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Kudos to you for looking for a better pillow!

In the bedding industry, pillows are too often overseen and under appreciated. Finding the best pillow for YOU and your specific needs and preferences will improve your sleep and set you up for an active day, free of pains and aches. Do not underestimate the importance of a good pillow. And no… you and your partner may not agree on pillows, and that is ok and expected. 

Let’s figure out which pillow is best for you, because you deserve a comfortable night of sleep, and a day free of aches. We have tested dozens of pillows and we understand how overwhelming the pillow market is. So we’re making your life easy and have hand picked our favorites for each sleeping style and preference!


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Best Pillow Category Pillow Brand & Model Non-Discounted Prices Shop Here
Sleep Artisan Luxury Side Sleeper Pillow
Nolah Squishy Pillow
$100 (2-pack)
The Belly Sleep Pillow
$40 - $80
Eight Sleep Carbon Air Pillow
Sleepgram Pillow
$120 - $160
The Silk & Snow Pillow
$75 - $85
Zamat NekGenic Cervical Traction Pillow
Avocado Green Pillow
$109 - $139
Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow
$158 - $198
Naturepedic Organic 2-in-1 Adjustable Shredded Latex Pillow
$99 - $139
Twilla Adjustable Pillow
$99 - $109

Best Pillow For Side-Sleepers

Sleep Artisan Luxury Side Sleeper Pillow

Sleep Artisan Side Sleeper Pillow
Sleep Artisan Luxury Side Sleeper Pillow
FREE Shipping on orders $50+, check discount online
FREE Shipping on orders $50+, check discount online Show Less

Sleep Artisan is a beautiful bedding brand, providing safe and clean organic sleep to adults and babies alike. 

The Sleep Artisan Luxury Side Sleeper Pillow is designed for side sleepers specifically. Its ergonomic shape allows space for the shoulder to fit in, with extra pillow on both sides to provide healthy support to their heads and necks, no matter which side they sleep on.

As Sleep Artisan creates organic bedding, the Luxury Side Sleeper Pillow is no exception. We love the organic cotton pillow cover for its natural looking color, softness, and easy to care instructions (removable and machine washable). 

Inside the pillow cover is a pocket filled with shredded natural Talalay latex. A mix of 90% cross-cut natural Talalay latex and 10% poly silk fiber, it provides one of the softest and most supportive sleeping surfaces for the head and neck. The latex (100% virgin, not scraps) provides excellent orthopedic support and pressure relief, naturally sleeps cool and resists dust mites and mildew. 

Lastly, we love that your can fully customize the thickness and firmness of the Sleep Artisan Luxury Side Sleeper Pillow by removing or adding as much latex as needed to conform to the shape of your head and neck. This side-sleeper pillow provides the perfect amount of loft and support to align the neck in a healthy position, without adding any bend to the spine, no matter your body type and preference.

Note: currently only available in Queen size.

What We Loved:

  • All organic materials
  • No chemical smell
  • Very soft cover
  • 100% virgin Talalay latex (not scraps) is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and anti-microbial
  • No change of comfort / firmness in cold weather
  • Lots of air flows through the mattress so you never sweat on the pillow
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Made in the USA

Sleep Artisan Sleep Trial – 30 nights

Shipping – FREE shipping 

Warranty – 3 years

Best Pillow For Back-Sleepers

Nolah Squishy Pillow

15% OFF
Tuft and Needle Coupon
Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress
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Anytime we see bamboo in any kind of bedding, we know it’s got its best foot forward. We are huge fans of Nolah, and they have manufactured a beautiful and performing pillow in the Nolah Squishy Pillow. 

With a thick quilted bamboo pillow cover, your head encounters a first layer of clean softness and comfort. We love that it is removable and machine washable for clean nights of sleep and reduced chances of allergies and skin conditions. 

Inside is a pocket filled with cubed cooling gel memory foam. Cut in small rectangles, the pillow is filled with air, while the memory foam pulls your extra body heat away, providing cool sleep. The memory foam pieces are shaped to provide a good balance of pressure relief and support. The foam is OEKO-Tex certified, ensuring that no harsh chemicals or toxins are used in the Nolah Squishy pillow.

