If you’ve been wondering whether the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress might be a good buy for you, you have come to the right place. In this article, I am reviewing this Canadian hybrid mattress, and telling you everything I found out about this memory foam/ pocketed coil combo mattress. This is our non-biased review of the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress.

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Silk and Snow Hybrid Mattress Review
Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress
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Silk & Snow Company Policies

  • Made in North America
  • 100-night risk-free home trial
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 15-year warranty
Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress Review
Sik & Snow Hybrid Mattress Cover

What's Inside The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress

In a nutshell:

  • Silver-infused anti-microbial cover
  • 1 layer of cooling gel memory foam
  • 4 lbs of pressure-relieving CertiPUR-US certified high-density memory foam
  • Zoned lumbar support
  • 1,000 pocketed coils in the Queen (1,200 in the King) 
  • Firm edge support

In more detail...

Silver-Infused Cover

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress’ cover is innovative and silver infused, making it anti-microbial and preventing bacteria growth.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam

The second layer in the mattress aims at keeping you cool throughout the night. Memory foam is known for sleeping warm and Silk & Snow uses a high-quality quilted foam with cooling gel. Our sleep test gives this mattress a temperature-neutral thumbs up. No getting warm at night!

Memory Foam

The 4 lbs of high-density memory foam help relieve deep pressure points and provide a plush and slightly contouring sleeping surface. While slightly hugging, we still consider the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress a supportive and medium-firm mattress.

Zoned Lumbar Support

A firm middle zone is integrated inside this Hybrid Mattress, providing zoned lumbar support, making this mattress ideal for people looking for extra hip and lower back support.

Pocketed Coils

While the Queen mattress has 1,000 individually-pocketed coils, the King has 1,200. The coils provide support, air flow, and minimal motion transfer.

Review of the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress

Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress Sleep Tests

Everything we felt in one box

Firmness Temperature Maintenance Sleeping Style Bed Base
Thanks to the 1,000 coils, the zoned lumbar support and firm edges around the mattress, we found the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress to be a bit firmer than the average mattress. The coils and the middle zone add stability and firmness, while the memory foam gives it a comfy cloud-like surface, for mild body contouring. It felt a little bit like being on a nice firm cloud above the mattress.
The Silk & Snow Hybrid kept us at a nice and neutral temperature on hot Florida summer nights during our sleep test. No sense of over-heating and a nice constant temperature throughout the night. We felt neither hot nor cold on this hybrid mattress.
Maybe the only drawback of the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress, but easily fixed with a mattress protector – is that you can’t remove the cover for a clean. The cover is firmly attached to the mattress, but remember that it is silver infused, shielding you against bacteria. To clean up spills, blot clean immediately with cold water, a cloth, and a gentle cleaning solution if needed. Additionally, rotating the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress every 3 months will add longevity to the mattress.
The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress brings in lots of support, thanks to its 1,000 pocketed coils and the firm zoned lumbar support. The coils under the shoulders are also softer, making this mattress ideal for side sleepers. My husband and I both fall asleep on our stomachs and felt plenty of support, making this mattress a good option for stomach sleepers as well. Lastly, it can work well with back sleepers who aren't looking to sink in deep. There is some body contouring, but this is, overall, a firmer mattress.
I love how universal the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is. It will work with most of your existing frames – flat platform bed, adjustable bed, slatted base, and box spring. You can even take it to the floor and enjoy its full comfort! It makes it an easy mattress to buy and set up without investing more into it.

Soft —————- Firm

Hot —————- Cool

Non-Washable – Washable


Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress Prices & Discounts

$150 OFF + FREE Pillows
Silk and Snow Hybrid Mattress Review
Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress
$150 OFF + FREE Pillow with your mattress purchase with coupon code (click to reveal)
$150 OFF + FREE Pillow with your mattress purchase with coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less

Silk & Snow offers competitive pricing and a real value for the quality of their Hybrid Mattress. Check the current discounts by clicking the SHOW CODE button above.

Since it is a Canadian manufacturer, I am adding the current $CAD pricing to the table below. 

Price List updated: November 2023


  • $ 700 CAD
  • 38"W x 75"L
  • 600 Coils

Twin XL

  • 38"W x 80"L
  • $ 725 CAD
  • 621 Coils


  • $ 800 CAD
  • 54"W x 75"L
  • 800 Coils


  • $ 1,000 CAD
  • 76"W x 80"L
  • 1,200 Coils

Cal. King

  • $ 1,000 CAD
  • 72"W x 84"L
  • 1,204 Coils

Detailed Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress Review Conclusion

We have slept on the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress for just over a week, after letting it rise to its full size for about 3 days. Once you unbox the mattress, you could absolutely decide to sleep on it immediately, if you wished. We wanted to give it enough time to rise to get the full benefits of the coils and memory foam, and after 3 days, the mattress looked nice and full, and ready for our full sleep test.  

Let’s look, in more detail, at what the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is made of and what we thought of it!

Who Is Silk & Snow?

