Avocado launched a new organic mattress in January 2022 and the value is incredible! The Avocado Eco Organic mattress is priced lower than many polyurethane foam mattresses and is 100% organic and recycled.

We are beyond excited for this mattress to enter the organic mattress industry. It is an excellent product we are reviewing in more detail here.

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Avocado eco mattress review
Avocado Eco Organic Mattress
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Avocado Company Policies

  • FREE shipping (surcharge for AK and HI)
  • 100-night trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100% made in the USA
Avocado eco mattress review
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What's Inside The Avocado Eco Organic Mattress

In a nutshell:

  • 1″ wool-quilted organic cotton cover
  • 2″ GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex
  • 8″ recycled steel coils
  • No glue, toxic fire retardants, or fiberglass

In more detail...

1″ Wool-Quilted Organic Cotton Cover

The first thing you see and feel is the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress’ cover. Made of a stretchy and soft layer of organic cotton, it is quilted with 1 inch of organic wool, which is breathable, thermo regulating, and a natural fire retardant. The sheep herds are co-owned by Avocado and located at the foothill of the Himalayas.

2″ GOLS-Certified Organic Dunlop Latex

The comfort layer is made of 2 inches of organic latex grown in farms co-owned by Avocado. Dunlop latex is more expensive as it is manufactured in a more sustainable way and softer on the planet. You will find the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress to have bounce, sleep cool, and have great pressure-relief properties thanks to its organic latex layer.

8″ Recycled Steel Coils

Because Avocado ensures the smallest print on the planet, they make their coils in their own factory in L.A., from recycled steel. They provide support down the entire spine thanks to the three zones and help absorb all motion transfer.

No Glue, Toxic Fire Retardants, Or Fiberglass

And that is just the beginning! The Avocado Eco Organic Mattress is Made Safe certified – a certification earned by only 3 mattress companies in the USA. What does that mean to you? It endured an independent scientific screening guaranteeing that it does not use any ingredients known, or suspected to, harm human health, animals, aquatic life, or ecosystems. In short – you can feel good about bringing the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress to your home!

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Avocado Eco Organic Sleep Tests

Everything we felt in one box

Firmness Temperature Maintenance Sleeping Style Bed Base
We rated the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress with an average firmness. It provides the right amount of pressure relief with lots of support thanks to the responsive layer of Dunlop latex. At 6/10 on the firmness scale, it has the right amount of plushness for a comfortable night of sleep, without sacrificing on healthy support.
Thanks to a thick layer of organic wool, open-cell Dunlop latex, and 8 inches of airy coils, lots of air flows through the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress and your body moisture gets naturally wicked away for a cool night of sleep. Hot sleepers will love cool nights of sleep, while cold sleepers will find that their body naturally regulate to the perfect sleep temperature.
The cover of the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress cannot be removed. You can spot clean the mattress with mild detergent, clear water, and a cloth. Try blotting the stain, instead of rubbing it and get to it as quickly as possible for the best results.
Because of the responsive properties of the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress, we recommend it for most sleepers. Side-sleepers will find an ideal amount of high pressure point relief and spinal support, but we can recommend it to most back-sleepers, as well as lighter-weight stomach sleepers.
The Avocado Eco Organic Mattress can be laid on any flat surface: flat platform beds, slatted beds, boxsprings or foundation, adjustable beds, or even the ground.

Soft —————- Firm

Hot —————- Cool

Non-Washable – Washable


Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Prices & Discounts

15% OFF
Avocado eco mattress review
Avocado Eco Organic Mattress
15% OFF select mattresses, with coupon code (click to reveal)
15% OFF select mattresses, with coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less

The Avocado Eco Organic Mattress is a 10-inch organic Dunlop latex mattress and fairly heavy. I recommend being 2 adults when handling the Queen, King, and California King sizes. You will find that it has 4 reinforced handles on the side of the mattress to make moving the mattress easier.

The Eco Organic Mattress is incredibly priced for an all-organic mattress. It rivals and beats many of the regular foam mattresses on the market today. You might be wondering why and whether there is a catch.. but the answer is very simple.

Avocado is able to pass on the savings to its customers by cutting several middle-men along the supply chain and manufacturing process. They are the only vertically integrated mattress brand in America.

The organic wool is ethically harvested over 10,000 high in the foothills of the Himalayas, in herds co-owned by Avocado. They graze on pesticide-free organic pastures and drink from a mountain stream. The 200,000 sheep roam on 400,000 hectares of pastures and herded twice a year.

A similar structure is in place for the organic Dunlop latex. Avocado co-owns the tree farms and is able to guarantee its organic origin and processing. The trees are grown ethically, sustainably, and responsibly — without persistent pesticides and herbicides. The 4,000 acres of rubber tress plantations are located in India and on USDA’s NOP organic-certified family cooperatives. The Dunlop latex is processed in Kerala, India, in organic-certified facilities operating under stringent standards and ensuring full traceability.

