Purple Kid Mattress Review

Purple Kids Mattress review

PURPLE KID MATTRESS REVIEW Purple has literally made my dream come true! My mama heart is so happy to see a Purple Kid Mattress finally hit the mattress. Kids deserve a healthy and restorative night of sleep, and Purple has designed a mattress exclusively targeting their smaller weights. So if you’re on the market for […]

Super Moon Pod Review

Super Moon Pod Review

SUPER MOON POD REVIEW (+ CRESCENT) Are you looking for a zero gravity bean bag and feeling overwhelmed with the number of options you find online? Or maybe you’ve heard about this ultra-comfortable bean bag that raised over $1.2M on Kickstarter? Either way, you’re in the right place. Our family has been using bean bags […]

Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket Review

Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket Review

GRAVITY KIDS WEIGHTED BLANKET REVIEW This is our review of the Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket. As with all of our kids bedding reviews, our children have tested the blanket and we are ready to give you our honest opinion of this kids weighted blanket! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG1KSp-TLSI Let’s start by getting all disclosures covered: some of the […]

Sleepovers: Where do They Sleep

cordaroy, cot, casper lounger

Hosting a Sleepover? Top 3 Space-Saving Ideas In my house space is at a premium, so I don’t have extra beds for the extra kids. Space-saving is a must, at least to me. I must admit I do freak out when there’s stuff all over the house.  What if  that “stuff” is big pieces like […]

How to Buy a Bunkbed for a Pre-Teen

Bunkbed with a built in desk

How to Buy a Bunkbed for a Pre-Teen My Pre-Teen needed some more Space, so we decided to get him a Bunkbed. A couple of years ago I was searching for a solution to the problem that I created by downsizing our house.  We chose to live a leaner lifestyle, by moving from a 2500 […]