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There is nothing I look forward to more than sliding into buttery soft sheets after a long and exhausting day.

The market is overflowing with bed sheets and it can be very overwhelming to go to the store and shop bed sheets without knowing how they will feel and which material will work best for you.

Every year, we rank our favorite bed sheets to make the job easier for you! Let’s look at which bed sheets made the ranking this year!

If you are reading this year’s Best Bed Sheet ranking, you are probably on the market for a soft and cozy night of sleep. There isn’t much better feeling than sliding your body in buttery soft sheets. In fact, they should be so soft that wearing a pajama should be optional!

All of those bed sheets are on a rotation schedule in our home and we have kept using all of them personally after our sleeping tests!

After testing dozens of bed sheets made of many different materials, this is what I look for in bed sheets:

  • Overall softness
  • Cool sleeping
  • No peeling
  • Easy to take care of
  • Healthy to the body and soft on the planet
  • Deep-enough pockets to stay secured on mattresses on adjustable bases

If I can get all of those checked off my list, the bed sheet is considered for this list of bests.

Without further ado, here is the list of Best Bed Sheets. Please note that this article is informational and consists of my personal opinion, based on several years of industry knowledge, experience, and testing. Personal preferences vary.

Best Bed Sheets

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Non-Biased Favorite Pick

Simply Organic Bamboo Sheet Set

Simply Organic Bamboo Sheet Set
Simply Organic Bamboo Sheet Set
20% OFF site wide with coupon code (click to reveal). $30 OFF your first $150+ order when you sign up for emails
20% OFF site wide with coupon code (click to reveal). $30 OFF your first $150+ order when you sign up for emails Show Less

This year, the Simply Organic Bamboo Sheet Set earned our Favorite Pick for Best Bed Sheets!

There is so much to love about the Simply Organic Bamboo sheets, but our favorite feature has to be the softness. Think buttery soft! The kind of softness you have never felt before and that makes it really hard to get out of bed in the morning.

The Simply Organic Bamboo sheets are made of 100% viscose from organically-grown bamboo, and uses the sateen weave – the softest fabric weave, using a one-yarn-over, three-yarns-under woven style for a thicker and more lustrous finished product.

Bamboo is our favorite bedding material for its naturally soft and cool sleeping properties. It is temperature regulating, allowing your body to sleep warmer on cooler nights, and cooler on warmer nights, by wicking away your excess body moisture and helping your body auto-regulate its temperature.

Bamboo is also hypoallergenic and recommended for adults and children suffering from allergies or skin conditions. Simply Organic Bamboo uses only OEKO-TEX certified organic bamboo, ensuring that you bring bed sheets to your home that are free of harmful chemicals, and soft on both your body and the planet. 

The Simply Organic Bamboo bed sheets fit mattress up to 18 inches in thickness and the pillowcases are designed with the envelop closure that we find so important to avoid pillows sliding out of their pillowcases.

Simply Organic Bamboo Sheet Setour review

Simply Organic Bamboo Sleep Trial – 30 nights, customer responsible for shipping costs

Shipping – FREE on orders $100+

Best Bamboo Bed Sheets

Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set

35% OFF
Nolah Bamboo Shet Set Review
Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set
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35% OFF site wide + 2 FREE pillows with mattress purchase. Add another $50 OFF your $800+ Nolah purchase with our exclusive coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less

The Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set is part of a bamboo bedding line of products by Nolah, which we find very impressive! It is a very similar product to Simply Organic Bamboo’s, which one slight difference in the design of its pillowcases.

With Nolah, you are getting 100% viscose from bamboo, that is not only EOKO-TEX certified, but also Forest Stewardship Council certified, which ensures the sustainability of the harvested bamboo. If you are looking to do good to the planet, highly consider the Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set.

The sheets are buttery soft, making it so hard to get out of bed. They fit mattresses up to 15 inches thick, which will fit virtually any mattress on the market today.

The Sheet Set comes with a 10-year warranty, reflecting Nolah’s trust in the product they put in your home. So why did it not earn this year’s Editor’s Best? We would love to see the pillowcases use an envelop design.

Our pro tip: couple the Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set with the Nolah Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector! They’re a match made in heaven, if you ask us!

