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Up to 33% OFF BedJet + an extra $50 OFF the Dual Zone Systems for couples (with coupon code, click to reveal) Show Less

Things To Know About The BedJet V3 Before You Read

  • If you sleep with a partner, you will want 2
  • You should purchase the Cloud Sheets
  • Replaces towels (See Video Below)
  • Free shipping/60-day trial
  • Connect with your SmartHome
  • Improved remote

New BedJet V3 Review

After an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, the folks at BedJet improved on their BedJet V2 design to the new V3 model which was released in the Summer of 2019. I purchased mine as a preorder in June and they shipped it to me in mid June 2019.

Before I tell you about how much of an improvement it is over the old version, why don’t we discuss what a BedJet is?

What is a BedJet V3?

The BedJet is a sleep aid which will blow air into your sheets to help cool your bed or warm it.  It takes air from the ground level and blows it into your sheets.  I typically have it blow air near my feet, but you could place it anywhere under your sheets.

The unit fits under your bed if you have at least 6″ of clearance.  A collapsible hose fits on the back end of the unit and is held in place by an adjustable bracket.  Should you bed be further away from your power source, you can purchase a hose extension to reach that plug. Now here is the tricky part the SHEETS.

If you choose to not buy their Cloud sheets you can slide the airflow end of the hose under your sheets and tuck the sheets into it.  Unfortunately, if you do any tossing and turning you may dislodge the sheets from the hose, which means no air flow under your sheets.

If you buy the sheets you are going to be in for a treat.  You can buy 2 different cloud sheet designs.  The cloud sheets have a pocket to help trap the air that the BedJet will blow out.  One set up is a dual zoned strategy.  If you purchase 2 units then one partner could have cold air blowing on them while the other partner has warm air blowing on them.  With the same setup, one partner could use the BedJet and the other partner could be in a zone that isn’t directly hit with the airflow.  The other option is to get a cloud sheet that isn’t zoned.  This is really the best setup if you and your partner have similar sleep temperature preferences.  Basically the air will be trapped under the sheets that you both use.

The sheets won’t blow you away with their quality (as you can imagine you could buy better sheets).  However, the air pockets that they create are really easy to use and it’s difficult to dislodge the sheets from the air hose.

Note that this device is quite a bit different from the Eight Sleep Pod and the Ooler or ChiliPAD. It heats and cools the bed sheet on top of you. It does not include a pad, hence you can use it and still fully enjoy the comfort of your mattress. It uses air, so you don’t risk any leaks and it does not require electricity running around your body. 

Below is a graphic from their manual which explains which sheets you should buy, if you want to.

New BedJet V3 Video Review

Warning: there is a shower scene in this video…  In my defense, the BedJet user manual advises you to jump directly from the shower and into a BedJet assisted bed to dry off.

Why is the BedJet V3 better than the BedJet V2?

I noticed right away that my V3 was much smaller than my V2.  They say that they shrunk the unit by 30%, but what is really important is that the V3 requires only 6″ of clearance under a bed vs V2 which requires 7″.  In the video above I placed it under a bed and had less than an inch of extra space, which means my V2 unit wouldn’t have fit under there.

The BedJet V2 remote was so outdated that I used to call it a clicker.  Tangent… If you ever had a TV remote that had the options of power on off, channel up/down and volume up/down, then you may remember that it would actually click when you hit those buttons.  Anyone under 30 probably has no idea that “clickers” used to exist.  Yes, the old bedjet V2’s remote was remarkably similar to a clicker, but without the clicking noise.

The new BedJet 3 has a much better remote with a color screen that is about 2″ tall and 1.5″ wide.  It has tons of buttons and the ability to program the settings that you want.

The V2 requires a Bluetooth app to access all of the features that the unit is capable of.  The BedJet 3 is SmartHome compatible and has a wifi chip installed.  I haven’t tested all of those features yet, but I imagine you can program the unit to shut off at a certain time and start up in the morning to help you get out of bed. If you are someone, like me, who likes to turn your cell phone off at night, you will love that the remote is smart enough to give you access to all of the cool capabilities of the device, even with your phone turned off!

But for me, the best feature of the BedJet 3 is that it is much more quiet than the V2.  Not that the V2 is super loud, but that the 3 has a super quiet cool mode.  I did a comparison in the video above, but I plan on doing a side by side test to better highlight the difference.

Who Should Buy The BedJet V3?

If you were thinking about buying one before, then you certainly need to pick up the model 3.  It is a huge step up from V2.  Personally, I can’t wait until winter time as I know it will get tons of use, and since I have the V2 also I won’t have to fight my daughter over the unit.  I think she will get to use the V2 this winter while I use the BedJet 3.

I tell my friends all the time about how our heater broke and on an exceptionally cold day my daughter came running to my bed at like 3 am, saying she was too cold to sleep.  My husband got up grabbed the V2 from storage hooked it up and let her climb into bed all warm and “toasty” just 5 minutes later.

As for the summer time, it is different story.  It cools you down, in much the same way that a ceiling fan would.  So on a really hot day if you turn on a ceiling fan it can feel like 10 degrees cooler.  Unfortunately, it isn’t an air conditioner so if it is really hot in your room then you are just blowing hot air into your sheets.  It’s an improvement, but you wouldn’t jump up and down screaming to your friends and family about how much you life has changed.

Is The New BedJet Noisy?

No, it is much quieter than the old version.  I have a comparison of the sounds of the Bedjet v2 and V3 at about 14:15 into the review video above.

What Comes With The New BedJet?

Inside the box you will find a remote with a color screen, an adjustable mount to fit different size mattresses, a collapsible hose, and the BedJet V3 unit.


33% OFF
BedJet Coupon Code
Up to 33% OFF BedJet + an extra $50 OFF the Dual Zone Systems for couples (with coupon code, click to reveal)
Up to 33% OFF BedJet + an extra $50 OFF the Dual Zone Systems for couples (with coupon code, click to reveal) Show Less

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Is the BedJet loud?

No, the BedJet only adds about 6 decibels of noise to your bedroom at most. The noise emitted by BedJet is very close to the noise your regular HVAC system would make, and less than a window air-conditioning unit. The Burst Heat mode, which quickly heats your sheets up, is a little louder but should only be used as you get in bed and times out after 10 minutes!

How cold does BedJet get?

The BedJet will blow air as low as 66 degrees and as hot as 104 degrees Fahrenheit into your sheets, keeping cool or hot, based on your nightly preference. It also gets you rid of moisture, such as sweat, 8 times faster than a regular sheet would.

Where can I buy BedJet?

The latest BedJet model, BedJet 3, can be purchased directly on the BedJet website. You can also purchase a refurbished model to save about $50 on the device.

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