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I asked my friend who is about 3 times my size to test out all of the mattresses that are built specifically for Big & Tall people.  After a few months he came back to me with surprising results and a clear winner.

Finding the Best Mattress For a Big and Tall Person

Rana you are small! What if I’m big, or tall, or have the body of a football player?

This is an issue that I have spent a good deal of time considering. But, how could I possibly answer this question without help? So, I enlisted the help of a friend of mine who is THREE TIMES my size.

At 6’8″ and 350 pounds he defines the

I set aside several mattresses that I thought could hold up to his weight, and he spent some time testing them. Then, I had our top mattresses for big and tall people sent to his house, so he could sleep test them.  Are you excited to see the results?

#1 DreamCloud Mattress

dreamcloud mattress on a dreamcloud frame

I must admit I was a bit shocked by this result at first.  DreamCloud is a well built thick luxurious mattress, but I wasn’t sure it would hold up to his weight, since they don’t really market it as a mattress for Big & Tall people.  Turns out it is firm enough for such a large person, in California King size of course!  

It is the thickest mattress that we have tested so far at a full 15″.  Comprised of 8 different layers, ranging from a tufted cashmere cover, various layers of foam, a natural latex layer, and the magic behind the support a 5 zoned foam encased pocketed coil system.  

It has taken a daily beating from our tester for over a year now.  So, we aren’t worried about there being any issues for Big & Tall folks.  

DreamCloud offers a full year trial period, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Read the full DreamCloud Review.

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#2 Leesa Hybrid Mattress

With a thickness of just 11″, we weren’t sure if our huge tester was going to be able to sleep comfortably on the Leesa Hybrid.  Surprisingly, we were wrong and it was picked as his second favorite mattress.  The secret behind how they packed enough support into the mattress:

  1. 5″, 14.5 Gauge Pocket Spring System with edge support
  2. 2 separate 1″ layers of support foam with between 1.8-2 pound density

The Leesa Hybrid combines the look and feel of the original Leesa with enough support to please our Big & Tall tester.

Read the Leesa Hybrid Review.

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#3 Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Mattress

brooklyn bedding spartan mattress

Although it is advertised as more of a mattress for athletes, it is a perfect fit for people in the BIG & Tall category.  At 13.5″ thick the Spartan Mattress has more than enough material to hold up to very large people.  The key ingredient to a Spartan is the 8″ encased Quantum Edge Coils, which I saw how they were made during a Brooklyn Bedding factory tour.

Read the Spartan Review

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#4 Saatva Mattress

saatva mattress

The 11.5″ Saatva Mattress held up to the weight of our tester and has a true luxury feel.  Unfortunately, 2 things kept if from ascending higher on this list are:

  1. Lack of handles for moving around this large mattress
  2. The organic cover scrunches up a bit, especially on an adjustable frame.

The folks at Saatva have likely solved both of those issues with the launch of their new Saatva HD.  It features handles and a full 15.5″ thick frame, geared for people in the 300-500 pound range.

Read the Saatva review

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18 Responses

  1. Hi there! I really want to buy a mattress but my Tall 6’4 bf has gotten used to sleeping on a very large bean bag. It’s filled with teddy bear kinda fluff so he considers it adjustable in that way. (odd I know) He’s 200 something pounds I believe and I’m 180. Idk what bed to get cause we’re on a tight budget and live in a second floor appt so I know he won’t wanna keep living a bunch of different ones upstairs to compare. Thanks in advance!

    1. For his size you probably want something with coils like the dreamcloud, but if you are looking for something a bit less expensive you probably still need something that’s pretty thick. You may want to look at the NectarNectarNectar also.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for taking my email. My wife and I are looking right now for a new mattress. Our most recent mattress is about 8 years old and was an IKEA Sultan Hogla. We liked it but it finally wore out. Prior to that we had a mattress that was called Spring Air and loved that as well. I am a big guy (275 pounds) and she is a small girl 120 pounds. I am not sure a memory foam mattress would work for me so we are looking at Latex, Hybrids and coil springs mattresses. I have spent hours on many of the comparison websites including yours. Every time I narrow my field down I read consumer reviews that tear the product apart. My most recent list included:
    Dream Cloud
    Nest Bedding Natural Latex
    Amerisleep AS3
    Both my wife and I are stomach sleepers, but we both move from position to position.
    Edge support is important and neither of us want to burrow into a bed where we can’t move. I could certainly use your recommendations. It is interesting to me after reading reviews and recommendations from at least 5 different review websites that there is no real common thread on recommendations. I wonder if all are truly independent or not. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Ray, (that’s my son’s name) I’ll start with your last question. Unfortunately, mattresses aren’t one size fits all, so it makes sense that there would be a bunch of different recommendations based on different sizes/sleep profiles. I’m independent, and use a mix of advertising and affiliate links to keep this going. There are many sites that are directly owned by mattress companies though, they are pretty easy to spot though as they either tell you that or recommend their own product over all of the other ones.

