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What Are the Best Sheets For My Memory Foam Mattress?

Before Non Biased Reviews my sheet purchasing experience used to be something like this:

  • Go to the store ( Drag myself to the store)
  • Feel the sheets
  • Check price

Buy them. Most of the time I would leave empty handed!

But I seriously thought it was the easiest thing to do, I mean sheets are sheets. They were all the same to my opinion. Turned out I was SO WRONG. Shopping for sheets, most importantly FINDING THE RIGHT SHEET SET is not that easy.

Sheet sets are complicated so I’m going to give you a few hints to help out your shopping experience.  To avoid what’s supposed to be an easy task from getting so overwhelming, I have put together the things that you have to look for :

  • Material Type or Fabric
  • Thread Count
  • Price
  • Fit

Material Type or Fabric


Cotton is the most popular fabric used to make sheets and other bedding, and for good reason. It’s durable, breathable, soft, easy to care for, and generally quite affordable. You’ll find several different types of cotton, however the most popular out there is the Egyptian Cotton. 

Sounds Luxurious right? So it is! 

If you are a fan of super-soft, high quality bed sheets keep your eyes peeled on that tag that says Egyptian Cotton. What makes it so special : It has extra-long fibers that create the smoothest, softest fabric. Almost like when you close your eyes and imagine sheets covering your bed in slow motion. Almost!

Tencel Fabric

Tencel is made out of Eucalyptus tree, making it naturally Antimicrobial. It’s also environmentally friendly since its production doesn’t require as much water or chemicals as other fabrics. It’s also soft to the feel and durable even after many washes.

Bamboo Sheets

The main reason why I love Bamboo sheets is that they tend to be silky but not that annoying silky feel, the what I like to call ” slippery” ones. I absolutely hate those.

The Bamboo sheets silky feel and fabric are perfectly balanced. They sit well on your mattress if it’s a fitted sheet, and won’t slip off of you (or lose them which results to waking up to find them~ so annoying), if they are sheets that are covering your body.

Bamboo sheets are soft and durable. They also happen to be as breathable as Cotton sheets!

And lastly the most common ones:

The Blended Sheets

They could be Cotton/ Polyester or Cotton/ Rayon even Cotton/ Bamboo. We have tried them all!

What makes them different is that they are wrinkle resistant, a major plus for me personally I mean who has the time to iron their sheets nowadays? They are affordable and we are all looking for AFFORDABLE products and durable. They will last and I have put them to the ultimate test washing and drying them so many times a week since I use them mostly on my kids’ beds. But I am a big fan and I always suggest them.



Brand Type See Reviews Colors Max Mattress Thickness Coupons
Purple logo on white Vicose fabric from Bamboo 10% Spandex = Super Stretchy/Clingy Purple Sheets Review White, Slate, Sand, Purple 16″ Free Sheets with Mattress Purchase
 Leesa Logo Sateen Weave 500 thread count Leesa Review White White Free Shipping
Luxor Linens Varies (I tested Delano) 60% bamboo 40% Cotton Luxor Linens Review Gray ss June Sales
Pillow Guy Micro-Tencel Sateen Weave 600 thread count Pillow Guy Review White, Charcoal, Cadet Blue 16″ Free Shipping

Best Sheets

To me all the sheets listed above are best sheets, otherwise I wouldn’t even consider putting them in that chart or suggest them. How to chose the right ones, it all comes down to your preference. When someone narrows down my choices to help me pick a set I personally think durability and affordability.

Satin or Sateen?

I can tell whether the sheets I have invested in are the right ones or not just by pulling them out of the dryer. They need to come out nice and fluffy and wrinkle free, and when I put them back on my bed they need to be as good as new and did not lose their elasticity (fitted sheets) . And of course SOFT and smooth when I lay down on them.

One very important thing I would like to share with you and shed some light on, THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SATIN AND SATEEN: 

While appearance, texture and weave may seem similar Satin and Sateen are made from different fibers. They even sound almost the same when you say it !

Maybe there is this one thing in common the effect of the fabric, but here’s what differentiates Satin from Sateen:

Satin, originally made form 100% silk is smoother (silkier) than Sateen, and Sateen that is crispier especially when it’s made with high-end cotton. Only high-end Satin is still made with 100% silk while – get this- SATEEN IS MADE FROM COTTON (sometimes rayon) ! I can’t believe it myself when I think how smooth and soft Sateen end result or feel is when I thing it’s made entirely from cotton. The more you live the more you learn I guess.

I would rather put on my Satin Pajamas to sleep on my Sateen sheets #PerfectBalance

Thread Count

So what is a ” Thread Count” . Does it really matter if it’s high or low? And who has the time to count them all to make sure we have the right amount? (Just kidding!)

A Thread Count is simply the measure of how many threads there are in one square inch. Both the horizontal and vertical weave of the fabric are counted up to determine the thread count ( so no, you don’t have to count them one by one by hand).

