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Leesa Mattress

I’m going to cut to the chase on the Leesa Mattresss.  It made my top 10 mattresses under $1,000 video!

My Buying Experience

First, let’s talk about the buying experience.  Before I purchased my Leesa my mattress buying experience had been a total pain.  For some strange reason it is nearly impossible to find a mattress saleswoman.  So generally, there I am laying on a mattress trying to really get a feel for the differences and I have a mattress salesman gawking at me the entire time.  All I want to do is hurry up and buy and just pray that I like it when it gets shipped to me.

Leesa cut out the middleman and took away that awkward shopping experience.  At first, I was a bit concerned with two things, will I like it and how much is the shipping? I have never had free shipping from a mattress store, so I assumed that there would be a shipping fee at check out.  Nope, Leesa offers free shipping.

We all sleep differently, what if I don’t like it?  Would I get my money back?  Yes, Leesa offers a full refund during the 100 day trial period.  If the mattress just doesn’t work for you, Leesa will make you stuff it back in the box and then charge you to ship it back to them right?  Wrong, Leesa partners with local homeless shelters to donate mattresses to at-risk adults and children.  In addition, to the mattresses that just don’t work out for a small percentage of people, Leesa has a one in ten program that also donates mattresses.

leesa donates a mattress for every 10 they sell

You can read more about it below in the other fun facts section.

So what was it that I liked about the Leesa?

The cover is nice, so nice that they actually sell Leesa mattress covers as blankets.  Yeah, that’s not a joke, when you feel the cover you will know what I’m saying.

It’s made in the USA, I fast forwarded a where is my mattress made video to the Leesa section.

I live in Arizona so sleeping on a cool mattress is a must.  So I’m a fan of the top air flow Avena foam layer.  While sleeping on it I have never been too hot, which is a big plus for me.

What’s inside the Leesa Mattress?

Leesa is 10″ of all foam, unlike the larger sibling the Sapira luxury hybrid, which has pocketed coils.



Mattress Layers

Cooling Avena Foam Layer

1. Cooling Avena® Foam

The two inch top layer allows air-flow for a cooler night’s sleep. The Avena foam also provides enough bounce for freedom of movement.

Pressure Relieving Memory Foam

2. Pressure Relieving Memory Foam

The 2” memory foam layer provides the body contouring and pressure relief you’ve come to expect from memory foam.

Dense Core Support

3. Dense Core Support

The 6” dense core support foam adds strength, durability and structure to support sleepers of all sizes, without feeling too firm on top.

The top layer is where you find the 2″ Avena foam, although they have taken the time to shape this layer so that it’s only about 1″ in some parts.  The reason why they did this was to create some additional air flow to let some of your body heat out.

Notice the gaps in the top avena foam layer

The middle layer is 2″ of memory foam (polyurethane).

Rana, 2+2 equals 4 and you promised me a 10″ mattress.

Right, that means that the bottom layer is 6″ of dense core support foam for durability and edge support.

Here is the video I shot of my thoughts on the Leesa mattress:

Pros and Cons

They have a cool brand ambassador.  Who doesn’t love the ads where the greatest American Olympian of all time (Michael Phelps) dives into a Leesa mattress?

The cover has a zipper, so on the off chance that your 3 year old spills something on the mattress, you have the chance to save the cover by taking it off and having it dry cleaned.

The Air flow layer keeps it from getting too hot.

It has a really comfy cover with a unique branding, with the 4 horizontal stripes, which are also present in the sibling’s Sapira cover

As a 10″ all foam mattress, people on the heavy side may sink a bit too much.

Other fun facts about Leesa

If you want to test out a Leesa before you buy one, head to your nearest West Elm location.

Leesa has a one in ten program, which donates one mattress for every 10 they sell.  These mattresses go to non-profit organizations which serve the homeless or at-risk adults and children.

leesa donates a mattress for every 10 they sell

This program just hit a milestone of 18,000 donated mattresses.  Which, for those of you who are really good at math, means that Leesa has sold around 180,000 mattresses since they launched this program.  Assuming that everyone who owns a Leesa mattress has a sleeping partner, Leesa has sold enough mattresses for the entire city of Honolulu, Hawaii to be on one.  Which also means that they have donated enough mattresses to individually sleep the entire city of Sheridan, Wyoming.

For every mattress sold, Leesa plants a tree.  Let’s stick with the 180,000 mattresses sold and assume that they have planted 180,000 trees

  • Assume that each tree gets ten feet of space in a row and 15 feet between columns.
  • Every acre of Leesa’s trees would hold a little over 290 trees.
  • Therefore, they have planted around 620 acres of trees.

The square that you ran around, was it large enough to fit all of the trees Leesa has planted?  Based on the 180,000 mattresses sold number, just barely.  In a few months the answer will be no.  When you think about the scope of the project that they are doing it is amazing.

Notice the tree? It says they donate 1 tree for every mattress sale.

Ordering Process

Your order is confirmed

We’ve accepted your order, and we’re getting it ready. A confirmation email has been sent to nb@nonbiasedreviews.com. Come back to this page for updates on your order status.

We placed the order on 3/31/17, looks like it ships via UPS.  It arrived on 4/6/17.  So six day shipping to our house.

Here is the team unboxing the Leesa

After we opened this we put it in the spare bedroom, and everyone fought over who gets to sleep on it first.  Ray won since we had to end the debate and get him to sleep by bedtime.  There is a slight smell when you open it, but it was mostly gone after about an hour.

The first impressions are very positive, it has a nice price point, we paid $840 for it.  It is extremely comfortable, so we are exited to log some more time on it so that we can give you the unbiased scoop.

A few days later you can still smell the mattress, it isn’t nearly as strong as when first unboxed but it is still noticeable.

Unboxing is easy, the hard part is that everyone in the family fought over being the first to test it.  It is incredibly comfortable.

We tested the coupon code to make sure it works and it did, so we were able to cut the price from $940 to $840 when we purchased it:

Leesa $100 off coupon

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Sapira Hybrid by Leesa
A sturdy luxury hybrid mattress. It pulls from many of the things that Leesa does well to form a high end mattress. This mattress is designed to cater to people who feel that the Leesa may have too much sink for them. So if you are an athlete, or on the heavier side, this is a must try!Read full review
You can feel the pocket springs when you sit on the edge
Cover has the same feel as the Leesa
Avena foam layer keeps it cool
Independent pocket springs work well with adjustable frames
Designed for heavier people & athletes, yet soft enough for a petite side sleeper like me
The first bed in a box I have tested without an odor upon opening
Discount code nonbiased
Leesa Mattress
Want to splash into a Leesa Like Michael Phelps? Give it a try.Read full review
When standing on it you feel a bit of sinkage
Air Flow Layer keeps it cool
Amazing Cover, so amazing they used the same materials for a blanket and pillow
1 in 10 program is unique to the industry
Coupons & Discount Codes
leesa mattress highlighting the countoured avena foam
Leesa Mattress
Edge Support8
Motion Transfer9.5
Sleep Quality9.5
Stays Cool9
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Air Flow Layer keeps it cool
Amazing Cover, so amazing they used the same materials for a blanket and pillow
1 in 10 program is unique to the industry
When standing on it you feel a bit of sinkage
Solid Choice
Want to splash into a Leesa Like Michael Phelps? Give it a try.
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