We have tested an incredible number of sheets since launching Non-Biased Reviews. Some have surpassed others, but none have been as soft as the Aeptom Bamboo Duvet Cover and its pillowcases!

If you are looking for bed sheets as well, the Bamboo Bed Sheet Set is made of the same material, and will be just as soft, so feel free to read on!

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Up to 25% OFF
Aeptom Duvet Cover Set
Aeptom Duvet Cover Set
Up to 25% OFF with coupon code (click to reveal). The softest duvet cover on the market! Made of 100% viscose from organic bamboo
Up to 25% OFF with coupon code (click to reveal). The softest duvet cover on the market! Made of 100% viscose from organic bamboo Show Less

Aeptom Company Policies

  • Free shipping in the U.S. (except HI and AK)
  • Free 30-day returns of unused items
  • Comforters have 7-day at-home trial
  • International shipping available
Aeptom tencel lyocell comforter
Close up of Aeptom bamboo pillowcase

What's Inside The Aeptom Bamboo Duvet Cover Set

The Aeptom Organic Bamboo Sateen Duvet Cover Set in a nutshell:

  • 100% viscose from organic bamboo
  • Duvet cover + pillow(s)
  • 8 ties and envelop pillows

In more detail...

100% Viscose From Organic Bamboo

The Aeptom Duvet Cover set is made of 100% viscose from organic bamboo. Using the sateen weave, and sourcing a fiber that is longer and finer than common viscose, the Aeptom bamboo bedding is the softest we have ever tested. 

Bamboo is naturally breathable, temperature-regulating, and hypoallergenic. Aeptom’s Bamboo Duvet Cover Set is also Oeko-TEX certified, free of harmful chemicals, and colored with plant-based dyes for extra safety!

Duvet Cover + Pillows

The Aeptom Duvet Cover Set comes with 1 Duvet Cover in Twin /Twin XL, Full / Queen, or King / Cal. King, as well as 2 Pillowcases (the Twin / Twin XL only includes 1 Pillowcase).

8 Ties and Envelop Pillows

It’s the little things… once comfort and health are taken care of, what do bedding companies do to make your life easier? Aeptom added 8 ties inside the Duvet Cover, so you can tie your Aeptom Comforter to it and prevent it from sliding inside the cover.

The Aeptom Pillowcases have an envelop closure to make sure your pillow does not slide out of it. It’s the little things but they make a big difference every day!

Aeptom duvet cover review

Aeptom Bamboo Duvet Cover Set Sleep Tests

Everything we felt in one box

Softness Temperature Maintenance Options Sheet Sizes
We have never given a brand a 10/10 in softness, but I guess there had to be a first! The softness of the Aeptom Bamboo bedding is unreal. It feels like diving in room-temperature butter (or at least what I imagine that to be)! Aeptom uses longer and finer bamboo yarn to thread its fabric, and the result is of the utmost softness!
100% viscose from organic bamboo is light and extremely moisture-wicking, allowing your body to regulate its own body temperature. During hot summer nights, you will be sleeping cool and can wave sweat goodbye. Because the Aeptom Duvet Cover Set is thermo-regulating, it naturally work with your body to stay warm on cold nights, for a great year-round sheet set. We highly recommend adding the Aeptom Tencel Lyocell Comforter if you need a cool-sleeping solution.
Viscose from bamboo will last you years abd won't pill, but you need to take care of it and steer clear of harsh detergents, bleach, and softeners. Machine wash your Aeptom Bamboo Bedding on a cold and gentle cycle. You will find that since you do not sweat in your bamboo sheets, and because they are antibacterial and hypoallergenic, they will last longer between washes.
The Aeptom Bamboo Duvet Cover Set is available in 3 sizes (fitting 6 bed sizes) and in a range of natural and subtle plain colors. All colors are plant-based dyed and can mix and match very nicely together. Have fun with them!
Aeptom decided to group mattress sizes together, which works out well in reducing the price you pay for the sheets, an as long as you have the comforter in the correct size, you won't the difference. If you need a matching comforter, which I recommend so you can make good use of the ties!!, Aeptom sells a couple of different ones. We tested the Tencel Lyocell one and it truly elevates the softness to a new level. Great for hot sleepers. If in cold climate, opt for the Bamboo Comforter!

