Aeptom Tencel Lyocell Comforter Review

Aeptom duvet cover review

AEPTOM TENCEL LYOCELL COMFORTER REVIEW If you are a hot sleeper, or sleep in hot climate, it can be hard to find the right comforter. You are looking for just the right balance between weight, air barrier, and heat. Aeptom claimed to have a comforter designed for hot-sleepers, so we put it to the test […]

Aeptom Bamboo Duvet Cover Set Review

Aeptom duvet cover review

AEPTOM BAMBOO DUVET COVER SET REVIEW We have tested an incredible number of sheets since launching Non-Biased Reviews. Some have surpassed others, but none have been as soft as the Aeptom Bamboo Duvet Cover and its pillowcases! If you are looking for bed sheets as well, the Bamboo Bed Sheet Set is made of the […]

Bed Scrunchie Review & Instructions

Bed Scrunchie Review

BED SCRUNCHIE REVIEW & INSTRUCTIONS Frustrated of popping bed sheets? Waking up in the middle of the night with half of your face on the mattress and the fitted sheet nowhere to be found? Bed Scrunchie is there to solve that frustration and hold your bed sheets tight and wrinkle-free. And guess what? We put […]

Sheets And Giggles Eucalyptus Sheets Review

Sheets and Giggles Eucalyptus sheets review

SHEETS & GIGGLES EUCALYPTUS SHEETS REVIEW The absurdly soft sheets! We have put those buttery soft Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Sheets to the test and do agree to the statement! Boy do we love eucalyptus lyocell bed sheets, and that Sheets and Giggles sheet set is a thing of beauty!  Priced at a premium for […]

Sheets And Giggles Flannel Sheets Review – Best Flannel Sheets?

Sheets & giggles Flannel bed sheets

SHEETS & GIGGLES FLANNEL SHEETS REVIEW The Sheets & Giggles flannel sheets will have the summer-obsessed longing for long winter nights! I guarantee they will change the way you look at winter nights!  Made of Sheets & Giggles’ hero eucalyptus lyocell and organic cotton, they may be the softest bed sheets we have ever tested. […]

Eucalypso Sheets Review

Eucalypso Sheets review

EUCALYPSO SHEETS REVIEW Whether you are looking for buttery-soft bed sheets, or interested in clean and sustainable bedding, the Eucalypso Sheets are a luxurious wonder in the world of bed sheets! Made from 100% certified Tencel lyocell from eucalyptus, the sheets are soft, cool, hypoallergenic, and last longer between washes. Eucalypso Home is a small, […]

Eucalypso Eucalyptus Duvet Cover Review

Eucalypso eucalyptus duvet cover

EUCALYPSO HOME – HEAVENLY EUCALYPTUS TENCEL DUVET COVER If you are a fan of duvets and duvet covers like we are, you will love Eucalypso Home’s Eucalyptus Tencel Duvet Cover. Made from 100% eucalyptus fiber, it is soft, sleeps cool, vegan, and made with attention to the planet. Eucalypso Home is a small, women-owned, business […]

Luxor Linens Review – Valentino Sheets

Luxor Linens Reviews

LUXOR LINENS REVIEW – VALENTINO SHEET SET Are you looking for silky soft bed sheets, made of 100% Egyptian cotton, not too thick, yet luxuriously soft and cozy? This is our review of Luxor Linens Valentino Sheet Set- some of the highest thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and pretty much perfect for the hot sleeper […]

Best Bed Sheets

Pillow guy travel bag

BEST BED SHEETS Our Top Picks – Updated Yearly There is nothing I look forward to more than sliding into buttery soft sheets after a long and exhausting day. The market is overflowing with bed sheets and it can be very overwhelming to go to the store and shop bed sheets without knowing how they […]

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