A good night’s sleep is the foundation of a healthy and productive life. With the growing awareness of the importance of quality sleep, innovative sleep technology has taken the world by storm. Among the leading brands in this industry is Eight Sleep, renowned for its smart mattresses and advanced sleep tracking features. However, if you’re on the lookout for an alternative that caters to your unique sleep preferences, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we will explore seven exceptional alternatives to Eight Sleep, each offering distinctive features and benefits that could revolutionize your sleep routine. Whether you’re seeking advanced temperature control, personalized sleep tracking, or a luxurious sleep experience, we’ve got you covered.

Join us as we delve into the realm of sleep technology and discover the remarkable alternatives that are reshaping the way we sleep. From cutting-edge mattress designs to state-of-the-art sleep monitoring systems, you’ll find a range of options that suit your needs, preferences, and budget.

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a rejuvenating slumber as we embark on a journey through these eight sleep alternatives. Explore the possibilities and find the perfect solution to unlock your best night’s sleep, setting the stage for improved health, enhanced focus, and increased productivity.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your sleep game and bid farewell to mediocre nights, let’s dive in and explore the world of sleep innovation that lies beyond Eight Sleep. Get ready to discover the alternatives that promise to redefine the way you rest and recharge.

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3 Alternatives To Eight Sleep

While Eight Sleep is an incredible feat of engineering and problem-solving, you may be looking at alternatives before settling on the bed cooling system that works best for you. After years of test sleeping such systems, we are sharing 3 Eight Sleep alternatives to consider:
  • The SleepMe Dock Pro, though often out-of-stock, is the most similar product to Eight Sleep. Similar to the Eight Sleep Cover, the SleepMe Dock Pro is a water-powered mattress pad that heats and cools your body, and can track health factors and use AI for adjustments, if you add the Tracker to your order
  • What the ReST Bed lacks in cooling and heating, has in terms of comfort. This smart bed offers 5 firmness zones that adjust to your movements through AI and allow you to rest in the best possible position
  • The BedJet is a totally different system, that uses cool or hot air blown into a bed sheet, to ensure that you sleep at a comfortable temperature all night long
Eight Sleep Alternatives

1- SleepMe Dock Pro

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The Dock Pro is SleepMe’s newest and most performing bed cooling technology to date. In a similar fashion to past bed cooling systems, the Dock Pro is a water-powered mattress pad that fits on top of your mattress and provides the heating or cooling surface you desire.

System Design

When purchasing a SleepMe Dock Pro, you are receiving three items: the actual control unit called Dock Pro, the improved water-powered mattress pad called ChiliPad Pro Mattress Cover, and access to the free sleepme app.

The ChiliPad Pro Mattress Cover is a cooling mattress pad that comes has a half-bed coverage, or full bed fitting, depending whether you purchase a “Me” or a “We” unit. When getting the “We” unit, each partner will have their own Dock Pro unit, allowing them to control their side of bed’s temperature and temperature schedule. The improved ChiliPad Pro Mattress Cover has no water tubes, electrical connections or wires, and is only 1/8 inches (3.2 mm) thick, so you virtually don’t feel it. It is designed to fit mattresses 8 to 18 inches thick.

The Dock Pro control unit is a rectangular unit 15 inches wide, 12 inches long, and 6.25 inches high, which should fit under most bed bases. While it has a buttons allowing you to adjust the unit’s temperature from the unit itself, it is typically controlled with the sleepme app.

Performance / Functionality

The SleepMe Dock Pro can achieve temperatures of 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit (13 to 46 Celcius) and only produces 41 to 46 decibel of noise at 30 centimeters from the unit.

The sleepme app is a free app allowing you to control the Dock Pro unit from afar. Start heating or cooling your bed from the living room, set a temperature from the car before coming in late, and even set temperature schedules to keep you deep asleep throughout the night. My favorite part? SleepMe is working on an Alexa (or other connected devices) voice controlled application to allow you to control the unit!


Lastly, note that in order for the SleepMe Dock Pro to be a close Eight Sleep alternative, you need to add the SleepMe Sleep Tracker to your order. The thin tracker pad is placed under your bed sheet and allows you to keep track of health metrics such as sleep stages, respiration rates, heart rate variability, and more. The Sleep Tracker also unleashes the power of AI, allowing the SleepMe Dock Pro to adjust its temperature based on your movement and sleep phases during the night. 

