Purple Pillow Review

purple pillow on left purple harmony pillow on right

Purple Pillows: Which Should You Choose? Purple currently sells 3 types of pillows.  The original grid pillow, a traditional plush pillow (no purple grid) and they just launched the Purple Harmony pillow. Purple is known for their egg catching Grid, but this time it is different.  They introduced 360 degree purple grid hex technology and […]

Purple Mattress Review

purple mattress pillow and harmony pillow

Purple Mattress Review. Updated version 2020 I purchased a Purple mattress way back in the summer of 2017. It’s 2020 and and I still have it.  It doesn’t sag, I washed the cover and it still looks and feels great.   Now I have some exciting news, they have improved on the original design.  The mattress […]

The Purple Seat Cushion Review

bottom side of the everywhere purple seat cushion

The Purple Seat Cushion Review You can buy a purple seat cushion in 7 different shapes, ranging from the Ultimate to the Everywhere.  I have purchased 2 of them and I use one frequently, especially during football season when I find myself cheering from the bleachers.   Purple Seat Cushion Review Menu Everywhere Purple Seat Cushion […]

Purple Blanket Review

purple blanket

Purple Blanket Review The Purple Blanket comes to us from Purple Innovations, the company behind the grid like mattress. Note, that it is a throw type of blanket it is not large enough to replace a comforter.  You will find me wrapped up in mine while I’m on the couch. Purple Blanket Review Menu Purple […]

The Purple Pet Bed

rider on purple pet bed

Purple Introduces: The Purple® Pet Bed It had been available through a kickstarter program, but you can now get it directly from the purple website. Sorry, the kickstarter campaign is now closed. I bought mine on 6/20/18, let’s see if they are in stock and how long it takes to get here. It arrived on […]

Purple Sheet Set Review

Purple Sheet Set

Purple Sheet Set Review When I bought my sheet set, Purple was in high demand so it took longer for them to ship them to me.  They told me to expect a wait time of 3 weeks, but it turned out to be just 11 days.  My friend has them in Grey which you can see […]

The New Purple Hybrid Mattress

New Purple Mattress 2-4 inch layer choice

Purple Hybrid Premier Review The Original Purple Mattress is still for sale, but they have added a new member to their family. The Purple Hybrid Premier mattress has 2 options, 3 or 4 inch polymer section (grid structure).  If you want to stay closer to The Purple Mattress you could also get the less expensive […]

Sleepopolis Sold To Casper

Casper Essential from the Side

In July of 2017 the Sleepopolis.com that we have all come to know sold to Jakk Media LLC Sleepopolis was owned by Derek Hales who was being sued by Casper as they felt that Sleepopolis.com directed readers away from Casper mattresses towards other competitors, citing Leesa Sleep, Ghostbed, Nest Bedding, Novosbed, and Purple.  I have […]