polysleep mattress review
Staying cool as we sleep is a factor we all long and hope for as we invest in a new mattress. I will tell you right away, The Polysleep was able to keep me cool at night (no annoying sweaty foam feel), nice comfy and elevated ( no sinking in foam like some traditional foam mattresses) with great support whether it’s the mattress body or contour.

Who Will Love It

  • People who like to sleep cool

    The cover is cool to the touch, but it's in the top ventilated viscoelastic foam layer that reduces the temperature to keep you cool.

  • Side, back and stomac sleepers

    It's the one mattress for all, no matter your sleep preference.

Who May Not Like It

  • If you are on the heavy side

    It may be too soft for you if you are over 300 lbs.

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Polysleep Video Review

Warning! This one is in Français. 

Polysleep Company Policies

The Polysleep mattress ships in a box straight to your door for free. It’s also provided with a 10 year limited warranty. They also offer 100 night free trial. 

What's Inside the Polysleep?

Let’s start off with the Cover:

It’s a very unique cover, it’s liquid-repellent to avoid messy spills and unwanted accidents. Super soft to the touch and delicate. The fabric is stretchy and the sides are made of mesh allowing the mattress to breathe.

The top layer is made with ventilated Viscoelastic Hybrid Foam:

It is anti-microbial which helps keep your Polysleep clean. This layer allows air to circulate, keeping you cool while adapting to your body. It  also identifies the pressure points, reduces the temperature and the firmness of these points in just seconds. And lastly it prevents any moisture from accumulating.

The support layer comes next, and it serves as a transition between the top layer and the base. It is designed for your comfort and provides full body support for better sleep.

Supportive foam base:

The last layer of the Polysleep is built with high-density foam and acts as a boxspring, while providing unparalleled reinforcement. It adds durability, strength and comfort without feeling too firm.

Support frame:

The proprietary support frame makes the Polysleep truly unique. It keeps the mattress nice and sturdy and won’t flat out when you sit on the edges. The support frame helps reinforce the structure.

No more dragging yourself to the mattress store and feel pressured leaving with the wrong choice ( and expensive mattress). With Polysleep you skip the middleman and you will get the best possible mattress and save tons of money and most of all time! The Polysleep ships for free, compressed in a box, straight to your door. Their 100-day risk free trial will give you plenty of time to try it and get used to it.
Sleep is as important to your health as breathing, eating or drinking. It allows your body to repair during the night, and your brain to consolidate your memories and process information.
It is rare these days to find a mattress suitable for all types of sleepers. The results were amazing when I slept on my back and sides and the ultimate bed test: Sharing it with a partner or a pet, without forgetting kids who love to sneak into your bed in the middle of the night. No disturbance whatsoever! That’s a keeper

The Polysleep Sleep Tests

Absolutely comfortable. With the right amount of support, bounce and immediate response, Polysleep has it all. As a side/ back sleeper combo i was able to switch positions while staying asleep without interruption.

Polysleep Price & Discounts

30% OFF
polysleep mattress review
30% OFF the Origin mattress with coupon code (click to reveal)
30% OFF the Origin mattress with coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less

Polysleep Review Conclusion

Polysleep turned out to be not your average everyday memory foam mattress. Made with just the right balance of firmness and comfort without the sinking feeling. I was very impressed with the frame that holds the whole mattress keeping it nice and sturdy. My sleep experience was a success!


Polysleep Sent us this bed.  All of the opinions expressed in this review are mine.

No, BUT fortunately it has a sleep trial so that you can test it at home.  

However, Polysleep does have a mattress store in Montreal, Canada if you happen to be there! 

It is made in Canada

Yes they offer free shipping and returns and you get to try the Polysleep at the comfort of your home for 100 night free. 

Yes they offer the Polysleep pillow.
Sleep testing Polysleep reminded me of Molecule mattress. Great for all type of sleepers.
polysleep mattress review 30% OFF
30% OFF the Origin mattress with coupon code (click to reveal)

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