We are so impressed with the Nest Bedding Owl mattress, that for the time being, it has found a full-time spot in our master bedroom.

If you are a fan of latex but want the option to choose your preferred firmness level, the Nest Bedding Owl mattress might be perfect for you.

Made of all natural and organic materials, the Owl mattress is made of organic cotton, Joma wool, natural Talalay latex, and steel. It comes with a full year of sleep trial from the comfort of your home and a lifetime warranty.

And if that is not enough to convince you, you are getting a FREE Lifetime Comfort Bundle, which lets you exchange the latex layer for a new one (of the same, or different firmness level) once during the life of your Nest Bedding Owl mattress!

Spring 2023 update: the Nest Bedding Owl is now made with Talalay Latex, instead of Dunlop Latex, in an effort to increase quality and consistency in the feel of the mattress.
Feb 2024 update: the soft layer is now 1 inch thicker, adding a little more pressure relief and bringing the total mattress height to 13 inches.

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30% OFF
Nest BEdding Owl mattress review
Nest Bedding Owl
Up to 30% OFF Nest Bedding Mattresses. Use exclusive code NBR10 for 10% OFF non sale items! 10% OFF + BOGO Easy Breather Pillows with code: EASYBOGO
Up to 30% OFF Nest Bedding Mattresses. Use exclusive code NBR10 for 10% OFF non sale items! 10% OFF + BOGO Easy Breather Pillows with code: EASYBOGO Show Less

Nest Bedding Company Policies

  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 365-night at-home sleep trial
  • Built by hand and to order in Phoenix, AZ
Nest Bedding Owl luxury latex mattress review
Nest Bedding Owl latex mattress review

What's Inside The Nest Bedding Owl

In a nutshell:

  • Organic pillowtop mattress cover
  • Certified natural Talalay latex
  • CertiPUR-US foams
  • Individually-wrapped coils
  • Dual Split option

In more detail...

Organic Pillowtop Mattress Cover

The Nest Bedding Owl mattress cover is one of the most comfortable on the market. The closest material to your body is made of organic cotton and Joma wool, forming a stretch-knit mattress cover that feels incredibly soft. The plushness and coziness come from the 1.5-inch eco-flex quilting foam quilted into the mattress cover, for a luxurious pillowtop mattress cover.

Certified Natural Talalay Latex

The Nest Bedding Owl mattress is a luxury latex hybrid mattress, which means that its main comfort layer is made of latex. Nest Bedding uses Talalay latex, which is a higher quality latex that brings consistency in the feel of the mattress. The latex in the Owl is made in the USA and uses Continuous Pour to evenly distribute the latex particles to create a consistent layer to sleep on.

The certified natural Talalay latex layer is the one that gives your mattress its firmness. Choose from Plush, Medium, or Firm.

CertiPUR-US Foams

Nest Bedding uses only CertiPUR-US certified foams in its mattress, which are safer for your health and the planet, free of harsh chemicals and emissions.

Individually-Wrapped Coils

The Nest Bedding Owl mattress has a 6-inch layer of individually-wrapped coils, which limit motion transfer to nearly un-noticeable. The coils are made in Nest Bedding’s Phoenix factory and they are reinforced around the perimeter of the mattress for side-to-side sleeping and easy in-and-out.

Dual-Split Option

Our favorite feature of the Nest Bedding Owl mattress is its dual-split option in the King and California King. Each partner can select his/her preferred firmness level from Plush, Medium, or Firm, making it the perfect mattress for couples with different sleeping styles and preferences.