This is how customers at the end of the supply chain benefit from incredible prices for an organic mattress like no other.

Price List updated: May 2023 – PRE-DISCOUNTED PRICES


  • 38"W x 75"L
  • 62 lbs

Twin XL

  • 38"W x 80"L
  • 67 lbs


  • 54"W x 75"L
  • 78 lbs

King / Cal. King

  • 76"W x 80"L (King)
  • 72"W x 84"L (Cal. King)
  • 110 lbs

Detailed Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Review Conclusion

We are beyond impressed with the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress and its incredible value. It is a mattress you can feel good about. Sourced and manufactured ethically and sustainably, Avocado traces the products from the farming to the finished mattress they place in your home.

Thanks to the natural properties of organic cotton, wool, Dunlop latex, and recycled steel, the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress sleeps cool on hot nights and help cold sleepers to regulate their body temperature on cold nights. Avocado is using the perfect blend of materials to create a mattress that is not only plush and contouring, but supportive at the same time, making an excellent mattress for diverse sleeping styles and great for couples.

We are excited to add the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress to our list of Best Organic Mattress.

Who Is Avocado?

Avocado is an incredible American mattress company with a passion for sustainability.
They are the only vertically-integrated mattress brand in America. They earned that distinction by co-owning the sheep herds and rubber tree plantations from which they shear the organic wool and extract the organic Dunlop latex used in their mattresses.
Avocado is also one of only 3 mattress companies operating under the Made Safe certification. This certification is only awarded to companies using ingredients that are not known, or suspected, to harm humans and animal health, aquatic life, or ecosystems.
Lastly, Avocado distinguishes itself as one of America’s most sustainable brands. It has earned:
– the Climate Neutral certification by offsetting 100% of their emissions since 2019
– the 1% for the planet by giving 1% of all revenue to environmental non-profits since 2018
– is one of the highest-scoring Certified B corporations in the mattress and bedding industry, by caring for the planet more than for its profits
You can feel really good about purchasing an Avocado mattress. By supporting Avocado, you support the planet, your purchases give back, and you bring in one of the safest mattresses into your home.
Find all of our  Avocado reviews HERE.

What Is Inside The Avocado Eco Organic Mattress?

The Avocado Eco Organic Mattress is 10 inches thick and made of 3 straight-forward layers. All materials used in the mattress are clean and certified organic. Bear in mind that it is a fairly heavy mattress and I recommend two adults handling the largest sizes.

Before going over each layer, let me start by mentioning the material it is wrapped in. Avocado is one step forward of this industry when it comes to the environment. The Avocado Eco Organic Mattress is the only mattress in the industry wrapped in up-cycled paper, instead of plastic. The only  plastic used is the material in which the mattress is vacuumed-sealed. Everything else is up-cycled paper, saving up to 30 feet of plastic wrap, and can be recycled.

1-Inch Organic Wool-Quilted Organic Cotton Cover

The upper layer in the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress is a thin and stretchy organic cotton layer. Organic cotton is naturally softer than regular cotton, it has increased breathability and sleeps cooler. Because of its strechy design, this mattress cover prevents motion from transferring, allowing for an undisturbed night of sleep when sleeping with a partner.

Inside the organic cotton mattress cover is an inch of quilted organic wool. Wool is an extraordinary material to have in a mattress. It acts as the healthiest natural fire barrier, replacing most other mattresses’ toxic fire retarding chemicals.

The wool is farmed from herds living on pesticide-free pastures in the Himalayas and it offers amazing temperature regulation, allowing hot sleepers to sleep cool and cold sleepers to sleep comfortably. In addition, the organic wool is hypoallergenic, working great with those suffering from allergies, while also repelling smell, dust mites, mold, and mildew.

2-Inch Organic Dunlop Latex

The main comfort layer is made of 2 inches of organic Dunlop latex. The latex comes from the sap extracted from rubber trees, creating a very responsive layer inside the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress.

Latex is an open-cell material, meaning that it is pierced with thousand of little holes, allowing air to flow through the mattress for a cool night of sleep. It is also allowing for deep pressure relief of the high-pressure point areas in the hips and shoulders, while providing high bounce to make switching positions easy and never feel stuck in the mattress.

Dunlop latex is the most expensive of two latex typically used in mattresses. Dunlop latex is naturally antimicrobial, cooler than memory foam, requires no adhesives to seam it together, and is more durable than Talalay latex

Lastly, latex is a great layer for those bedroom activities, making the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress a wonderful mattress for couples.