Nolah Bamboo Sheet Setour review

Nolah Sleep Trial – 30 nights

Shipping – FREE on orders $50+


Best Eucalyptus Bed Sheets

Eucalypso Home Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set

FREE Sleep Mask
Eucalypso home eucalyptus classic sheet set
Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set
FREE Sleep Mask with purchases of $100+ with coupon code (click to reveal) and 10% OFF everything with exclusive coupon code NONBIASED10Show More
FREE Sleep Mask with purchases of $100+ with coupon code (click to reveal) and 10% OFF everything with exclusive coupon code NONBIASED10 Show Less

We have absolutely loved testing the Eucalypso Home Eucalyptus Sheet Set! What a beautiful surprise and amazing material for a bedding set. We tested the Eucalyptus Duvet Cover, but the sheets are made of the same material and manufacturing process, making them a beautiful option for your bedroom.

Before getting into the details of the sheets, let’s quickly mention that Eucalypso Home is a women-owned small business with a passion for sustainability. They focus on producing fewer, but higher-quality luxury bedding, without ever compromising on quality. When purchasing a Eucalypso Home product, you are getting the backing of a caring and uprising name in the bedding industry.

The first thing to note, is that, unlike the first two sheet sets on this list, the Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set comes in 7 beautiful earthy tones. No need to stick to white. Have fun with the colors, mix and match them, and give some style to your bedroom.

Made with 100% premium Tencel lyocell fibers from eucalyptus, those eucalyptus sheets are incredibly soft and cool sleeping. They actually feel cool t the touch, and stay cool throughout the night. We find them to be the perfect match for hot sleepers.

If you suffer from skin conditions, highly consider these Eucalypso Home eucalyptus sheets, as they are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. You will also find that they don’t require to be washed quite as frequently, as they remain cleaner and do not attract mold, dust, or mildew nearly as much as other materials.

If you are ready for silk-like bed sheets, those eucalyptus sheets are for you!

Eucalypso Home Duvet Cover our review

Eucalypso Home Sleep Trial – 30 nights

Shipping – FREE

Best Sateen Cotton Sheets

Luxor Linens Valentino Bed Sheets

Luxor Linens Valentino Bed Sheets
Valentino Sheet Set
The softest organic cotton sheets - on our list of Bed Sheets!
The softest organic cotton sheets - on our list of Bed Sheets! Show Less

The Luxor Linens Valentino Bed Sheets are the first cotton sheets on our Best Bed Sheets list. If you are a fan of cotton sheets, the Luxor Linens Valentino sheets are a beautiful product. Using the sateen weave, they are thick, luxurious, and buttery soft.

Luxor Linens uses 100% organic Egyptian cotton at 1200 thread count – needless to say you feel and see the softness. The cotton is composed of the finest extra-long staple, responsibly sourced in Giza, Egypt, near the lush Nile river.

The sheets are ethically produced and manufactured with ultra-modern machinery that specializes in intricate designs. You can absolutely tell how much the details matter to Luxor Linens. The finish is perfect and beautiful and the craftsmanship truly shines in their Valentino sheets. You even get the choice of four colors – a white, an ivory, and two greys.

The Luxor Linens Valentino bed sheets fit 19-inch thick mattresses, which makes them a great fit for adjustable beds, which tend to pull on the sheets as the mattress is raised.

Luxor Linens Valentino Bed Sheetsour review

Luxor Linens Sleep Trial – 30 nights

Shipping – FREE on orders $49+

Best Percale Cotton Bed Sheets

LateMornings White Percale Sheet Set

15% OFF
LateMornings Percale Bed Sheets
LateMorning Percale Sheet Set
15% OFF your first order with coupon code (click to reveal). Or 10% OFF when signing up for email list, with code SIGNUP10.
15% OFF your first order with coupon code (click to reveal). Or 10% OFF when signing up for email list, with code SIGNUP10. Show Less

The other popular weaving style for cotton bedding is called percale. It uses a one-over, one-under weave, which creates a thinner and cooler sleeping bed sheet, great for hot sleepers, or those hot summer nights when you need a thinner, yet incredibly soft, option.

The 100% combed cotton percale is milled and manufactured in Italy, OEKO-TEX certified, and never treated with anti-wrinkle chemicals. It is soft on the planet and your skin.

We loved the unexpected softness and price point! The LateMornings Percale Sheet Set is an excellent value, but currently only available in Full/Queen size.

Another high point is the easiness to take care of those sheets. They actually get softer and less wrinkled with each wash, and have been highly-durable so far, showing no sign of peeling or damage from repeated washed.

The LateMornings White Percale Sheets fit mattresses up to 15 inches thick, virtually fitting all mattresses on the market, and the pillowcases feature the envelop closure, preventing the pillows from sliding out of the pillowcase.