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Nest Bedding Owl Sleep Tests

Everything we felt in one box

Firmness Temperature Maintenance Sleeping Style Bed Base
You can purchase the Nest Bedding Owl mattress in three firmness levels, by choosing the firmness of the certified natural latex layer. The Plush firmness sleeps very soft, around a 4/10 on the firmness scale. The Medium falls right in the average firmness for mattresses, which we rated around a 6/10. The Firm option is great for those looking for more support and alignment, as well as for heavier folks, and we rated it around a 7-7.5/10. Note that with the Comfort Bundle exchange program, you can call Nest Bedding to exchange your comfort layer once within the first 100 days. If you are purchasing the Owl with the Lifetime Comfort Bundle, you are getting 1 exchange during the lifetime of your mattress.
The Nest Bedding Owl mattress is made of organic and natural materials, which provide high breathability and excellent moisture-wicking properties. The pillowtop cover is made of organic cotton and Joma wool. The cotton is highly breathable, while the wool naturally works with your body to regulate its own temperature. The latex layers, closest to your body underneath the cover, use open-cell technology and are pierced with hundreds of holes, letting air flow all the way up to your body. Lastly, the layer of coils allows for plenty of air to flow through the mattress at all times - allowing your excess body heat to escape outward and bringing in cool air from your room. Overall, the Nest Bedding Owl sleeps very temperature-neutral and we never felt hot sleeping on it.
In case of a stain, try to tend to it as quickly as possible. Blot excess liquid with a cloth, then gently spot clean with a clean cloth, clear water, and mild detergent. Never rub, as that could spread the stain further. I always recommend protecting your investment with a mattress protector!
Your Nest Bedding Owl Mattress will accommodate all sleeping styles, since you can order it in 3 firmness levels! We recommend the Plush to side sleepers and lower-weight sleepers almost exclusively. The Medium firmness will work really well with back sleepers, lighter-weight side-sleepers, lovers of plushness, heavier-weight side-sleepers, or anyone needing extra pressure relief! If you are unsure about what to get, we recommend starting with the Medium firmness, as it sleeps comfortably for most sleepers. The Firm Nest Bedding Owl is recommended for back and stomach-sleepers. Side-sleepers will find it too firm and it might create shoulder / hip pain.
You can lay your Nest Bedding Owl Mattress on any flat base - slats, box spring, foundation, adjustable bases, and even the floor will work great with this mattress.

Soft —————- Firm

Hot —————- Cool

Non-Washable – Washable


Nest Bedding Owl Prices & Discounts

30% OFF
Nest BEdding Owl mattress review
Nest Bedding Owl
Up to 30% OFF Nest Bedding Mattresses. Use exclusive code NBR10 for 10% OFF non sale items! 10% OFF + BOGO Easy Breather Pillows with code: EASYBOGO
Up to 30% OFF Nest Bedding Mattresses. Use exclusive code NBR10 for 10% OFF non sale items! 10% OFF + BOGO Easy Breather Pillows with code: EASYBOGO Show Less

You have several options when it comes to ordering your Nest Bedding Owl. The mattress comes in all sizes from Twin to California King, including the half King (Twin XL) and half Cal. King, for those who use a split adjustable base.

Once you have chosen your mattress size, select the firmness level you wish for your mattress. Choose from Plush, Medium, and Firm. If you are ordering a King or California King, you can customize the firmness level of each partner. For that, choose the “Internal Split” option and choose from: Medium / Firm, Firm / Plush, or Medium / Plush.

You will not be asked to specify which firmness goes to which side. If when the mattress is delivered, you find that the firmness is reversed, simply unzip the pillowtop mattress cover switch out the latex layers.

Remember that you if are getting the Lifetime Comfort Bundle, you will be able to call Nest Bedding and order a new comfort layer once during the lifetime of your mattress. You can use that chance to either switch to a new comfort level (plusher or firmer if your preference has changed) or for the same firmness to double the life of your mattress! After that initial switch, you can always call Nest Bedding and order a new layer, which will not only be significantly cheaper than ordering a brand new mattress, but will save our planet and its landfills.

Make sure to click the box above to claim the deepest discounts, and use discount code NBR10 for 10% OFF on items not currently discounted.

