Rana discussing the Bedjet vs chilipad

Finding the Best Cooling or Warming Device For Your Bed – BedJet vs. Chilipad vs. Ooler vs. Eight Sleep Pod I have spent countless nights over the past couple of years testing the bedjet, chilipad, ooler, the pod, the eight sleep smart bed.  I’m finally ready to give you my thoughts on how they stack […]

Carbon Air Pillow From Eight Sleep

The perfect pillow for all types of sleepers

The Carbon Air Pillow Review Menu Eight Sleep Company Policies What’s Inside the Carbon Air Pillow Carbon Air Pillow Sleep Tests Price & Discounts Carbon Air Pillow Review Conclusion The Carbon Air Pillow is not your typical foam pillow!  It’s not fluffy and loaded with innocent bird feathers. It’s not fat or bouncy and full […]

The Pod By Eight Sleep

bed cooling eight sleep pod

Eight Sleep Pod Review Technology is evolving rapidly, in a good way! One of the latest smart sleep products I was curious about was the Pod from Eight Sleep.I was mainly intrigued by the fact that it tracks both sleep stages as well as quality of sleep with a detailed, daily sleep report. The Pod […]

Eight Sleep Cool Pillow

eight sleep cool pillow

Eight Sleep Ultimate Pillow Eight Sleep Ultimate Pillow is an adjustable pillow that is cool to the touch.  If you find that it is too large for you, just unzip and take out the adjustable filler.  Quick hack, you can remove the pillow insert and use it as a travel pillow.Adjustable Cool pillows are taking […]