Can COVID Cause Insomnia?

Have you noticed some issues sleeping since COVID started? Do you find yourself turning and tossing at night, having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? Maybe, for the first time, you suddenly suffer from insomnia, though you had slept soundly up until now? 

You are not alone. Coronasomnia is an actual thing and you are not the only one suffering from sleep issues during COVID. 

We interview Dr. Siebern from Proper, and he told us what Coronasomnia is, how it happens, and how you can combat it and regain a grip on quality sleep.

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What Is Coronasomnia”?

“Coronasomnia” or “COVID-Somnia” is what some doctors and experts have started to call the increase of sleep issues that have occurred during the pandemic.

Why Does Coronasomnia Happen?

One of the main causes of Coronasomnia is heightened levels of stress and anxiety, both of which are leading causes of sleep issues. Additionally, the pandemic lockdowns have changed many people’s daily routines, including their amount of physical activity, eating habits, screen time and sleep habits, which can lead to increased sleep disturbances (both in terms of quality and quantity). 

What Can People Do To Combat It?

It’s been clinically shown that behavioral changes are effective to help with sleep problems and can set the foundation for a good night’s rest. That is why Proper developed its sleep coaching offering to help individuals find habits and techniques they can implement before they go to bed. 
It can be helpful to set aside at least the hour before bed as down time to unwind and not engage in stimulating activities. This helps lower that sympathetic activation that can run interference with sleep onset and sleep continuity. Everyone is very different in what they find relaxing so it may be a process of exploration as some people find baths to be relaxing and others do not. Reading content that is not too stimulating may be relaxing for one person, where watching a cooking show can be for another.
It is a good time to break away from digital device usage to limit blue light exposure as well as disconnect from stimulating online content such as news.
It is also beneficial not to eat a large meal close to bedtime but to limit this to at least 3 hours away from bedtime.  
Additionally, people may want to consider taking a sleep supplement to improve their sleep long-term, which should be taken in combination with these behavioral changes. Proper offers quality sleep supplements that are natural, safe to take long-term, and contain clinically-backed ingredients at effective dosage levels, but I encourage everyone to figure out what works best for them since sleep is not one-size-fits-all.
In general, how do you think this pandemic has affected the quality of our sleep and our ability to both fall asleep and stay asleep? How do you think prolonged periods of stress tend to mess with our sleep cycles?

With the overall collective stress increase during the pandemic, there has been an impact on people’s sleep latency, and/or the time it takes to fall asleep, as well as the ability to stay asleep. When our sympathetic system is in overdrive, it can override the sense of sleepiness or break through the night’s sleep.

Increased stress can lead to a disrupted quality of sleep as that hyperarousal may be just humming underneath the surface. The stimulus is not enough to disrupt falling asleep or staying asleep, but individuals may recognize they don’t feel rested or refreshed upon awakening.

Over time, a consistent disruption in sleep related to increased stress can actually continue to affect someone even after their stress level goes back down. The prolonged time to fall asleep or difficulties staying asleep become reinforced and the body gets used to it. This means that even after the pandemic passes and we get back to some normalcy, some people may find their sleep is still disrupted.

A Note From Laura - Combatting Coronasomnia

I love that Dr. Siebern mentioned using Proper to quiet the mind and sleep better at night. Did you know that we reviewed the Proper products and loved them so much that I personally use them during stressful times? I even gifted a Discovery Pack to my mom who is a life-long insomniac and she loves them too! 

Proper uses natural ingredients in its formulations and has several products helping with a range of goals from improved clarity, immunity, and sleep. They offer natural formulations with, and without, hemp.

Click here to read our full Proper review to see if this is for you! 

10% OFF
Proper Natural Sleep Supplements
Proper Discovery Pack
5-day supply of each of Proper's 5 formulations - without hemp
5-day supply of each of Proper's 5 formulations - without hemp Show Less

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Laura Georgieff

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