Leesa Adjustable Frame

leesa adjustable bed

Leesa Adjustable Bed Frame I am not sure if you are familiar with that feeling where you are waiting with sheer excitement and anticipation for something big, amazing and exceptional! That’s exactly how I feel right now, if not more. I have tried a handful of adjustable bases so far, some are a hit some […]

Leesa Mattress Review

Best Mattress for Side Sleeping Leesa mattress

Leesa Mattress Review Why did I have 2 Leesa mattresses in my bedroom?  Well, to do a full review of the new model of the Leesa I had to put it next to my old one to see if my sleep experience would be different. Was sleeping on the New Leesa Mattress different?  You can […]

Sleepopolis Sold To Casper

Casper Essential from the Side

In July of 2017 the Sleepoplis.com that we have all come to know sold to Jakk Media LLC Sleepopolis was owned by Derek Hales who was being sued by Casper as they felt that Sleepopolis.com directed readers away from Casper mattresses towards other competitors, citing Leesa Sleep, Ghostbed, Nest Bedding, Novosbed, and Purple.  I have […]