Mattress Commercial Reviews

Rana between two sumo wrestlers

Have you ever watched an entire mattress commercial?

Some of them are just funny enough that you don’t reach for the skip button.  I’m sure plenty of you have been caught up in a Purple commercial on youtube.  You want to hit that skip button, but you just want to see if they can pull off the raw egg test.  People leave comments all the time asking if the egg tests are real, or staged.  Do they really use raw eggs or do they edit and replace the eggs?

This week I watched Purple’s latest commercial for their new mattress.  The part that I had to test was the human egg test.  It is similar to their original raw egg test, but it adds the element of dropping a human from a few feet in the air.  Here it is:

Why did I label it Part 1?

Right after doing the human egg test above, I switched out the purple mattress for a foam mattress.  Are you curious to see if it was able to keep the raw eggs from breaking also?

After doing these tests, I’m confident that Purple uses raw eggs in both of their egg commercials.  I’m thinking about doing more similar tests on other mattresses to see if my son is large enough to break them on other types of mattresses.

Here is a mashup of mattress commercials that I put together in 2017.  Enjoy!

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