The pillow comes slightly overfilled to give every sleeper a chance at customizing the size and feel of the pillow. Remove as much shredded foam as needed to find comfort and support. The goal for back sleepers, is to avoid your chin bent forward towards your chest. Try to achieve a straight upper spine in your neck to prevent pains and aches. 

Because the Nolah Squishy Pillow is fully adjustable, it makes a great pillow for all sleeping positions, as well as combo sleepers. We do recommend it for back sleepers as the balance of support and cushiony comfort is ideal for those sleeping on their backs. 

Note that the Nolah Squishy Pillow is currently only available in Queen size (18″ x 24″), and as a 2-pack.

What we loved:

  • Price and incredible value
  • Fully adjustable to your preferred height and softness
  • Bamboo cover is ultra soft, thick, cool, and clean
  • Cubed cooling foam prevents you from sweating
  • Very versatile, can be used by all sleeping positions and combo sleepers
  • Comes as a 2-pack. If you only need one, over stuff the second with leftover shredded foam to use as a decorative pillow or to prop yourself up in bed
  • Made in the USA

Nolah Sleep Trial – 30 nights

Shipping – FREE shipping

Warranty – 2 years

Best Pillow For Stomach-Sleepers

The Belly Sleep Pillow

$30 OFF
Belly Sleep Pillow Review
Belly Sleep
$30 OFF Belly Sleep pillowsShow More
$30 OFF Belly Sleep pillows Show Less

The best pillow for stomach sleepers is the Belly Sleep Pillow, specifically designed for stomach sleepers. We love seeing a company specializing in a specific niche and doing it really well. 

Belly Sleep currently manufactures three pillows, all designed with stomach sleepers’ needs in mind. The original Belly Sleep Pillow is the one we recommend here, but know that they also have a mini pillow and a cool gel version. 

The Belly Sleep Pillow has a very low loft of only 2.5 inches, designed to keep the upper spine aligned in a healthy position, while providing stomach sleepers with pressure relief and comfort in their face and the side of their head.

While the Cool Gel model adds a layer of cooling gel to draw more heat from the body, the original Belly Sleep Pillow uses cooling gel-infused foam, which prevents sleepers from sweating at night. The cooling gel particles are spread through the entire foam, giving you cooling relief no matter where your head lays. 

We are fans of the bamboo / polyester pillow cover – ultra soft, removable, and machine washable for a clean night of sleep night after night. 

What We Loved:

  • A pillow designed for the specific needs of stomach sleepers
  • Super soft cover
  • Machine-washable cover
  • No sweating thanks to the cool gel-infused foam
  • Save most by combining with a Belly Sleep pillow case, including a silk pillowcase 
  • Gentle softness and sink of the head, for virtually no pressure at all

Belly Sleep Sleep Trial – 30 nights

Shipping – FREE shipping 

Warranty – “Forever” warranty

Best Cooling Pillow

Eight Sleep Cooling Carbon Pillow

20% OFF
Eight Sleep Carbon Air Pillow
Eight Sleep Cooling Carbon Pillow
20% OFF all Eight Sleep accessories when bundled with Eight Sleep Pod or Eight Sleep Cover
20% OFF all Eight Sleep accessories when bundled with Eight Sleep Pod or Eight Sleep Cover Show Less

Eight Sleep is our go-to recommendation for hot sleepers with a budget. If the Eight Sleep Pod Mattress is too much of an investment, the Pod Cover is an excellent alternative, and can be added right on top of your current mattress. 

Naturally, Eight Sleep manufactures a cooling pillow that is very effective at keeping your head and neck cool overnight. The Eight Sleep Cooling Carbon Pillow is engineered to draw extra heat from your body, into the open-cell carbon-infused foam, which will further dissipate the heat away from your body. 

The graphite-infused foam is perforated with large holes, which let hot air truly flow away from your head, and cool bedroom air raise back up towards your body. Lastly, the Eight Sleep Cooling Carbon Pillow is covered with a TENCEL cover, which is a naturally moisture-wicking material, that sleeps soft and cool. 