Crisp —————- Soft

Hot —————- Cool

Non-Washable – Washable


Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Sheet Set Prices & Discounts

Up to 25% OFF
Aeptom Duvet Cover Set
Aeptom Duvet Cover Set
Up to 25% OFF with coupon code (click to reveal). The softest duvet cover on the market! Made of 100% viscose from organic bamboo
Up to 25% OFF with coupon code (click to reveal). The softest duvet cover on the market! Made of 100% viscose from organic bamboo Show Less

After the initial shock of how soft the Aeptom Duvet Cover Set is, its price tag comes next! We are in awe of the value!!

Aeptom was created by a founder who came to realize that most luxury items include a large margin for the brand… yes, you pay for the brand you purchase, putting extra money in the brands’ pockets, not for extra luxury. Luxury items, without large brand margins, can be affordable to many!

If you look at the table below, you will also notice a very small different in price between sizes, which is incredibly unusual. Again… larger differences are an expectation, not a reality, and brands make a larger margin on larger-size bedding. In reality, the true cost come from the labor, which isn’t much different between a Twin and a King. The extra cost is really related to the extra fabric needed.

So what are your options? Choose from 3 sizes and a handful of natural-looking plant-based-dyed plain colors!

The prices below are pre-discounts. Click on the SHOW CODE box above to get the deepest current discounts!

Price List updated: December 2023 – Pre-discounted prices

Twin / Twin XL

USD $102
  • Duvet Cover: 64 x 90
  • 1 Pillowcase" 20 x 30

Full / Queen

USD $108
  • Duvet Cover: 88 x 90
  • 2 Pillowcases: 20 x 30

Detailed Aeptom Bamboo Duvet Cover Set Review Conclusion

We are so impressed with everything that Aeptom represents, from its sustainability, to its softness, its value to its looks!

The quality of the Bamboo Duvet Cover surpasses most, if not all, competitors, and Aeptom is able to offer it at mid-industry price point! The incredible softness is the first thing you will notice. The Duvet Cover and Pillowcases are silky smooth, thin yet so luxurious, and the beauty of the craftsmanship distinguishes the product amongst its competitors.

Since the Aeptom Bamboo Bedding is made of 100% viscose from organic bamboo, it is soft on the planet, as well as your body. Add plant-based dyes to that, and you have a very clean and healthy product, that can be used safely across all ages and health conditions. Finding clean and eco-conscious bedding is not easy. When on top of that, the product feels great, does not break the bank, and is easy to wash, you get a keeper and need to buy it in every color.

Click HERE for all of our Aeptom reviews. 

Who Is Aeptom?

Aeptom is an American bedding company. They have three lines of products: bamboo, silk, and eucalyptus. Their goal? To make luxury items accessible.

The founder of Aeptom realized that, when purchasing expensive items, you pay for the brand, not the quality of the items. The items, even if high-quality, do not have to be as expensive as they are.

From there, Aeptom’s founder decided to create luxury items, focusing on the quality of its raw materials and craftsmanship, as well as sustainability, by partnering closely with manufacturers and suppliers. The brand focuses on exception bedding in plain colors (only), while keeping prices affordable so more people can sleep in luxury bedding!

What Is Inside The Aeptom Bamboo Duvet Cover Set?

In this review, we tested the Aeptom Bamboo Duvet Cover Set in Fog Gray, which is a very light and bright tone of gray. You can choose from multiple plain colors that mix and match well together. We love that Aeptom focuses on plain colors, and sticks to it!

Before we look at the Duvet Cover and Pillowcases, let’s talk about the colors, as they are often overlooked in bedding products. Aeptom is committed to a softer impact on the planet and chooses to plant-dye its bedding! This means less chemicals and synthetics, a more sustainable product, and a softer impact on your skin, hair, and health.

The Aeptom Duvet Cover and Pillowcases are made of 100% viscose from certified-organic bamboo, which comes from the pulp of bamboo trees. The pulp is further manufactured into fiber used to create yarn, in a closed loop manufacturing process, which means that most of the water and solvents used in the production of the fabric, are reused, lowering the impact on the planet and local communities. 