Silk & Snow is a Canadian mattress and bedding company, established in 2017, by founders obsessed with good nights of sleep, who wanted to create a mattress-in-a-box of higher quality than anything available on the market. 

Several years in, they now produce 2 mattresses, 3 bed frames, duvets, sheets, amazing pillows, and a super soft weighted blanket

I love that they provide full transparency in where all of the materials, used to make their products, are sourced.  As an example, they highlight the rich heritage of all of the generational family run businesses that are involved in making some of their most popular products such as their mattresses.

Find all of our Silk & Snow reviews HERE

What Is Inside The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress?

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is made of an impressive 6 layers of engineered beauty. Each part of the mattress has a purpose and works with your body to bring you comfort and support. 

At Silk & Snow, you can rest assured that all materials are sourced and manufactured in North America, mostly in Ontario, Canada. The owners of Silk & Snow have developed products that are sustainable, produce less waste, and are easy on our planet, while ensuring they meet health standards and are CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified.

The top, anti-microbial cover, is made of polyester, spandex, and is silver-infused. 

The top layers include 1″ of luxury quilted cooling gel foam and hollow fiber to stay temperature neutral throughout the night, and 2″ of 4 lbs of gel memory foam that provides deep pressure point relief. 

The coils are forged in small batches in Ontario and can go up to a whooping 1,200 in the King mattress. 

The memory foams are eco-friendly and consist of natural seed-based oils such as soybeans and made without any of the harmful allergy-causing chemicals, earning them the CertiPUR-US certification. 

How Does The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress Sleep?


In short, the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress provides a medium-firm sleeping experience, coupled with a cloud-like top layer that provides mild and comfortable body-contouring. 

The zoned support works really well. The hips and lumbar (lower back) areas are supported by a zoned lumbar support which adds a firmer middle zone to the mattress for extra support, while the coils under the shoulders are softer, giving the right amount of sinking to that area, especially for side sleepers. 

Sleeping Style

The zoned support in the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress makes this an ideal mattress for the side sleepers. 

If you are a stomach or combo sleeper, like I am, you will find firm comfort with a cloud-like top. This hybrid mattress will even work for stomach sleepers who need more support and a sensation of flying above the bed. 

If you are looking for a deep, more enveloping, sink, this is not the right mattress for you. Some back sleepers prefer a softer mattress, and I would look into Silk & Snow’s Original Mattress which is a softer option, boasting 10″ of 100% memory foam reacting to your body’s contour. 


The top, cooling gel memory foam layer, paired with pocketed coils, produces a temperature-neutral sleeping surface. The coils allow the air to flow through the mattress and cool the memory foam from beneath, as well as channel your body’s heat out. 

Motion Transfer

If like me, your partner wakes you up at night from turning around and sudden movements, you will find that the Silk & Snow greatly reduces the motion transfer. Unlike a 100% memory foam mattress, it is not completely gone, but most of the motion is dispersed by the individually absorbing coils and the 3 inches of memory foam laying on top of the coil layer. 

How Do I Care For The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress?

Silk & Snow recommends that you rotate your Hybrid Mattress every three months to ensure optimal feel and increase longevity of the mattress. You should however never flip the mattress, since the layers are meant to stay positioned in a certain order. 

The top cover is unfortunately not removable as it contains luxurious quilted foam that is silver infused. The good news is that the innovative silver infusion keeps the bacteria away. The bad news is that you can’t remove and wash the cover. So instead, soak up the liquid with a cloth if the spill is large. Then blot clean immediately with cold water and a gentle cleaning solution. Just make sure you don’t rub, as that could spread the stain. If the stain is large, you might also want to let the mattress air dry completely in a well-ventilated area. 

$150 OFF + FREE Pillows
Silk and Snow Hybrid Mattress Review
Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress
$150 OFF + FREE Pillow with your mattress purchase with coupon code (click to reveal)
$150 OFF + FREE Pillow with your mattress purchase with coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less
  • Modern design 
  • Sleeps temperature-neutral
  • Ideal option for side sleepers
  • Extra support to the hips and lumbar region
  • Mild contouring and deep pressure point relief from 4 lbs of memory foam
  • Softer coils in shoulder region, great for side sleepers
  • No flattening when sitting on the side, thanks to a firm edge support
  • Innovative silver-infused antibacterial cover
  • If you are looking for a super soft and very contouring mattress, this Hybrid Mattress won't be for you. Consider Silk & Snow's Original Mattress instead
  • Can only be spot cleaned since the cover does not come off


Silk & Snow sent us this Hybrid Mattress for testing purposes. This review is not sponsored and all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

No, but fortunately it has a sleep trial so you can test it at home for 100 nights. 

Silk & Snow manufactures its mattresses in Canada. Mattresses shipped to the U.S. are assembled in Massachusetts to avoid customs issues.

Yes, Silk & Snow’s Original Mattress is a 10″ memory foam mattress, while the Silk & Snow Organic Mattress is made of organic materials and sleeps a little firmer.

Yes, Silk & Snow offers bed sheets, bed frames, mattress protectors, duvets, pillowcases, and their latest accessory – Alpaca Throws.

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