LateMornings Sateen Duvet Coverour review

LateMornings Sleep Trial – 30 nights

Shipping – FREE in U.S. and Europe

Most Innovative Bed Sheets

QuickZip Bed Sheets

20% OFF
QuickZip Coupon Code
20% OFF site wide, and 15% OFF (no min. purchase) the rest of the year with our featured coupon code NB15.
20% OFF site wide, and 15% OFF (no min. purchase) the rest of the year with our featured coupon code NB15. Show Less

I can’t think of a smarter bed sheet than the QuickZip, in fact they are the sheets I use on my youngest daughter’s bed year-round and often see on our split king bed, for how easy they make bed sheet changing!

I recommend purchasing a pack with at least one spare sheet so you don’t have to do same-day laundry. So what makes the QuickZip bed sheets so unique? Well, if you’re like most people and don’t love the sheet changing exercise, lifting mattresses, and spreading yourself over to the other side of the bed, QuickZip has invented the zippable bed sheets.

In short – fit the bed sheet when you first receive it. When comes time for a switch or a wash, unzip the go-around zipper and wash only the now flat fitted sheet. Simply re-zip when washed. Another perk of the zipping process? You can easily fold the rectangular fitted sheets since the awkwardly-shaped elastic band stays around your mattress.

Now, this would all be fruitless if the sheets did not sleep comfortably. They are made of sateen OEKO-TEX certified cotton with a 400 thread count. In other words, there are incredibly soft, with a slight sheen to them.

I highly recommend getting the duvet cover as well. Another innovative product, it opens flat with a zipper that allows you to simply lay and clip your duvet inside the cover, and zip it around for the perfect stable fit. No more fighting to fit duvets inside a cover! And because it sleeps just as soft, you will be sliding your body in utmost softness!

QuickZip Bed Sheetsour review

QuickZip Sleep Trial – 30 nights in the U.S.

Shipping – FREE shipping

Tips For Choosing The Best Bed Sheets

You could go with any bed sheets on our list of Best Bed Sheets and be perfectly happy. All have passed our test for softness, durability, moisture-wicking, health and planet consciousness.

That still leaves you with a fair amount of decision making. Each sheet set in this list is very different from one another, and each sleeper has different requirements. Let’s look at what you should consider when buying new bed sheets:



Bamboo is a very sustainable material to use in fabric. Not only is it softer on our planet, but it is softer on your health too. Bamboo is known to be naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. It makes a great material for those suffering from allergies and skin conditions.

Additionally, bamboo is more moisture-wicking than cotton, meaning that your body’s extra moisture on a hot night is being lifted off, keeping you sleeping in a cooler environment. We call bamboo “thermo-regulating.” You will find that it helps you sleeping cool on hot nights, and warm and cozy on cold nights.

Lastly, if you are after soft sheets, bamboo could quickly become your favorite! It just strikes a whole new level of softness and there is no going back after trying out bamboo (only maybe to eucalyptus..?).

We recommend bamboo for: the hot sleepers, those with allergies and skin conditions, people loving buttery soft sheets, and those looking for an eco-friendly option in their bedroom.


Eucalyptus needs a bigger share of the bedding market. It is so easy to fall in love with eucalyptus, as its checks all of the boxes!

If you’re looking for softness, eucalyptus delivers. But where it really stands out is on the sustainability front! Eucalyptus is the cleanest of all bedding materials. Not just the most eco-friendly on the planet, your skin will thank you too!

If you suffer from acne, allergies, rashes, or simply have a sensitive skin, you may find eucalyptus to help regulating your skin and allergies. Naturally hypoallergenic, it is a great option if you suffer from those ailments.

On the sleep front, eucalyptus is thermo-regulating, wicking away moisture, and sleeping cool and light. It absorbs your body moisture, helping keeping your whole body cool on hot nights, and warm on cold nights.

We recommend eucalyptus bed sheets for: the hot sleepers, those with allergies and skin conditions, including acne breakouts, people loving soft and light sheets, and those looking for the more eco-friendly option for their bedroom.


Cotton will run you a little lower than bamboo and eucalyptus on the budget front. I would however, highly suggest sticking to organic cotton. Not only much softer, it is produced in a more sustainable way than regular cotton.

Of all three materials, it does not wick away moisture quite as intensely, leaving you sleeping a little warmer on hot nights, and feeling colder on cold nights.

When choosing cotton bed sheets, pay attention to the weaving style. Sateen cotton will sleep buttery soft while feeling a little thicker, while percale sheets will sleep cooler and feel thinner and crisper.

Organic cotton is a great option, and I highly recommend it over any unnatural materials often found in bed sheets, such as microfiber and jersey!


OEKO-TEX Standard 100

The OEKO-TEX certification is the most important to look out for when choosing any bedding, including your next bed sheets!

