Brooklyn Bedding Pillow – #bestpillowever

Brooklyn bedding beds in boxes along with layla and nest bedding

Brooklyn Bedding has 3 types of pillows They are currently selling the #bestpillowever which is their aerated latex pillow, and the shredded foam pillow.  In addition, they had a prototype pillow at their factory, but it’s not for sale yet, so pretend I didn’t bring it up (I’ll add a page about it once they […]

Best Pillows

best pillows nest bedding casper leesa nectar 795x596

Best Pillows After sleep testing hundreds of pillows, we present to you our top 10 best pillows list Best Pillows If you think a pillow is just a pillow, you are very wrong. Pillows don’t just come in different shapes and forms, it’s also what’s inside of them and what they are made out of […]