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Do you need a Box Spring or a Foundation?

We have owned our box-spring for a while now and FINALLY the time has come to get a new one! I am so ready to place our old one on the curb for bulk pick up and replace it with one of the easiest to assemble bed foundations money can money.  Speaking of money, it’s affordable too. 

In a few words, a box-spring is a type of bed base, typically made out of a wooden frame covered in cloth. Usually a box-spring sits on top of a wooden or metal foundation or bed frame that is placed on the floor. Working together, the box-spring and mattress make up a bed.

But the Leesa Foundation is a whole different world.

I personally am a big fan of everything that makes my life easy breezy. I also hate all things bulky that take up a lot of space and on top of it all, takes forever to assemble, that is if you assemble it right and you don’t end up going nuts!

The Leesa Foundation is everything I am looking for, like EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. Especially the assembly. The foundation consists of four outer rails held together by pins and a center rail that slides into place. No Allen wrench or power tools needed. If you’re unsure about how to set it up foundation watch my assemble video.

The Leesa foundation carries on the beautiful design found in the Leesa mattresses, pillows and Blanket. All together, the bundle is a striking set.

With perfectly spaced slats and a beautiful upholstered finish, assembly is done in minutes and the result: a flawless sturdy -even beautiful to look at- foundation.

While box springs are designed to support inner spring mattresses and can change the way a foam mattress feels to sleepers. A foundation is a hard, firm surface that provides the support a foam mattress needs. Basically the Leesa Foundation helps keep your Leesa or Sapira mattress stay in shape for a long time.

Here’s the information I have gathered about the wood the Leesa Foundation is made out of:

The wood is premium grade SPF (spruce, pine, and fir) and the black interior fabric (non-skid) is 2 oz (per square yd) 100% spunbond polypropylene.

The fabric is made of 75% PES polyester, 25% PP polypropylene.

While it is recommend putting the foundation on a bed frame, you can place on the floor without any problem. In case of stains you can spot clean the fabric with a mild detergent

Assembly is done in minutes

As easy as 1-2-3:

1. Strong & Sturdy

High-quality wood and a center support beam create a solid base for
your Leesa or Sapira mattress.

2. Beautifully Upholstered

The Leesa foundation slate gray twill fabric foundation cover is made with design in mind to perfectly pair with your Leesa mattress, Blanket and Pillow.

3. Easy to Assemble- AKA My favorite part.

With four corner pins secure the outer rails, a middle support rail slides into place and covered slats roll out in a seamless piece.

And voilà. Done.

Who Shouldn’t get a Box Spring or Foundation?

Owners of adjustable bed frames do NOT need a box spring or foundation.