Thread count definitely matters and I will tell you why. Let’s pretend you purchased some sheets with thread count below 180, hold it up to the light and you will notice tiny holes. That is not a good thing. And that’s just a small example why Thread Count does matter.

Now some advertise on their packages that their sheets have High Thread Counts. This could just be a marketing trap try not to fall for it. Anything, anywhere where it states 1,000 thread count is bad stuff. Bad because they have used a technique where many individual threads were twisted around each other, or what we call multiple-ply yarn. Bad stuff like I said because it’s cheaply made resulting into heavier ( I can’t even stand the idea of a heavy sheet, I’m suffocating here) and less durable product.


Single Ply-Yarn Vs. Multi-Ply Yarn

The truth behind Thread Count


Single-ply thread means that there is only one strand of yarn per thread. It produces the finest, strongest threads.

Two- ply thread means that two strands of yarn were twisted together to give false or fake strength resulting into rougher fabric.


As you can see I have tried countless threads (funny right?) and so many pillows, comforters and sheets which brings me back my original pre-nonbiased reviews theory where I used to think ” sheets are sheets” . This theory is busted not all sheets, or pillows or comforters are the same there’s a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

To help you better I have narrowed down my choices and below is my top pick.

With all the competition out there and almost every single bedding product coming up with their own sheet sets, pillows, covers or comforters I had to make decision and chose just a few that have passed ultimate tests.

My tests consist of frequent washing to see if they can resist chemicals yet maintain their softness and longevity. Also If they are still elastic after many washes, and most importantly if they are able to cover a 15 to 16′ thick mattress. I also really want my sheets to look and feel like a soft cloud when I pull them out of the dryer, and of course like a dreamy slow-motion movie when I put them on may mattress. Is that too much to ask for?

Leesa, Luxor Linens, Pillow Guy and Purple delivered exactly what I have been looking for !

Nothing but the BEST- hence why they belong on the #BestSheets page- longevity, affordability and NO NEED TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE ANYMORE, it is all available to you ONLINE.

With many colors, types and sizes you can take your sweet little time to chose the right stuff, you can even sleep on it then purchase when you have decided ( then sleep on it again)!

This is way better then going to the store and stare at tons of bedding products and leave all confused and undecided.



I always bring up this matter because it is important. Because when your mattress is 15 or 16′ thick you do not want to end up with the wrong fitted sheet! ( this would be my personal nightmare, especially if I had to leave the house to buy bedding stuff). And that’s why I made sure ( and you should to, ALWAYS), that I TRY fitted sheets that I receive for review on my thick mattress to see if they cover it all without hassle.

They are also known as DEEP POCKET SHEET .

While regular sheets often don’t really do the job of  covering the mattress the way they should, deep pocket sheet – just like the name indicates- are deeper especially in the corners. They are stretchy enough to cover a thick mattress even those with pillow tops or mattress toppers! So always make sure you have the right sizes and dimensions, or don’t because we have got you covered on this one. If you scroll down you will find a chart right there for you to help you figure it all out.


The Pricing Table below is as of 6/2/2018.

Company Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King
Leesa Logo $130 $135 $150 $155 $165 $170
Purple logo on white $99 $99 $114 $114 $129 $129
Luxor Linens $125 NA NA $150 $175 NA
Pillow Guy NA NA $300 $330 $350 $350

Pillow Guy and Luxor Linens don’t carry a Twin XL size.  This means that if you have a split king adjustable base you won’t be able to shop at those two companies.

Mattress Sizes

Here is a chart with the common mattress sizes.  What is important with sheets is the thickness of the mattress as some sheet sets just won’t cover mattresses that are more than 14″ thick.

Size Dimensions Ideal For Pros Cons
Twin 38″W x 75″L Children, Single Adults (under 6 ft.) Leaves room for activities, used in most bunkbeds Children will outgrow them
Twin XL 38″W x 80″L Split Adjustable bed users, Single Adults (up to 6’4″) Used in Adjustable beds (buy 2) Likely won’t fit in bunk bed
Full (Double) 54″W x 75″L Children, Single Adults, Skinny Adult Couples Will make the room look large Too small for most adults
Queen 60″W x 80″L Single Adults, Couple (average size increased intimacy) Ideal size for normal sized couples Too small for tall and heavy people
King 76″W x 80″L Couples, Couples with Large Pets Ideal size for large couples Will take up large part of bedroom
California King 72″W x 84″L Couples, Single Adults (comfortably up to 6’8″) Ideal size for tall couples More difficult to find bedding & frames
Split King [1] [2]38″W x 80″L Adjustable Frame users (with different sleep preferences) You want firm, partner wants soft, go split king Creates a “no mans land”


[1] Split Kings have what I call “no mans land”. There will be a dip between the mattress. This means that you and your partner can’t use the middle of the bed, which otherwise is a nice meeting area for couples.
[2] You need to purchase 2 Twin XL mattresses for a split king. This will allow you and your partner to have different angles on an adjustable bed. Also you can choose to get two different types of mattresses, as long as they are similar in thickness.

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