The OEKO-TEX certification is an official label given to products made from material free of harmful toxins. The textiles have been tested for harmful substances from the thread to the end product.

Independent testing institutes will conduct random tests to ensure all products are, and remain, compliant with those global standards, ensuring you only bring the safest materials into your home.

Certified Organic

The American Organic certification is delivered by the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture). The standards are nationally recognized and bringing a certified-organic product into your home gives you the confidence to know your bedding complies with USDA organic regulations.

While the organic certification is not a must when choosing your next bed sheets, I would personally only consider organic cotton, if I was to purchase cotton sheets for my family. Cotton is a fairly dirty material for the planet, due to its manufacturing process. Organic cotton is softer on the earth, free of GMOs and grown without any chemical insecticides or synthetic fertilizers, and always much softer than regular cotton!


If sustainability is important to you, you can find bed sheets manufactured by companies who really care for the health of our planet. Not all bed sheets are created equal when it comes to sustainability.

Pay attention to the materials’ source and farming history, the company’s attention to footprint, reuse and recycling of source materials and water, and more.

Eucalyptus, for example, is known to be 10x more eco-friendly than cotton. Its manufacturing impact on the planet is a lot softer, and you will reap the benefits of a cleaner material on your skin. If sustainability is important to you, stick to eucalyptus or bamboo bed sheets.

Weaving Styles


Sateen is one of the weaving styles used to turn fiber into a sheet. While it is our personal favorite, it has pros and cons, and your opinion could differ from ours.

Using a 1-over 2-under weaving method, sateen sheets are incredibly soft. Whether made of bamboo, eucalyptus, or cotton, sateen sheets will usually feel buttery soft and you will be looking forward to laying in them at night. They are the sheets you think of in luxury hotels.

Because of the weaving style however, the sheets will be a little heavier than percale sheets. While the material you choose will carry moisture-wicking properties, know that the sateen weave will always sleep a little warmer than percale for the same material. If you are a hot sleeper, or sleeping in hot and moist climates, you might find sateen to be a little too warm sleeping, and less breathable than percale sheets.

However, if you are looking for smooth and silky sheets, sateen will definitely be your best bet. Sateen sheets also receive a treatment that naturally makes them more resistant to mold and mildew, so if you suffer from skin or breathing conditions, sateen could be a very good choice.


Percale sheets use a 1-over 1-under weaving style, making them thinner and lighter than their sateen counterparts.

They are ideal for the hot sleepers, or those sleeping in hot and moist climates. Percale sheets will feel crisper, cooler, and more breathable.

You might notice that percale sheets are harder to keep free of wrinkles, however they tend to become softer with every wash. In other words, it pays to sleep in your percale bed sheets! You will notice less pilling than in sateen sheets and added softness as time goes on!

Thread Count

The million-dollar question… what is a good thread count? We’ve all seen it at the store. Brand flashing their thread count big and center on their packaging.

Did you know that thread counts are not created equal? In fact, if you look at our list of Best Bed Sheets, you will find that most luxurious brands do not even mention thread counts, since the metric has been overused and is not an actual verified certification.

So what is a thread count, and does it really matter?

Thread counts are simply the measure of how many threads of fabric are in one square inch. Both the horizontal and vertical weave of the fabric are counted to determine the thread count.

While thread count is an indication of quality, a thread count above 400 can rarely be considered as it likely describes a composite of materials. If you purchase sheets with a thread count below 180, hold it up to the light and you will notice tiny holes, which is not a good thing. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the materials, its luxuriousness, and softness.

When you read “High Thread Count” or see thread counts of 1,000 or more… you are probably falling victim of a marketing effort. In most of those cases, a technique was used where many individual threads were twisted around each other, for what we call multiple-ply yarn. This can lead to heavy, non-breathable bed sheets.

You are generally better off sticking to thread counts between 200 and 400!

Mattress Fit

Most bed sheets will fit mattresses up to 15 inches, which is generally deep-enough pockets to fit most mattresses found on the market.

Some mattresses on our list have pockets up to 18 inches deep, which gives you some wiggle room. If you are someone who moves a lot at night, or have kids or pets sleeping with you, you will want to buy pockets as deep as possible.

If you use your mattress on an adjustable base, I recommend purchasing bed sheets with pockets at least 2 to 3 inches deeper than your mattress thickness, to prevent the corners from popping as you raise your bed.

If you use a mattress topper, make sure to take that extra thickness into consideration as well. There is nothing worse than waking up with half of the bed sheet popped off the mattress! Whenever possible, buy deep-pocket fitted sheets. Most brands will show you the actual thickness their sheets are designed for.

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