Overall, when purchasing a “We” double-sided Dock Pro and adding the Sleep Tracker, this bed cooling system is nearly exactly the same price as the Eight Sleep Cover. It is a very close contender.

2- ReST Bed

ReST Original Mattress Smart Bed
ReST Original
Luxury Smart Bed offering limitless firmness configurations
Luxury Smart Bed offering limitless firmness configurations Show Less
We have added the ReST Bed as an Eight Sleep alternative, even though it is a bit of a stretch, as it does not do any climate control. It is a smart bed only, and we recommend adding a BedJet for cooling and heating. Alternatively, if your budget allows, you can pair the ReST Bed with the Eight Sleep Cover or SleepMe Dock Pro.

System Design

The ReST Bed is an actual mattress, more similar to the Eight Sleep Pod, whereas the SleepMe Dock Pro is a mattress pad, added on top of your existing mattress, more similar to the Eight Sleep Cover.

The ReST Bed is a 13-inch mattress that comes with 5 body zones on either side of the bed. Each body zone is filled with air chambers that compress and decompress individually to adjust to your body’s position and provide the exact amount of pressure relief and support you need with real-time response.

The mattress is an all-memory foam mattress with the top 4 inches infused with cooling gel it for added comfort and cool sleep. The foam does not trap your body heat and sleeps temperature neutral

The ReST app connect to your mattress to give you live pressure readings, lets you change the firmness of each zone of the mattress underneath you, and choose from 3 modes of operation.

Performance / Functionality

The firmness customization is nearly infinite. With 5 zones on each side, each sleeper can choose from over 2.5M firmness combinations, for the perfect fit no mattress your body shape, body size, sleeping position, or personal firmness preference.

Use the app to set up your preferred firmness, then choose from 3 modes:

  • Manual: lets you adjust each zone based on your personal preference
  • Position: lets you record firmness configurations for 2 sleeping positions (i.e., back and side) and allows the bed to adjust on its own as it feels your position changing during the night
  • Automatic: turn it over to the ReST Bed’s AI. Let’s you choose a general firmness preference (i.e., soft, medium, firm). From there, the ReST Bed’s AI adjusts all air chamber zones based on the pressure applied by your body, to ensure all areas of your body are supported and relieved of pressure, as needed


The ReST Bed is significantly more expensive that any Eight Sleep alternatives, or the Eight Sleep itself. Note that it does come with white-glove delivery to your room of choice, but you will need to invest in a bed cooling system if you are after cooling/ heating customization. The ReST Bed also lacks sleep and health metric tracking, compared to the Eight Sleep and SleepMe Dock Pro with Sleep Tracker.

3- BedJet

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The BedJet is a completely difference kind of bed cooling system, and a favorite of many sleepers. Unlike the Eight Sleep Cover and SleepMe Dock Pro, it does not provide temperature control from beneath the sleeper.

System Design

A BedJet Climate Control Comfort System is a bed cooling system that blows air into your sheets to help cool or warm you. The control unit attaches to the side of your bed, thanks to a bracket, and a hose is connected to the BedJet Cloud Sheet (dual-zone) or your own sheets (single-zone). The BedJet grabs air from the ground level and blows hot or cool air, as you set it up on the app. Most users have it blow air near their feet, but you can place it anywhere under your sheets (closer to your hips or even shoulders).

The BedJet’s main control unit is 5.75″ tall and fits under your bed if you have at least 6″ of clearance. The collapsible hose attaches to the back end of the unit and is held in place by an adjustable bracket. and a hose extension can be purchased if your bed is located far from the plug.

The app allows you to set up a sleep schedule, which is helpful to combat nighttime hot flashes if they regularly happen around the same time.

Performance / Functionality

The BedJet is designed to regulate temperatures between 66°F and 104°F. Since the BedJet blows room air in your sheets, if you are purchasing it to sleep cool, note that your room should be no warmer than 79 degrees, or it will have a hard time regulating down to 66°F, but the feeling of moving air, and the ability of the BedJet to dry moisture off of your body, will greatly help reduce your body’s heat and help you sleep comfortably, even on hot nights. If you are are using your BedJet 3 on cold nights to warm your feet and body, you will surely enjoy the heating function, no matter the temperature in your room.

Purchasing a Dual Zone BedJet comes with two hoses and the ability for each sleeper to control the temperature of his/her side of the bed. 

