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Why it’s important and healthy to have plants in your bedroom.

If I had one word to describe the bedroom it would be SANCTUARY. It’s the place where we relax, rest and look forward for a good night’s sleep.

Little do we know that the chemicals such as formaldehyde coming from carpet backing and insulation, or benzene that comes from paints and solvents, are present in our room and they can redistribute into the air that we breathe especially when we sleep which can ultimately affect our quality of sleep. How can we help reduce this? By simply adding bedroom plants to our space. Personally, I would add them all over the house. They are beneficial and add a beautiful natural touch to your home.
Benefits of having bedroom plants.

Some people believe that having plants in a bedroom is not really recommended, but most homeowners who grow plants in their bedroom say otherwise.

You see, plants respire just like us humans, but in reverse order and through a much slower process: Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and produce oxygen during the day that can be released at night.

Here’s a few more benefits you can get from indoor plants.

It can help make your bedroom feel more alive. Any living plant can help brighten up your space! Adding a potted plant in the corner of your room can help your space look more appealing.

They can purify the air. Certain toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene can be unintentionally redistributed into the air in our bedrooms. In the right conditions, plants can have a purifying effect on the air as they absorb and trap some of these toxins and release oxygen, thus making the air that you breathe cleaner.

They can be great stress relievers. You know taking care of plants as you wind down for the day can help reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety. I used to spend at least 35 minutes taking care of my bonsai, just focused on it not thinking about anything else but making it look healthy and pretty. Some studies even show that touching the leaves of your plants for 2 minutes can have a positive impact on your stress levels.

Here are a few of the best plants with benefits for your indoors:

Anthurium. Flowering houseplants like anthurium helps decrease our stress levels. Specialists and scientists alike agree that this theory is proven true and was mentioned in the “Journal of Psychology”.

ZZ Plant. One of my favorites! The name is bizarre I know. For those who think they don’t have the ability to keep a plant alive the ZZ plant is super easy to care for. That’s one less thing for you to worry about. And I absolutely love the ZZ plant leaves, it adds more life to any room.

The Majesty Palm. On top of it being an ideal plant to add to your living space, it is considered also as a piece of décor and a privacy screen at times. Some plants do make us happy in general, watching them grow and how they add a touch of life to our habitat is satisfactory.

Peace Lily. One of the most efficient natural filters. Just like other houseplants, pace lilies are amazing at scrubbing indoor air pollutants, making our air fresher, cleaner and safer. It is beautiful to look at.

Pothos. Another one of my absolute favorites! Pothos plants are arguably one of the easiest plants to grow. They help purify the air while eliminating odors. The best way to visually enjoy pothos plats is by displaying them in plant hangers.

Succulents. They are low maintenance plants and easy to care for. They purify your air while also looking great. Succulents take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, leaving you with clean air and a unique room decoration.

Household plants serve more than just decoration. They purify the air of harmful chemicals, reduce stress, some of them even release water into the air to prevent sore throat and to help your skin stay moisturized keeping it from getting dry.

These are just a few thoughts – and plants- I wanted to share with you, but keep in mind if you want to transform your bedroom into an even more relaxing space, you must start with the right mattress as well as linens, fluffy pillows and clean blankets. You will end up getting a bedroom that is more alive and a great night’s sleep.