What We Loved:

  • TENCEL cover is easy to remove and wash
  • Open cell foam allow for fresh air flow through the night
  • Save more with a 2-pack
  • Great for side and back sleepers looking for a responsive pillow and mild contouring


Eight Sleep Sleep Trial – 30 nights

Shipping – FREE shipping

Warranty – 5 years

Best Adjustable Pillow

Sleepgram Pillow

20% OFF
Sleepgram Pillow Review
20% OFF with coupon code (click to reveal). Sign up for Sleepgram's email list to receive 10% OFF your first order
20% OFF with coupon code (click to reveal). Sign up for Sleepgram's email list to receive 10% OFF your first order Show Less

We fell in love with the Sleepgram pillow the second we took it out of its box. While it is not the most adjustable pillow of this list (Silk & Snow, Nolah Squishy, Avocado Green, and Naturepedic 2-in-1 Latex are fully customizable), we think that the Sleepgram Pillow is an amazing adjustable pillow. 

The Sleepgram Adjustable Pillow comes with 3 color-labeled pieces that can be used on their own or together, depending on your preferred comfort level and loft. While you may find that the comfort level is similar to that of down, rest assured that the pillow uses no animal by-product and is 100% organic. 

The Sleepgram pillow cover is made of long-staple cotton for increased softness, and is filled with a down-life fiber that gives out all of the softness, plushness, and pressure relief your head and neck are looking for. We love that the pillow cover is machine washable, keeping your pillow clean and limiting the health risks related to dust mites, mold, and mildew. 

Depending on your sleeping preference, you can decide to add one of the inner layers, both, or none. While Sleepgram does not mention mention using the pillow without any inserts, the stomach-sleeper in me loves the smaller loft of using just the pillow cover, without any insert in it. Most people, however, will decide to use one or both inserts. 

The blue-tagged insert is the smaller of the two and a good option for most back sleepers, as well as many stomach sleepers. It is filled with low-friction fibers that prevent your head and face from getting hot. 

The red-tagged insert is thicker and firmer, filled with silky fibers that provide extra support without compromising the cool sleep you deserve. 

All layers use nano fibers the 1/10th the size of a human hair, to ensure that the Sleepgram pillow does not trap your body heat and remains as breathable as possible for a cool night of sleep. 

What We Loved:

  • How easy it is to adjust firmness, without needing an extra container to store shredded memory foam
  • If using only one insert, add a pillow cover to the other insert to use as decorative pillow on your bed
  • Machine washable pillow cover
  • Nano fibers are highly breathable for a cool night of sleep
  • All cover and inserts provide cozy comfort and work together to align your neck and spine
  • Luxurious feel
  • Materials are free from toxins and harmful chemicals, 100% cruelty free and ethically sourced


Sleepgram Sleep Trial – 100 nights

Shipping – FREE shipping

Warranty – “Forever” limited warranty

Best Memory Foam Pillow

The Silk & Snow Pillow

Up to 10% OFF
Silk & Snow Pillow review
Silk & Snow Pillow
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Silk & Snow is a Canadian mattress and bedding manufacturer. We have tested nearly all of the products in their store and appreciate the quality they stand for and service they provide to their customers. All materials are sourced in Canada and the USA, with a focus on family owned businesses. 

The Silk & Snow Pillow is an adjustable pillow made of a cotton cover filled with down-like microfiber fill for extra comfort. That microfiber fill gives plushness, comfort, and pressure relief to the pillow. 

Inside the zippered cover, you will find a pocket filled with small cuts of memory foam. The difference between the Silk & Snow Pillow and most other memory foam pillows, is the foam you will find inside the pillow. Most pillows are made of shredded foam coming from recycled scraps of memory foam, while Silk & Snow cuts from new CertiPUR-US certified rolls of memory foam. They control the quality and provenance of the foam, while ensuring that the pieces are cut in a shape that supports proper alignment of the neck. 

We like that the Silk & Snow Pillow comes over-filled to allow every sleeper a chance to adjust the size of the pillow to the loft of their neck. This makes the Silk & Snow Pillow a great pillow for all sleeping styles – simply remove as much memory foam as you need to adjust the pillow to the shape of your neck and head. 