      I’m small and a side sleeper so I have to send mattresses to my larger friends to get their opinions on how the different types of mattresses hold up for them. At your size you are looking for something with coils and foam, a hybrid mattress. With your wife being a stomach sleeper you guys should both be comfortable on the Saatva or on the Dreamcloud (different companies). At a bit higher price Nest bedding’s hybrid would work, I don’t think I would pay extra for the latex one though.

  3. Thank you very much for this review as I am around Clintons size and don’t often get reviews for anything that consider us giants. My question is have you heard of Big Fig and do you have any comments. Dream cloud looks great amd I will most likely get this but I want to check all my options.

    1. We are testing a big fig right now with someone a little bit smaller than Clinton. He thinks that the Fig must be designed for the really BIG people out there, as he thinks its a bit firm for his 290 frame. We are going to see if it works a bit better for Clinton, just need some time to get some sleep data in before I can really answer that question. Sorry.

  4. Hi,

    Big and tall man here. I am very similar to Clinton’s size and build. Back and side sleeper. Dream cloud looks great. Their warranty and 365 day trial is the best I have found but curious about others Clinton may have tried. Price is not issue for me at this time as I want the best. Big Fig just caught my attention and curious if you know anything about them. Please let me know and thank you for looking out for us giants!

    1. We are still testing a Big Fig. So far the Fig seems like it is a bit more for the BIG size than the tall size, if that makes sense. I have put a couple of 300 lbs guys on it to test it and I’m getting the feedback that it’s a little too firm as maybe it is really built for like 400 lbs plus. We are going to test a new big and tall mattress from helix soon so I think we will have some good data on how they all compare soon.

      1. I’m about 6’1″ and 310, wife is 5’8″ and 225. We had a Big Fig for about a month and hated it. It was like sleeping on a rock. I think it’s really designed for those that like a firm mattress and are 375+ lbs. It seems like that’s the size of the models on their website.

        1. That is about the exact same thing my big testers have told me, that it is meant for really heavy people. At 300 or so pounds they just weren’t heavy enough to sink into it. However, they changed to their old bed, then realized it was a huge improvement and now like it. Maybe it was the time off that reset their expectations.

  5. I am six foot six, I weigh around 235. I have all ready tried the Amerisleep A3, I found that the heat retention was too much for me, it literally felt like I had sunburn on my back. I am currently trying out the Helix. What I am finding, and I am a side sleeper primarily, is that neither of these mattresses are or have been capable of supporting my shoulders, and I move around a lot and end up with sore shoulders and arms that become numb. I also don’t think either of them has supported my hips all that well. Now I am on day 7 with the Helix, we will see if somehow it gets better but I am have all of the same issues I have on our current mattresses in the house, innerspring traditional mattresses, and that I had with the A3. I also tend to sleep hot so I am looking for some guidance. Thank you for any you can give.

  6. I am the same size as Clinton but my wife is 5’9″ 145# with scoliosis of the spine. Both side sleepers. We currently have a 11year old tempurpedic that I have to roll out of. Any advice is appreciated. Love the reviews.

    1. You are going to need something with pocketed coils to support your weight, but you will need something that is soft enough for her. At a similar price, he liked the Amore hybrid. Said that it was a bit softer than the DreamCloud, which is probably what your wife is looking for. Brooklyn Bedding’s Aurora may be a nice compromise, but it’s a bit more expensive. She could sleep on the sapira (leesa’s hybrid) and it should be sturdy enough for you. That is a bit more than the DreamCloud but should work for both of you.

  7. Clinton should be involved in all reviews for size reference! 😉
    As someone of average height- big and tall didn’t even cross my mind. I love how considerate you are of all of your viewer’s preferences!! 🙂

    1. He is so big, so I started asking him all kinds of questions about his sleep preferences. Next thing I know I got him to make a special guest appearance. I’ll see if I can twist his arm into testing out some of the other super strong mattresses.

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