Price List updated: February 2024 – pre-discounted prices


USD $1,492
  • 38"W x 75"L
  • 60 lbs

Twin XL / Cal. King Split

USD $1,759
  • Twin XL: 38"W x 80"L
  • Cal. King Split: 36"W x 84"L
  • 65 lbs (both)


USD $2,079
  • 54"W x 75"L
  • 70 lbs

King / Cal. King

USD $2,666
  • King: 76"W x 80"L
  • Cal. King: 72"W x 84"L
  • 120 lbs (both)
  • Available in dual firmness for couples

Detailed Nest Bedding Owl Review Conclusion

Here is one more Nest Bedding mattress we have completely fallen in love with! To be honest, Nest Bedding makes it easy. As a family-owned business, you can tell how much love and work they pour into their mattresses. Each one is handcrafted and made to order in their Phoenix factory. The materials are all made in the USA, from the latex to the coils. The foams are all CertiPUR-US certified and the craftsmanship is impeccable.

The Nest Bedding Owl is an ideal mattress for couples, hot sleepers, those who toss and turn, and you can customize it to your personal sleeping style for the most comfort. 

There is so much to love about it and it is, in my opinion, one of the most comfortable natural latex mattresses on the market. It offers an incredible amount of comfort and support, with the incredible option to internal split the comfort level in the King and California King, so each partner gets his/her own favorite firmness level!

Three things I absolutely love about the Nest Bedding Owl latex hybrid mattress: 

  • The Lifetime Comfort Bundle program, letting you switch the firmness of your foam layer once during the lifetime of your mattress (or simply switch out for the exact same firmness for a “new” mattress)
  • The dual firmness option for couples purchasing a King or California King. You get to choose a different firmness level for each side of the mattress if desired
  • Less filling of the landfills and long-term savings since you can replace the latex layer for a new one instead of trashing and getting an entirely new mattress

Who Is Nest Bedding?

There is always something very special about purchasing a product from a family-owned company. Nest Bedding was established in 2011 as a factory-direct bedding and mattress company, and you feel the difference. Purchasing from Nest Bedding comes with a load of service, kindness, and knowledge. 

They believe in the products they place in your home and offer a lifetime warranty on their mattresses. That speaks so highly for the quality of their products! 

Each mattress is made to order and by hand, by Americans, for Americans, in Phoenix, AZ. Their products are organic and natural, and their prices are very affordable once you consider the quality you are purchasing. 

Nest Bedding’s mattresses do not contain any flame retardant chemicals, which is a wonderful plus. They use hydrated silica as a fire barrier in the entire mattress – a fabric woven with inert silica, which is a naturally occurring element.

Unlike many mattress-in-the-box companies, they have several showrooms in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Chicago, and Seattle for you to get a feel for their mattresses. And if you can’t physically make it to one of their locations, remember that you are getting a 365-night at-home sleep trial to make sure you love your mattress before fully committing (a 2021 upgrade to the 100-night trial)! 

Find all of our Nest Bedding reviews right here

What Is Inside The Nest Bedding Owl?

The Nest Bedding Owl mattress is a 13-inch thick mattress made of a combination of foam and coils, all made in the USA, and either organic or natural. Being a latex hybrid mattress, its main comfort layer is made of certified natural Talalay latex, while a most of the support comes from CertiPUR-US certified foams and a thick 6-inch layer of coils.

The Nest Bedding Owl offers incredible comfort and spinal support for a healthy night of sleep. Thanks to its unique exchangeable layer of latex foam, we can recommend it to all kinds of sleepers. More on that below! Let’s first look at the different layers in more detail: 

2″ Organic Cotton / Joma Wool Quilted Pillowtop Mattress Cover

The fully-zippable mattress cover on the Nest Bedding Owl is made of 2 of the best materials mattress covers can be made of: organic cotton and Joma wool. The organic cotton offers extreme breathability and moisture-wicking, while the Joma wool carries extraordinary properties. It is breathable and works with your body to help it regulate its own temperature naturally.