Because bamboo is naturally insect repellent, there is no need for insecticides or pesticides, which makes the Aeptom bamboo bedding a great option for those suffering from allergies or skin conditions.

We will discuss softness and temperature in the paragraphs below, however, bamboo is a material that sleeps cool, is very soft, hypoallergenic, clean, and is much softer on the planet than cotton or polyester. It also happens to be our favorite bedding material 🙂

Here’s a little extra we loved about the Aeptom Bamboo Duvet Cover: you will 8 ties – 1 on each corner, and 1 in the center of each side – that align with the ties of the Aeptom comforter and allow you to tie the two together so the comforter does not slide to one side of the duvet cover over night.

How Does The Aeptom Bamboo Duvet Cover Set Sleep?


If you are looking for softness, the Aeptom Bamboo line is absolutely incredible. Aeptom uses the longest and finest yarn, made out of viscose from bamboo, possible. Because of the longer and finer yarn, there are less loose ends, leading to an incredibly soft (and durable) final product. Additionally, the Aeptom duvet cover and pillowcases are sateen weaved, which uses a 3-under-1-over weaving pattern that makes the fabric even softer and add a bit of a luxurious sheen. 

We honestly find it hard to come out of bed in the morning, and very much look forward to laying in softness at night. The first morning after we started testing the Aeptom Duvet Cover, our kids laid in our bed, and all determined that it wasn’t fair they didn’t have the same sheets!

It is the coziest kind of softness, and honestly, pretty hard to describe until you feel it. If you don’t trust us, you always have 30 days to test the sheets at home and return them if you do not like them.


Viscose from organic bamboo is thermo-regulating, meaning that by wicking away your body moisture while you sleep, your body is able to keep the perfect temperature for sleep.

Bamboo is also a breathable material that lets air flow through, preventing your body from overheating. If you are a hot sleeper, you will not sweat and will find that you keep cool at night. On cold nights, however, the Aeptom Duvet Cover Set will keep you sleeping warm and cozy thanks to the bamboo’s natural temperature-regulating properties.

Bed Sheet Sizes

The Aeptom Duvet Cover Set comes with 2 pillow cases and 1 duvet cover. It is currently available in 3 sizes – Twin / Twin XL, Full / Queen, King / California King.

Note: the Twin / Twin XL Duvet Cover Set comes with only 1 pillowcase.

How Do I Care For The Aeptom Bamboo Duvet Cover Set?

All Aeptom Bamboo bedding can be machine washed and dry. When washing, choose a gentle cycle and cold water and avoid using bleach and softeners. Viscose from bamboo naturally gets softer as you clean it and harsh chemicals should definitely be avoided.

In case of a stubborn stain (remember to tends to stains as early as possible for a better chance to get rid of them), opt for natural solutions such as clear water and baking sode, or oxygenated detergents.

For drying, you can line dry or select a low tumble cycle and low heat on your dryer.

Up to 25% OFF
Aeptom Duvet Cover Set
Aeptom Duvet Cover Set
Up to 25% OFF with coupon code (click to reveal). The softest duvet cover on the market! Made of 100% viscose from organic bamboo
Up to 25% OFF with coupon code (click to reveal). The softest duvet cover on the market! Made of 100% viscose from organic bamboo Show Less
  • Officially the softest sheets on the market
  • Luxurious shine and feel
  • Surprisingly affordable for the quality (value +++)
  • Several muted and natural colors to choose from
  • Plant-based dye
  • 100% viscose from certified organic bamboo
  • Sateen weave without the thickness and heat-trapping
  • 8 ties to tie down comforter
  • Pillows stay in place thanks to envelop enclosure
  • Thermoregulating for the perfect sleep temperature no matter the weather
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • No pilling!
  • Rare... but I can't think of one


Aeptom sent us this Bamboo Duvet Cover Set for testing purposes. This review is not sponsored and all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

No, not at the moment.

No, Aeptom only manufactures bedding at this time.

Yes, Aeptom is a bedding company with 3 lines of products: bamboo, eucalyptus, and silk.

Product Specific FAQ

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