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Should I buy a Bedjet or a Chilipad?

Short answer, it depends on whether your issue is sleeping too cold or too hot. Some of you are video people and some would prefer to read about it so, I’ll give you both options. First, you can watch my video and below that I’ll give you my video’s transcript. After you have made your decision I’ll provide you with some discounts on the product that you have decided that you want to go with.

BedJet Vs. Chilipad Video Transcript

I received both products from the companies in the Winter of 2017. Flash forward a year and I’m finally ready to tell you which is better, and under which circumstances you would want to choose one product over the other. In a way I’m a bit embarrassed that it took me this long, but there were 4 things that really held me back on putting this video together. Before we get started thanks to Bedjet and to Chilipad for letting me do a long run test on these bed warmers/bed coolers.
1. I had to try them both in the winter and in the summer (then I needed to wait for it to get cold again and see which one I pulled out of storage)
2. They are both LOUD They are loud right? 2019 Update Scroll to the bottom for a sound test.
3. I don’t like bulky items so I don’t use them very often
4. I wanted to really understand the maintenance issues that would occur after a year. At the price that these sell for I wanted to make sure that they would still work after a year.
So after a year are either of these a gimmick purchase? No they both do their jobs properly after a year of being tested, then stored, then tested, then stored. And now I’m testing them again for this video.
I’m going to skip ahead and tell you which one to buy, and then I’ll defend my position. Of course, you are welcome to comment if your opinion is different.
Summer TIME CHILIPAD no doubt. I can see a comment coming RANA IT IS WINTER
Oh yeah, it is winter here. It was cold last night, at 3 in the morning my husband pulled a BEDJET out of storage and turned it on for my daughter since she has been sick for the last week.
Confused yet? It’s as simple as this- SUMMER time use a CHILIPAD. WINTER TIME use a BEDJET
Here is the strength of the BEDJET- it is an easy set up, and it has the ability to warm up a cool room
The weakness of a BEDJET, it doesn’t have a true cooling or air conditioning effect. What I mean is that it picks up air from the ground and either lets it pass through or warms it up. So imagine you live in a hot humid state like Florida and your air conditioner goes out. How excited would you be if I told you that you could buy a device that would move the hot humid air from the ground and blow it into your bed sheets. PROBABLY not too thrilled right? However, in the winter it will take that cold air from the ground and warm it up before blowing it into your sheets.
How about the CHILIPAD? It’s strength- it keeps you cold. Imagine having menopause or hot flashes or just sweaty nights. The chilipad will no doubt keep your bed cool any time of the year. I have never been able to sleep on the CHILIPAD’s coldest setting 55 degrees, it is just too cold for me. Fortunately, there is a huge range of temperatures to select from so don’t worry too much about being too cold. In the winter it does a great job of heating up your bed, all the way to a scorching 110 degrees.
Chilipad’s weaknesses- maintenance, setup, and I don’t really like feeling the water tubes on my back.
To wrap up this bed warming or cooling battle:
They are essentially priced the same, it just depends on the options that you are selecting.
I know what you are thinking, no way I’m buying both. I get it, I’m lucky to have this kind of problem. Let me tell you which one I would choose if I had to.
I gotta go with the CHILIPAD as it has year-around usage, vs. Bedjet which is only useful when it is cold.

Current Specials

Chilipad just released a new version which is called the Ooler. It is much quieter, and can be connected to your smart device to schedule bed time/wake up time. You can see my new video comparing the sounds of all three of these devices below.

Bedjet is set to release V3 in about a month, so I will probably buy one of those soon so that I can shoot another update.

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