What We Loved:

  • Quality of memory foam
  • Over-filled pillow for everyone to customize to their own preference
  • Adjustable pillow to work with all sleeping styles
  • Down-like fluff that works for those who prefer an animal-free product
  • Machine-washable pillow cover


Silk & Snow Sleep Trial – 100 nights

Shipping – FREE shipping

Warranty – 3 years

Best Pillow For Neck Pain

Zamat Nekgenic Cervical Traction Pillow

Up to 18% OFF
Zamat cervical pillow review
Zamat NekGenic
15% off sitewide, 16% off order value over $100, and 18% off order value over $200, valid from with coupon code (click to reveal)
15% off sitewide, 16% off order value over $100, and 18% off order value over $200, valid from with coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less

Neck pain can be crippling and if you are struggling with cervical pain, this pillow could be life changing. Not a pillow per-se, you likely won’t be spending the night sleeping on it, but the Zamat Nekgenic Cervical Traction Pillow should be used daily for about 10 minutes a day, to retrain your neck and help it find its healthy natural posture. 

By using the Zamat cervical pillow, you will restore the natural curve of your neck, which, in the long term, will help relieve your neck and upper back pain and stiffness, helping you get rid of pressure headaches, pinching neck pain, and stiffness. 

The Zamat Nekgenic Cervical Traction Pillow comes in one size, and we recommend using it daily for about 10 minutes, on a firm surface – either the floor or a firm mattress to ensure proper spine alignment. The pillow can be used in two ways, with a way providing a greater stretch to your neck, to use after your body gets used to the smaller stretch. 

Additionally, this specific pillow uses magnetic therapy with millions of magnetic particles to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and help soothe aches in the neck and upper back.

If you are looking for a pillow to sleep the night on, after training your neck with the Zamat Nekgenic Pillow, we recommend using the Butterfly Button Shaped Cervical Pillow

What We Loved:

  • One-piece design
  • One size fits all
  • Retrains the neck area and restores the natural curve for long term results
  • Easy to use with results from 10-minute use per day
  • Three colors to choose from
  • Save more when purchasing a 2 or 3 pack

Zamat Sleep Trial – 100 nights

Shipping – FREE shipping

Warranty – 10 years

Best Pillow For Allergies

Avocado Green Pillow

15% OFF
Avocado Green Pillow review
Avocado Green Pillow
15% OFF select mattresses, with coupon code (click to reveal)
15% OFF select mattresses, with coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less

If you suffer from allergies, your pillow may be the culprit. It is often a ground for bacterias and dust mites, which feed off of your dead skin cells found inside your pillow. The warm and humid environment makes it the perfect environment for dust mites, mold, and mildew to strive, sending your allergies into a whirlwind of flare ups!

When looking for the best pillow for allergies, we focused on clean anti-allergic natural materials, manufactured with a minimal amount of toxins and chemicals, and with a manufacturing line in the USA for the best traceability and control. 

The Avocado Green Pillow is made of 100% organic non-toxic products, including certified-organic latex, certified-organic kapok tree fiber, organic cotton jersey liner, and wrapped into a certified-organic cotton quilted cover.

If you suffer from allergies, we recommend that you clean your pillow cover often (every week to 2 weeks). The Avocado Green Pillow lets you unzip the cover and wash it in the washing machine on cold. During the washes, make sure to give the insert plenty of dry and cool air. And if your allergies are severe, we recommend using an organic pillow protector.

The Avocado Green Pillow is handmade in Los Angeles, using the cleanest of national and imported materials. It is fully adjustable, and even comes with a bag of extra fill to make sure everyone can customize the thickness and firmness of their pillow. 

What We Loved:

  • Safe and clean materials
  • Customizable firmness and height, working for all sleeping styles
  • Perfect contouring, plushness, and pressure relief, no matter your preference
  • Made in the USA


Avocado Sleep Trial – 10 nights

Shipping – $5 FedEx to continental U.S.