One large benefit of the BedJet is that it will work on any mattress, mattress size, bed sheet, etc. There are no restriction as it works a bit like a fan – delivering air flow all around your body.


Overall, the BedJet is a much cheaper option than any other Eight Sleep alternative on this list. It lacks, however, AI functionality, as well as sleep and health metric tracking.

Eight Sleep Alternative - 3 Bed Cooling Systems To Consider

While Eight Sleep has established itself as a leading brand in the sleep technology industry, these three alternatives offer compelling options to enhance your sleep experience. From advanced temperature control to personalized sleep tracking and luxurious comfort, there’s an alternative that fits your unique requirements.

Explore the features and benefits of each alternative, consider your specific sleep preferences, and select the option that aligns with your needs and budget. Remember, a great night’s sleep is within reach, and with the right sleep solution, you can enjoy the rejuvenating rest you deserve. Say goodbye to restless nights and embark on a journey toward a healthier, more fulfilling sleep routine. Sweet dreams await!

And just in case you needed our opinion? Eight Sleep still wins in our books! We honestly believe it is the best bed cooling system of all alternatives!

Eight Sleep Alternative - Tell Me More About The 8 Sleep Pod!

Before closing this one up, we want to give you a bit of an overview on the 8 Sleep Pod. We understand you are here to find a good Eight Sleep Alternative, but since we still think the 8 Sleep is the best option on the market, here are a few words on it:

The Eight Sleep Pod is a cutting-edge smart mattress designed to enhance sleep quality through advanced technology and personalized features. It integrates various sensors, AI, and temperature control mechanisms to create an optimal sleep environment tailored to individual preferences. Here’s an overview of its main benefits and options:

  1. Temperature Regulation: The Eight Sleep Pod allows users to customize the temperature of their side of the bed, offering both heating and cooling options. This feature helps to maintain an ideal sleep temperature throughout the night, thanks to its AI real-time adjustments based on room temperature and sleeper movements, promoting deeper and more restful sleep.

  2. Sleep Tracking: Built-in sensors track various sleep metrics such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and movement throughout the night. This data is then analyzed to provide insights into sleep patterns and overall sleep quality, helping users understand and improve their sleep habits.

  3. Dual-Zone Temperature Control: For couples sharing the bed, the Eight Sleep Pod offers dual-zone temperature control, allowing each side of the bed to be set to different temperatures according to individual preferences.

  4. App Connectivity: The Eight Sleep app provides users with a user-friendly interface to monitor and adjust various settings of the mattress, including temperature, sleep tracking data, and alarm settings.

  5. Sleep Coaching: Based on the data collected from sleep tracking, the mattress provides personalized recommendations and tips to improve sleep quality over time, such as adjusting bedtime routines or optimizing sleep environment.

  6. Responsive Comfort Layers (when adding the mattress option to the Eight Sleep Pod Cover): The mattress features layers of foam engineered to provide optimal comfort and support, adapting to the body’s contours and minimizing pressure points for a more comfortable sleep experience.

  7. Easy Installation: The Eight Sleep Pod is designed for easy setup and installation, with no complicated assembly required. It can be placed on any compatible bed frame or platform, making it convenient for users to integrate into their existing bedroom setup. If you are purchasing just the Eight Sleep Pod Cover, it is just as easy to install and set up on your existing favorite mattress.

Overall, the Eight Sleep Pod offers a comprehensive sleep solution that combines advanced technology with comfort and customization, helping users achieve better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Most frequent questions and answers

While Eight Sleep is known for its advanced features like sleep tracking and temperature control, Eight Sleep alternatives offer their own set of benefits. They may vary in terms of cooling technologies, mattress materials, and pricing. It is important to consider your specific needs and preferences when comparing these alternatives.

For having tested Eight Sleep and its alternatives, we believe that Eight Sleep is the most performing system for temperature control. It works in harsh climates and comes as an all-inclusive package that includes AI, health, and sleep metrics.

The SleepMe Dock Pro can track sleep stages, as well as limited health metrics, if you add the Sleep Tracker to your order. Once you add the Sleep Tracker, the price is equal to that of Eight Sleep, yet Eight Sleep offers better performing tracking at this time.

Eight Sleep’s closest alternative, the Dock Pro, is priced the same as Eight Sleep. Other alternatives lack either sleep and health tracking, or temperature control. Some are more, some are less expensive.

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