.

Price list updated: 10/16/2020

Size Shape Price
Full (Double)
54"W x 75"L
60"W x 80"L
King (Standard)
76"W x 80"L
California King
72"W x 84"L
$100 OFF + 20% OFF Accessories
Eight Sleep Pod Review
Eight Sleep
$100 OFF the Eight Sleep Pod, $75 OFF the Pro Cover. 20% off Accessories with Pod or Pod Pro Cover purchase.Cool your bed to 55F or heat it up to...Show More
$100 OFF the Eight Sleep Pod, $75 OFF the Pro Cover. 20% off Accessories with Pod or Pod Pro Cover purchase.Cool your bed to 55F or heat it up to 115F Show Less
the pod on the left the smart bed on the right

What makes the Pod so unique!

Redesigned and re-engineered to help you better understand therefore improve your sleep, the new Pod main goal is to help individuals sleep deeper and wake up refreshed thanks to its most built in advanced technology. 

Below are featured keys that sets it apart from others:

Automated cooling and heating and temperatures that can go anywhere from 55 to 110 °F.

Dual-Zone where you can custom temperature for each side.

Some of my personal favorite features are the Health reports or HRV monitoring, where you can track your respiration and heart rate as you are sleeping, and the GentleRise technology-It’s all in the name- this technology helps you wake up naturally and gently. 

Those were recent updates, which tells how much Eight Sleep puts effort into their products and monitor them to deliver nothing but top sleep results. 

Here’s to explain and help you understand them better.

Wake Up formerly know as Thermo Alarm. The upgraded version includes a variety of new and advanced features to help you achieve sleep fitness. All you have to do is to set the specific temperature desired to wake up at as part of your Smart Temp profile to ensure a more cohesive temperature flow from bedtime until morning . Set Wake Up temperature experiences to repeat on any day of the week to maintain consistency for a positive morning start. 

Heart Rate Variability Tracking, aka HRV. 

HRV variations can help users track their health and anticipate illness or fatigue if they see significant drops in this metric. The Pod now allows for constant monitoring of HRV, alongside other biometrics such as Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, and Sleep Time. 

Eight Sleep Pod Review Conclusion

Here’s what i have gathered from testing the Pod. 

It sleeps cool where the temperature can go as low as 55 Degrees on each side of the bed. To me personally this is super cold, not just cool but i had to try it to see if it works, and IT DOES. Also sleeping cool enables faster and deeper sleep. Now you can always chose to sleep warm too since the Pod’s smart temp will adjust temperatures with many levels of cooling or heating for a more comfortable way of sleep. 

It took me a few nights for my body and the Pod along with the Active Grid to get to know and used to each other. But once I have set it up to my liking I started to feel more refreshed.

It’s like my body was waking up from the inside out with an extra boost of energy. 


Eight Sleep sent us this for testing purposes.  All of the opinions expressed in this review are mine.

The Pod is available to test in their NYC showroom. Learn more at HERE.

The mattress is made in the USA and the unit is made in China.

For the time being, the only offer the Pod and the Pod Pro.

Yes they offer the Carbon Air Pillow, the Pod Protector, Sheets, The Foundation, Melatonin, as well as partner products such as Hyperice and Felix Gray.

I haven’t found anything as comprehensive as the pod.  There are similar mattresses and similar temperature regulating devices, but not in the same package.

Eight Sleep Pod Review $100 OFF + 20% OFF Accessories
Eight Sleep
$100 OFF the Eight Sleep Pod, $75 OFF the Pro Cover. 20% off Accessories with Pod or Pod Pro Cover purchase.Cool your bed to 55F or heat it up to 115F

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