Tempur-Topper Review

tempur breeze mattress

Made with 3 inches of supreme -thus the name- TEMPUR material, this mattress topper made its way in our best mattress topper list just like that!

If your Mattress is too firm, please try the TEMPUR topper and witness its instant results. It’s like a magical topper, and not all toppers are built the same but this one with its one of a kind pressure relief is absolutely unique. 

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$300 OFF
tempur breeze mattress
$300 OFF on premium mattresses
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Tempur Topper Video Review

You wake up one day with maybe minor back pain, and then you realize how unsatisfied you are with your bed, but you are also disappointed because your bed is only 2 yeas old! Major bummer. At this point it’s too late to return it back and you really want to salvage it because you invested in it. The answer: A mattress topper. Not any mattress topper, only a few made it to my website, TEMPUR- Topper Supreme is one of them. Now I have tried it on my bed and it exceeded my expectations, but then i thought what if! 

What if we give it a try on a very uncomfortable pull- out couch bed. Watch what happened in this video.

Tempur-Pedic Company Policies

They are a publicly traded company, stock ticker TPX, so it is easy to get information on their company.  They increased their sales by roughly 10% over the last year, lead by their direct to consumer business.  Which means, that many of us can find Tempur products in a nearby retail location and they are now making it easier to shop by increasing their focus on the at home purchaser.

They offer Free Shipping and a 10 Year Limited Warranty on the Tempur-Topper.

What's Inside the Tempur-Topper?

It consists of 3″ of their proprietary Tempur matieral, which if you haven’t felt it I highly encourage you to stop by one of their retail locations near you.  Typically, the mattress toppers that I test are between 1″ and 2″, so this is quite a bit thicker than the normal toppers on the market.

The TEMPUR-Topper Supreme is formulated uniquely to respond to your body weight, shape and temperature for an almost accurate personalized support.

I love that it has a removable and washable cover and easy to carry and take anywhere I want. All this makes it great for unusual places like an RV, couch, or sailboat.

In addition to the regular topper, they offer a Tempur-Adapt + upgrade which adds in a cool to the touch aspect.  


Sleep Tests

TEMPUR- Topper Supreme instantly upgrades the comfort of any mattress or pull-out couch bed! I currently have it set up in an extra bedroom sitting on top of a skinny cheap futon I bought on Amazon.

This Topper will add value and more life to your crappy couch. It will also give you all the comfort you are hoping for. 

Tempur-Pedic Discounts

The Tempur Topper Supreme from Tempur Pedic is as great investment. It will add that extra comfort your body needs and will improve your sleep. 

$300 OFF
tempur breeze mattress
$300 OFF on premium mattresses
$300 OFF on premium mattresses Show Less

Tempur Topper Review Conclusion

Don’t take this mattress topper for granted. You will get all the comfort, relief and great night’s sleep out of it without a single doubt. 

It’s amazing how effective it is and all the difference it makes. I also must add that it is versatile since it works great on top of your mattress or a pull out bed. Take it anywhere and experience better sleep instantly. 


Tempur-Pedic sent us this for testing purposes.  All of the opinions expressed in this review are mine.

Yes, you can try it at many of their locations. 

It is assembled in the USA

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tempur breeze mattress $300 OFF
$300 OFF on premium mattresses

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