Quilted into the mattress cover are 2 inches of Eco-Flex Quilting Foam. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified and it provides the luxurious plushness and pressure relief you feel as soon as you lay on the Owl.

3″ OEKO-TEX Certified Natural Talalay Latex

The main pressure relief layer in the Nest Bedding Owl is its 3 inches of customizable firmness natural Talalay latex. We love Talalay latex for its consistency and high quality. It ensures that your entire comfort layer has the same feeling, and the one in your home will have the same feel as the one I am sleeping on. Nest Bedding makes its latex in Phoenix, AZ, controlling the entire process and ensuring only the safest materials make it your mattress.

They use their own technique known as Continuous Pour, which ensures that latex particles are evenly distributed in the layer, so the density and firmness is consistent across the entire layer.

This layer is the one you can order as Plush, Medium, or Firm. Your choice will impact the firmness level of your mattress, giving you more or less pressure relief and working with your sleeping style.

Latex is a very responsive material in the mattress industry, and prevents you from ever feeling stuck in your mattress. It makes turning and tossing effortless and is a great layer to have for bedroom activities.

1″ CertiPUR-US Transition Foam

This 1-inch layer of foam is higher density and helps your body hit a firmer, spine-aligning, layer of foam, before hitting the coils.

6″ Individually-Wrapped Coils 

The Nest Bedding Owl has 6 inches of pocketed coils that help provide full spinal support for a healthy night of sleep. They also do a great job at isolating a partner’s motion during the night for a quiet and rested night of sleep. 

The coils are made in the USA and reinforced on the perimeter of the bed, which gives you the feeling of a mattress up to 20% wider. It allows you to sleep from side to side and makes coming in and out of bed easy since you are able to easily sit on the sides of the bed.

1″ Support Foam

The bottom layer of foam is a regular 1-inch thick high-density foam that provides stability and durability to your Nest Bedding Owl.

How Does The Nest Bedding Owl Sleep?


The beauty and uniqueness of the Nest Bedding Owl is the ability that you have to choose the firmness level of the latex layer of foam. Choose from 3 firmness levels (Plush, Medium, Firm) which you can later exchange for a different firmness if you are not happy with your choice. Here are the firmness scores we are giving each comfort latex layer: 

  • Plush: 4/10
  • Medium: 6/10
  • Lux Firm: 7-7.5/10

And guess what, couples? If you purchase a King or Cal King size, you can order dual firmness (called Internal Split), where each partner customizes his/her side of the bed. With that internal split, if you have a different sleeping style or preference than your partner, you can each get the perfect feeling all in one mattress. 

Sleeping Style

The Nest Bedding Owl mattress accommodates different sleeping styles based on the comfort layer you purchase. 

Plush Natural Talalay Latex option: We recommend the Plush to all side-sleepers. If you are a low-weight back sleepers who really likes soft mattresses, you might fare well on the Plush as well. The Nest Bedding Owl Plus will work especially great if you like extra plushness, or need extra pressure relief in the shoulder or hip areas.

Medium Natural Talalay Latex option: the Medium latex option is Nest Bedding Owl’s most famous. It is a nice starting point if you are unsure of your preference, or if you order a Queen-size bed and have a partner with a different sleeping style than yours. The Medium latex foam works really well with side-sleepers looking for a little more support under the pressure relief, back sleepers, and lighter-weight stomach-sleepers. Combo sleepers, who switch positions at night, will really enjoy the Medium as well. 

Firm Natural Talalay Latex option: the firmest of the 3, the Firm will be the most comfortable layer for stomach-sleepers who need to feel like they are floating on top of their mattress. It will work well with back-sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress. Side-sleepers, however, might find the Firm option too hard, and could feel shoulder and hip pain in the morning.


