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Rana on CouchBed

I just changed the cover after 2 years of testing this product, see the video below.

Versatility meets comfort!

Couchbed is not your typical couch. It’s exactly what you need when you have a small space, small apartment or dorm room or even small kids or teens. It’s almost like the one couchbed for all. 

Couchbed is conveniently made with cooling-gel infused memory foam- That’s where mattress meets couch. 

That’s my style too, small or big space, I love everything that is sleek yet comfy. Perfect for a minimalist design. And no more bulky couches. 

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CouchBed Video Review

I am big fan when it comes to items that make my life easier. No more bulky furniture, and i don’t have to worry about that extra kid staying for a sleep over. Easy to set up and move around.

In the updated couchbed review below, you will see that I changed the cover from blue to black.  Why, you might ask?  It’s due to the beating that I have given the couchbed with the help of my kids and dog over the last 2 years.  Also, I was SHOCKED by how nice the adjustable platform is.

CouchBed Company Policies

Shipping is free and you have 30 days to try it before you change your mind and in case you didn’t like it.

All CouchBed products are warranted for 10 years. 

What's Inside the CouchBed?

couchbed adjustable platform

CouchBed comes in four different colors: Limestone, Charcoal, Black and Blue. My advice, get darker colors if you have kids or pets or both! Been there.

BUT, fear not.
If stains or spills happen, they have CouchBed Covers. that’s next on my list since i have owned mine for almost two years now, more like OUR DOG and kids owned it. I am not going to go into details, just use your imagination. All i have to say is: Juice, snacks, naps, video games and dog hair! Yeah. I will be ordering or washing that cover, so stick around for more.
CouchBed is a 10″ tall memory foam mattress featuring multi-layer design for great support and comfort.
Safe and clean materials, made with 100% CertiPur certified ultra-dense memory foam makes even even sturdier. You need durable ingredients especially when your kids and your kids’ friends and your pets all want a piece of that CouchBed.

Now i would typically place a sheet if my kids or myself need to take a nap on the CouchBed. But the cover itself is just perfect the way it is. You cannot feel the seam when you lay on it. I compare it to a traditional one-piece mattress.

Since the memory foam comfort layer is infused with a phase-change material, there’s no way the mattress gets hot when you spend long hours on it. This cooling gel keeps the surface of the mattress at an optimal temperature keeping the heat away.

CouchBed Sleep Tests

Kids can crash and fall asleep anywhere when they are tired, true, but why not give them something even more comfortable so they don’t wake up with aches and pain? 

CouchBed certainly is comfy and easy to move around and set up anywhere you want. I even want to load it in my car one day when I go camping. That’s what i like the most about it, versatility with a touch of cute looks. It is a pretty piece! 

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question. 

I have spent days and hours on the CouchBed, laying down, playing video games, watching TV, even hanging out with the dogs. No problems whatsoever. But i do recommend you try their platform bed just so you can enjoy even a better sleep experience and for your CouchBed to last a bit longer. 

The answer: To Sleep! 

CouchBed Price & Discounts

Get $50 off now when you click on the logo on your left! Below is a more detailed list of measurements and prices.  Keep in mind, CouchBeds are built to specifications following traditional mattress sizing. For example, if you are replacing a standard twin mattress, your CouchBed twin mattress will fit perfectly onto your existing bed frame or box spring.

Size Measurements Price
10" x 38"W x 75"L
Full (Double)
10" x 54"W x 75"L
10" x 60"W x 80"L
$50 Off
couchbed logo
Couch Bed Inc.
The Code NB10 will get you 10% off your purchase, or you can choose $50 off the twin sized Couchbed.
The Code NB10 will get you 10% off your purchase, or you can choose $50 off the twin sized Couchbed. Show Less

CouchBed Review Conclusion

CouchBed is the ultimate definition of versatility. It is the alternative couch that transforms to a bed in one second. Curl up, take a quick nap or just use it in your reading nook to relax and finish that cook! 



