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Leesa Just Released a new pillow

Yes you heard that right. Leesa just launched their new Hybrid Pillow. It’s reversible, it’s adjustable and seriously amazing.  Now that it is summer, I’ll let you in on a secret.  This is the pillow that I’m using.  I have a closet full of pillows, so why am I using this one?  It is COOL and fluffy on that square shaped side.


What is Inside the Pillow?

The pillow is made with polyester microfiber and ventilated gel. The outer fabric is made with Tencel® and Nylon.

The Leesa Hybrid pillow fabric is made with fibers that give a chilling effect and a ventilated gel comfort layer for a cooler night’s sleep. It also has a smooth zipper, a seam that goes unnoticed through a pillowcase and quilted zones of down-like filling that stay put.

A pillow insert that sits between the quilted pocket and cool layers can be removed with a simple zip to change your support level to fit how you sleep (it makes a great pillow to cuddle, too.).

The Leesa Hybrid Pillow features a reversible design made of a down-like fiber side and a ventilated gel comfort side with an inner fill pillow between both layers.

Fun Fact:

Down-like quilted pockets maintain the Leesa Hybrid Pillow fluffy shape and support where other down pillows will clump with use. The durable, cooling fabric is machine washable on gentle, so even your worst drool is washed away.

Sleep Test Results

• Two different feelings on each side of the pillow

Adjustable and reversible to met comfort and cooling standards.

Really beautifully designed.

• Take a little time for the smell to dissipate

A little heavy due to the gel insert

Who Should Buy the Pillow?

Pillows come down to preference. But the Leesa Hybrid Pillow was able to meet almost all sleeping positions standards. Thanks to the fact that you can adjust and reverse this hybrid pillow you end up with personalized comfort that fits how you sleep. With that being said The Leesa Hybrid Pillow is a must try for everyone.

Price Table

The Leesa Hybrid Pillow comes in two sizes, Standard and Queen.

Standard $125

Queen $135

Current Specials

You have up to 100 nights to give the Leesa Hybrid Pillow a try. If you don’t like it they will send you a UPS prepaid label for an easy free of charge return.

Shop for the new Leesa Hybrid Pillow

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Unboxing Pictures

Close up of the top side of the leesa hybrid pillow