Warranty – 1 year

Best Down Pillow

Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow

20% OFF
Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow review and coupon code
Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow
20% OFF bundles + beach towel GWP ($399 order min) at Boll & Branch
20% OFF bundles + beach towel GWP ($399 order min) at Boll & Branch Show Less

If you like down pillows, you are probably a convert, and nothing will change your opinion on down pillows. I hear you – my head has been laying on down pillows for over 30 years, and nothing equals that comfort. Down pillows are either made of 100% duck or goose down, or a mix of down and feathers. The more down, the more expensive and the cozier the pillow. 

The struggle with down pillows, is finding one that uses high-quality, humanely, and sustainably-sourced materials. Since the down and feathers come from animals, it is important to do good research on the origin of the product. Once you have, you will find down pillows to have great anti-allergy properties, and to not attract bacteria, fungi, or microbes. Down pillows are airy and fluffy, come in different firmnesses, and provide a plush and cushioning feel for your head and neck. 

Our favorite down pillow is the Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow, which can be ordered as soft, medium, or firm, depending on your sleeping style. Boll & Branch sources his down in the U.S., from sustainable ethical farms, and ensures a clean pillow by triple-washing the down and feathers and using processes free from toxins, harmful pesticides, and GMOs. 

The pillow cover is made of organic cotton and engineered to prevent longer feathers from poking through. The three-chamber design allows Boll & Branch to fill the pillows with the exact amount of down and/or feathers, based on each sleeping style’s requirements for comfort and health. 

What We Loved:

  • Organic cotton pillow cover
  • Sustainably and ethically-sourced cruelty-free down and feathers
  • No use of toxins, GMOs, and harmful pesticides during production
  • Pick your own firmness, great for all sleeping styles 
  • Made in the USA
  • Ultra clean materials 2x cleaner than the U.S. government standard

Boll & Branch Sleep Trial – 30 nights

Shipping – FREE shipping

Warranty – limited warranty

Best Organic Pillow

Naturepedic Organic 2-in-1 Latex Pillow

20% OFF + FREE Gifts
Naturepedic Organic 2-in-1 Adjustable Shredded Latex Pillow
Naturepedic Organic 2-in-1 Latex Pillow
20% site wide + FREE gifts with every organic mattress purchase, with coupon code (click to reveal)
20% site wide + FREE gifts with every organic mattress purchase, with coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less

Naturepedic is one of the safest mattress and bedding brands out there. The company was born out of a grandfather’s love for his first grandchild, and his frustration of not finding safe suitable bedding for his grandchild. 

The Naturepedic Organic 2-in-1 Latex Pillow is a two-sided pillow with a plush quilted side filled with PLA fiber and latex, and a flat one for a flatter feel. The quilted side is incredibly soft, made out of organic cotton sateen, while the flat side is made of regular organic cotton. Both sides offer a very distinct feel and the cover is machine washable, after removing the inner insert.

Inside this dual-sided cover, is a zippable pocket filled with shredded latex. Remove or add as much shredded latex as you’d like, until you get the perfect thickness and firmness for your pillow.

The Naturepedic Organic 2-in-1 latex pillow is fully adjustable, making it a great fit for all sleeping styles. We also love the organic materials. The only 3 materials you will find in this Naturepedic pillow are organic cotton, organic latex, and PLA batting (a high- performance fiber made from non-GMO sugarcane).

What We Loved:

  • Washable cover
  • All organic materials, no harmful chemicals
  • Fully adjustable
  • Ideal for all sleeping styles
  • Sleeps clean, great for those suffering from allergies, asthma, skin conditions
  • 100% vegan


Naturepedic Sleep Trial – 30 nights 

Shipping – FREE shipping

Warranty – 1 year

Best Innovative Pillow

Twilla Adjustable Pillow

10% OFF
Twilla Adjustable pillow review and coupon code
Twilla Adjustable Pillow
Get 10% OFF your first Twilla order when signing up for emails
Get 10% OFF your first Twilla order when signing up for emails Show Less

The Twilla Adjustable Pillow is a mid-year new-comer to our list of Best Pillows. We don’t do this, unless we are blown away by a product.

And Twilla did just that – it blew every other pillow out of the water. We are so impressed by this company, led by two brothers with engineering design backgrounds, who took the age-old pillow and transformed it into the most customizable pillow on the market today. May I add, in the cleanest way possible?!

