Helix Mattress Review

whats inside a helix mattress

Helix Mattress Review Third time is a charm! I have tried two mattresses from Helix in the past, The Customizable one and the Blended version. Basically with their the customizable mattress you take a quiz, answer a few questions and voilà you built yourself your OWN SIDE of a mattress. I was super excited with […]

Foam Vs. Coil

cross section of sapira mattress with innersprings

Foam Vs. Coil Vs. Hybrid Mattresses Have you ever wondered, what’s inside a mattress?  Or has a mattress salesman thrown a ton of info at you in an attempt to get you to buy an expensive mattress?  Well, check out this video for a look at what is inside: In this video we take a […]