Heavy, yes. Tall? Not so much.

Here’s my review on that Mattress for a Bigger Figure. That’s where the name comes from by the way, in case you were wondering. It’s short for Big Fig.
The Big Fig Mattress is built to specifically meet the needs of sleepers with bigger figure. It is supposed to support continued application of body weight up to 500lbs. Now I need to choose my words wisely since we live in an era where we are sensitive to every word that comes out of our mouth. This mattress was built with a specific type of audience or sleepers in mind. The “Plus size” or people on the heavier side. Because after al every person is entitled to a comfortable durable mattress designed to support their body types.
So here’s our own Big Fig review and what we thought about it.


Sleep Test Results

Now if you are not aware, I do not belong in the “Big Fig” category but I had a specific someone in mind when I heard of it and its benefits.
I volunteered that friend of mine who is a football player, he’s close to 300 pounds at about 6 feet tall and shares his bed with his wife. They slept on it for two months, and here’s what they thought of the Big Fig Mattress.
With minimum motion transfer and great edge support they were able to sleep comfortably sharing the bed.
Sleeping cool was not an issue because of the ThermoGel cooling technology that controlled their body temperature.
Sleeping on the side was OK, sleeping on their back was even BETTER. You can tell that layer of pocketed coil springs was doing a great job supporting their back and neck. But there was one issue he reported. It wasn’t the ideal mattress for a super tall person but definitely the right one for someone with a big figure like his.

Dense Foam construction allows for larger folks

  • It is on the expensive side
  • It is going to be too firm for people under 300 pounds

What is Inside the Mattress?

Better quality and density of the foam layers is a huge factor here!
Another problem sleepers try to avoid is the loss of comfort. But the Big Fig with its Hybrid construction provides the ultimate combo of support and comfort with the individually wrapped coils supporting other layers of foam to maintain properly the shape of the mattress which means DURABILITY.
The Big Fig Mattress is designed with the firmest foam around the edges to keep you feeling secure in bed, even close to the edge. Supportive edges also expand the usable sleeping area, making your mattress feel more spacious. Also, firmer edge support keeps you in place.

With 1600 premium count of innerspring, you won’t have that stuck in quick sand feeling. Once you lay down on the mattress it’s like you activated them to work together to push back your body weight and movement providing you great support repeatedly.

The cover itself won’t shift of crunch up. It is tufted and stitched perfectly. In 16 places to be precise! (the Queen sized one). This ensures long-lasting quality of the Big Fig Mattress.
The average lifespan of a mattress for plus size sleepers is frustratingly short. At Big Fig they send their Mattress to a independent testing facility to prove its durability and put it to the test they use a heavier weight than normal (350lbs to be exact) to simulate 20 years of use, and the Big Fig passed with flying colors.

Who Should Buy the Mattress?

The Big Fig is really designed for HEAVY people. If you aren’t over 300 pounds you probably want to look at other mattress options.
What they offer:
120-night trial
It’s their way of letting you give the Big Fig a test drive in your own bedroom!
120 nights will give you enough time to sleep on the mattress in your home to decide if it’s right for you. No risk, no pressure – if you don’t love the Big Fig, they will come pick it up for free and give you a full refund of your purchase.
It is generally recommended that you sleep on any mattress newly purchased for at least 2 weeks before making a decision to give your body enough time to fully adjust to your new bed.
To wrap it up, Big Fig is a hybrid innerspring mattress that combines a premium, high coil count wrapped innerspring system with high density and specialty foams for the ultimate level of comfort, support and durability for plus sized sleepers. Our tester with bigger figure was satisfied when it came to comfort and support. It tended to be on the medium feel side with enough plush on the top layer.
Only issue was that it wasn’t the ideal one for his body height.

What Type of Bed Frame Works?

Here are the types of Frames that will work:

  • Solid Platform
  • Solid Foundation
  • Slatted Base
  • Works Well on Adjustable Bases

Here are the frames that won’t work:

Slatted frames with larger than 3″ between each plank

Price Table

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King
$1,399 $1,499 $1,599 $1,799 $1,999
120 Night Trial 120 Night Trial 120 Night Trial 120 Night Trial 120 Night Trial

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