The Twilla Adjustable Pillow comes in Queen and King, and allows you to customize the firmness of your pillow, as well as its shape. Coming filled with pods stitched with cubed foam, removing or adding the foam is simple and clean – no fighting with escaping foam or threads. Store extra pods in the dust bag provided.

Use the pods to customize the thickness and firmness of the Twilla Adjustable Pillow, but also its shape, allowing you to add thickness to one or both sides if you roll over to your side during the night, or to customize the pillow if you suffer from neck pain.

What We Loved:

  • Tencel pillow cover is ultrasoft and cozy
  • Use of hypoallergenic materials, great for those suffering from allergies
  • Cooling gel foam that pulls excessive heat away from your neck and face
  • Customize to your exact needs in firmness and shape
  • Made in the USA
  • Save 10% when ordering a 2-pack
  • Ultra-long 100-day sleep trial

Twilla Sleep Trial – 100 nights

Shipping – FREE shipping

Warranty – limited warranty

Best Pillows

I hope you found this information helpful! We have tested many pillows over the years and I am very passionate about helping you find the right bedding for your needs and personal preferences. If you are researching best pillows, you are on your way to healthier sleep – kiddos to you. Most people look for the most comfortable mattress but forget that their pillow makes up for 20% to 30% of their sleeping surface, with the incredibly important job of supporting your head and neck in a healthy alignment. 


What Is The Best Type Of Pillows

The best type of pillow will be different for each sleeper. Your sleeping style (side, stomach, back, combo) will greatly impact the kind of pillow you should be laying your head on. While side-sleepers require a higher and firmer pillow to provide support to their neck and spine, back-sleepers can use a medium loft pillow, and stomach-sleepers should use a fairly flat pillow to ensure their upper spine is not bent. 

Once you have figured out what your sleeping style is, use our list above to narrow down your choices. Note that any fully adjustable pillow is going to work for all sleeping styles. Your next step is to understand which pillow filling is your favorite. Do you prefer the feel of down, a more responsive foam such as latex, or a pillow you can sink in, made of memory foam? 

Only you can answer those questions, also keeping in mind that personal ailments can impact the best type of pillow for you. Do you suffer from headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, allergies, etc? A pillow can help greatly reduce most of those symptoms if you choose it right! 

How Often Should I Replace My Pillow

I am so glad you asked! We recently published a whole article addressing that questions. Click to check our full guide on How Often To Replace A Pillow!

The short answer, however, is every 2 years, as recommended by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Did you know that, after 2 years, about 10% of your pillow’s weight is made up of dust mites and their droppings? Dust mites thrive in that warm and moist environment, by feeding off of your dead skin cells. This makes it an excellent time to replace your pillow for a new one, especially if you are someone suffering from allergies, or if you find yourself suddenly experiencing hay fever-like or asthma-like symptoms. 

By replacing your pillow every 2 years with a new one, you not only ensure a clean pillow to rest your head on, but a performing pillow that keeps your spine aligned, so you wake up with energy and minimize poor sleeping hygiene. 

What Is The Ideal Pillow Height

The ideal pillow height is dependent on several factors, including health, morphology (natural size and shape of your body), personal preferences, and sleeping style. 

Generally, however, a 6-inch thick pillow works well for side sleepers, a 4-inch thick pillow is a good height for back sleepers, and stomach sleepers should try to sleep on pillow as low as 2.5 inches. Take those heights with a grain of salt and experiment to find the ideal pillow height for you!

How Do I Clean My Pillow

The most important thing in maintaining a pillow, is to avoiding hot and moist environments. Dust mites thrive in that environemt and you want to limit the chances you give them to multiply. A best practice is to keep your pillow uncovered (not underneath your bed comforter or sheets) during the day.

Every week, wash your pillowcase on hot if possible (follow directions on tag), to ensure you lay your head on a clean surface. 

Lastly, if you have a pillow cover with a zipper, which can be removed, make sure to machine wash it (again, follow tag instructions) once a week for a clean pillow. Typically, the insert inside pillows are never washable – do not try to throw those in the washing machine, that would damage your pillow. 

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