CouchBed Sent us this product.  All of the opinions expressed in this review are mine.

No. Fortunately it has a 30 day in home trial so that you can test it at the comfort of your house.

CouchBed ships from their California or Arizona facility via Fedex, in a box straight to your door. 

The CouchBed itself turns into a mattress! 

Yes they offer their adjustable platform as well as their CouchBed covers. 

couchbed logo $50 Off
Couch Bed Inc.
The Code NB10 will get you 10% off your purchase, or you can choose $50 off the twin sized Couchbed.

It’s a Couch! No, it’s a bed. Wait, It’s a CouchBed!

Even before I moved to a smaller house, I’ve always been a fan of versatile furniture. Double use, double duty or reversible furniture is my jam. Small space, company for the Holidays or sleepovers, all this shouldn’t be a problem anymore These days there are tons of furniture pieces available almost everywhere like Amazon, Overstock or target. Ottoman into a bench got it. Bean Bag into a mattress, own it too. Oh let’s not forget about the Lounger that turns into a matt and then into a chair AND FOLDS UP to be out away or to travel with! I absolutely LOVE my convertible furniture pieces especially that they are not bulky and don’t take up too much space, talk about convenience. But then it gets so much better as soon as I discovered (drum roll please) The CouchBed. I instantly thought how this one is going to be a game changer. I have a 3rd grader who is having at least a friend or two for sleep overs every once in a while and this CouchBed is going to come in handy situations like this. And indeed it did when he had a friend over last Friday. They used the CouchBed as a couch to play video games sitting next to each other and when it was bed time and after they kids flipped it into a mattress (which is something they found really fun and cool to do), I simply put the right mattress cover and voilà! Our guest was ready to hit the hay.

The CouchBed has definitely changed the ” Do I have to sleep on this?” feeling to “Ok, this couch is a legit bed”.

Which instantly means, BETTER SLEEP and less back pain. Here’s why: Grown ups or little ones, I personally think that the CouchBed is a great and IDEAL solution for your extra guests especially that they come in Queen and Twin size. (Ooh & colors too! really fun colors). Queen or Twin size, the mattress is 10″ tall . Those memory foam mattresses feature a multi-layer design for ultimate comfort and support.  Made with 100% CertiPur certified ultra-dense memory foam so no harmful chemicals or latex, combined with phase-change material to actively cool the sleeping surface, so it won’t get hot like traditional memory foam. Their unique “hinged” cover allows the CouchBed to fold easily from a couch to a mattress in seconds.  Durable and comfortable enough to be your every night mattress and your every day sofa.  While the cover is removable for easy wash, it is recommended that you spot clean it. See the Couchbed in action in my video review:

When space and budget become an issue think CouchBed.

I , I mean WE, as in the whole family got to test it. My kids sat on it to watch TV, then when his friends came over to spend the night, my almost 9YO was able to move it ( yes, it’s so easy to move it’s awesome) so they can use it to play video games before they used slipped it for our guest to use it as his bed. And I also got to sleep on it! I had to wait for my turn. The question is, to buy a CouchBed or not!  Absolutely YES! Small space or not, the CouchBed is a great choice for apartments, dorm rooms, play rooms and even your extra guest or two! You have two pieces of furniture in one, it’s better than a win/ win situation. We updated this review on our couch blog as this site is now focused mainly on mattresses.

4 Responses

  1. Hey Rana,
    This is wonderful for Grandparents! Wonderful for my adult granddaughter when she visits from out of town, and her 7 year old that wants to spend the night all the time. So versitile and the best part is the little ones can sleep in our room without hogging our new bed.
    Thanks a million!

  2. This couch bed would also be perfect for a houseboat or an RV! Also, I love that it is a real mattress and not some flimsy wanna be!

    1. I thought about that, but RV’s and boats are usually pretty well stocked on multi-use furniture. I think the sweet spot for the couch bed is a dorm room, a kids room, or an alternative to the futon that everyone has in their living room when they get their first apartment.

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