The Nest Bedding Owl latex hybrid mattress does an amazing job at keeping you cool at night. 

It uses highly breathable natural and organic materials such as organic cotton and Joma wool, which help your body regulate its own temperature. Latex uses an open cell technology, where the foam is punctured by thousands of holes, letting more air flow through the mattress, keeping you from sweating from your trapped body heat at night. Lastly, since the Nest Bedding Owl is a hybrid mattress, the 6 inches of coils let plenty of air flow through the mattress, for a cool night of sleep.

Motion Transfer

With a total of 6 inches of foams, 6 inches of coils, and a thick stretch-knit mattress cover, the Nest Bedding Owl is a great option for couples. Its individually-wrapped coils do a great job at isolating any motion, as do the foams. If you sleep with a partner, you should not be awoken by his/her movement. 

How Do I Care For The Nest Bedding Owl?

The Nest Bedding Owl latex hybrid mattress cover is not machine washable, and I ALWAYS recommend protecting your mattress investment with a waterproof mattress protector. Nest Bedding also offers a 3-, 5-, and 10-year accident protection package by Extend, worth looking into.

Spills and accidents unfortunately happen… If you do notice a stain on your Nest Bedding Owl mattress, tend to it as quickly as possible with a clean cloth, water and a mild detergent. Spot clean the stain without rubbing it to avoid spreading it. 

Let’s now talk about your natural latex foam layer. You have ways to ensure it lives a long and happy life, while ripping all of the support and pressure relief benefits for many years. Simply rotate and/or flip it once every 6 months! To do so, unzip the mattress cover and flip and rotate the latex layers (do not flip the entire mattress)! You will gain 2 to 3 times the life of your comfort layer by doing so!!

30% OFF
Nest BEdding Owl mattress review
Nest Bedding Owl
Up to 30% OFF Nest Bedding Mattresses. Use exclusive code NBR10 for 10% OFF non sale items! 10% OFF + BOGO Easy Breather Pillows with code: EASYBOGO
Up to 30% OFF Nest Bedding Mattresses. Use exclusive code NBR10 for 10% OFF non sale items! 10% OFF + BOGO Easy Breather Pillows with code: EASYBOGO Show Less
  • Think luxury-hotel comfort
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Sleeps cool
  • Customize the firmness
  • Fantastic for couples - dual firmness option and excellent motion transfer
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Amazing spinal support
  • Strong edge support makes getting in and out of bed easy, and gives the impression of a wider sleeping area
  • Comfort layer exchange program gives you confidence in knowing you can switch to another firmness if needed
  • Easy to give a new feel without having to trash and replace the whole mattress
  • Extend life of your mattress by only replacing the latex comfort layer
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great value for the money
  • CertiPUR-US certified foams
  • Organic cotton + Joma wool cover
  • Certified natural Talalay layer bring consistency to the mattress
  • No chemical fire barrier
  • Made in the USA
  • Though a great value, starting price of $1,119, after-discount ($1,399 pre-discount), for a Twin


Most frequent questions and answers

Nest Bedding sent us this Nest Bedding Owl for testing purposes. This review is not sponsored and all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Absolutely! There are a few stores across the US, and their staff are not pushy sales people. Super friendly Nestologists is what I like to call them. 

It is made in the Nest Bedding U.S. factory in Phoenix, Arizona, where they also make their foams and coils!

Yes, Nest Bedding offer a wide range of mattresses – a brand new, very competitively priced, double-sided Flip Hybrid; the Love & Sleep; a natural latex mattress; a natural hybrid latex; a certified-organic latex mattress; and a certified-organic latex hybrid mattress; as well as mattresses specially designed for kids such as the BKB and their Organic Crib Mattress for babies. 

Nest Bedding offers an array of mostly organic bedding accessories, including pillows, sheets, duvets, mattress protectors, toppers, comforters, weighted blankets. and pet beds. 

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Nest Bedding Owl mattress review

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