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We are supported by our audience, if you choose to purchase an item featured here, we may receive a commission.

Want to get $25 off the purchase of any mattress featured on this site?

Most of the mattresses on this site provide me with commissions if you choose to use the links that I provide.  I negotiate the best possible discounts that I can for the products which I have sleep tested and enjoyed.  This doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Some of these companies will pay more than $25 in commissions, and I want to share some of that commission with you!  There are going to be some rules so that I can match you up with the purchase that you make directly after clicks from this site.

What do I need to do to receive a $25 gift card?

    • Purchase an eligible mattress directly after using a link from this website (a mattress that provides Non Biased Inc. with $25 or more in affiliate commissions)
    • Finish your trial period with the mattress
    • Provide a photo of you and your mattress
    • Submit a 50+ word review of your mattress
    • Provide me with proof of purchase (invoice, time and date of purchase, page you were on when you clicked the link)
    • Fill out the form below and submit it to

Once the purchase is confirmed and the above requirements are met, I will personally send you a $25 gift card.

I actually got this idea from my favorite realtor, Helen.  After I purchased a house she gave me a portion of her commission so that I could buy whatever I wanted when I moved in.

So what are you waiting for?  Once you make your decision to purchase a mattress, click on that link and fill out the form below.

$25 Gift Card Form

Please fill out the form above, send in a picture of you and your new mattress and a copy of your invoice.

I hope you enjoy your new mattress, thanks!


Please note: this includes Purple and Tuft & Needle Mattresses if purchased through Amazon.  It also includes the purchase of the Casper* Essential through Target

$25 off Purple Mattress

$25 off Tuft & Needle mattress at Amazon

$25 off Casper Essential

Offer valid for purchases made from 1/20/18-9/30/18.  Extended for the rest of 2018, keep sending in your reviews!

*I have no relationship with Casper, so Casper purchases through the website are not eligible.

$25 coupon off any mattress purchase
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$25 coupon off any mattress purchase
I will personally send you a $25 gift card. This includes the purchase of a purple mattress if purchased through Amazon.
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Non Biased Inc.
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