8-Inch Recycling Steel Pocketed Coils

The Avocado Eco Organic Mattress comes with a large number of pocketed coils – up to 988 in the Cal. King mattresses. The steel used to make the coils comes from recycled steel and the coils are manufactured in L.A.

That thick layer of pocketed coils provides comfort by reducing motion transfer, so your partner never wakes you up by tossing around. Because of its tri-zone, it further contributes to getting more pressure relief in high-pressure point areas, and providing a stronger perimeter so you have the feeling of a wider sleeping area and have an easier time getting in and out of bed.

How Does The Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Sleep?


The Avocado Eco Organic Mattress tested right in the middle of the firmness scale with a 6/10 rating. It offers the perfect balance of plushness, comfort, and contouring, together with a strong spinal support to ensure that your body is supported from head to toe.

Sleeping Style

Thanks to latex’ responsive and pressure-relieving properties, and the addition of tri-zoned coils, we can recommend the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress to several kinds of sleepers.

If you are a side-sleeper, you will find this Avocado mattress to be ideal for your specific needs. Lots of pressure relief in your hip and shoulder areas keep those areas from feeling crushed, while the coils provide the deep support your entire body needs to rest in a healthy position.

Back sleepers will find the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress very comfortable as well. The responsiveness of the latex layer, coupled with strong individually-wrapped coils, provide back sleepers with the support they need to sleep comfortably. The coils are stronger in the head and foot area, allowing your spine to lay straight.

Lower-weight stomach sleepers who like some plushness to their mattress can enjoy this mattress as well. We recommend it if you are under 150 pounds. Above that, the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress will be a little too soft and can start curving your back in the wrong position.


Thanks to the breathable organic cotton, naturally thermoregulating wool, the open cell structure of Dunlop latex, and air-flowing coils, the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress sleeps cool for hot sleepers who tend to sweat at night. Hot sleepers will find that their body moisture is quickly wicked away, keeping you from over heating.

Cold sleepers fare very well on the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress thanks to the wool layer helping their bodies retain heat.

Think of wool from a sheep’s standpoint. It keeps their bodies cool and dry on hot days and warm and cozy on cold days. Its natural properties act in a similar fashion with your body.

Motion Transfer

Some may worry from motion transferring because of latex being a responsive layer. Avocado uses several layers to combat the property and ensure that a partner’s movements will not wake you up at night.

The organic cotton mattress cover is stretchy and a partner’s weight and movement stretches the cover enough for that motion not to transfer to the other partner. The thick layer of wool is a great absorber of the motion, and of course, the individually-wrapper coils mean that when one person moves on one side of the bed, the person next to him/her is not impacted by the motion.

We found that the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress has very low motion transfer and never were bothers by a partner’s movement.

Sex Life

Latex is the best material for sexually active partner. Its responsiveness allows for easy movement and is ideal for bedroom activities. We highly recommend the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress for sex life.

How Do I Care For The Avocado Eco Organic Mattress?

The Avocado Eco Organic mattress cover cannot be removed. The best way to tend to a stain is to use water, a mild detergent, and blot the stain with a cloth. Do not rub the stain as you’d risk making it larger. A gentle blot on fresh stains should help you clean them up. Try to get to the stain as quickly as possible for the best results.

15% OFF
Avocado eco mattress review
Avocado Eco Organic Mattress
15% OFF select mattresses, with coupon code (click to reveal)
15% OFF select mattresses, with coupon code (click to reveal) Show Less
  • 100% certified organic
  • No use of chemicals, glue, fire retardants, or fiberglass
  • Made Safe certified
  • Temperature-neutral sleep throughout the night and seasons
  • Best priced organic mattress
  • Nearly no motion transfer and ideal for sleeping with a partner who moves a lot at night
  • Ideal for side sleepers but works well for back sleepers too
  • Great for sex
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Cover is not machine washable


Avocado sent us this Avocado Eco Organic Mattress for testing purposes. This review is not sponsored and all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

No, but fortunately it has a sleep trial so you can test it at home for 100 nights!

Avocado mattresses are all 100% made in the USA – Los Angeles to be exact.

Yes, Avocado offers 4 adult mattresses (including a Vegan line), 3 crib mattresses, and 1 kid mattresses. Avocado also sells 3 mattress toppers to add luxuriousness to your mattress.

Yes, Avocado sells a vast array of bedding accessories, including bed bases, pillows, mattress protectors, bed frames, bedroom furniture, sheets, duvets, duvet covers, blankets, and other bedding and bath items. They have also launched an organic apparel brand and a clean beauty brands in late 2021.

Avocado FAQ

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    1. Hi Sheri, thank you for the question! The Eco Organic Mattress is a bit softer than the regular Green Mattress. If you compare to the Pillow Top version, you are looking at a fairly similar firmness, though the Green Pillow Top will feel like it has a little more plushness to it. I hope that helps!

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