Tuck is no longer selling their mattress

With so many online mattress options to choose from, it is clear that some of them just won’t make it.  This is exactly why I added company to my list of 10 items that I now rate in my mattress reviews.  Are owners of the Tuck mattress likely to get their warranty honored?  If the mattress fails on them who do they turn to? We have actually had some new mattress companies complain and attempt to strong arm us into giving them higher ratings.  One such company received a 90 out of 100 for one of their mattresses, putting it way ahead of many of the mattresses that we have tested.  They kept saying that they “deserved” to be higher than some of their more established & better selling peers.  Yet I refused to bump up their score to make them happy/make them stop complaining… A better selling and more proven mattress company has a better chance of surviving and, more importantly, honoring their warranty and trial period.  Imagine being 100 days into Tuck’s odd 145 day trial period, and the news hits that they are now closed.  What are your options?  Can you send it back and get your money back?  Probably not right?  There is a reason why we think that it is important to also consider the company when reviewing the mattresses that they are selling. So are our ratings a bit strange?  Is survivability of a company or the heart of the company something that is hard to analyze?  Of course, but to ignore the company could put me in the tight spot of recommending a product that has little to nothing supporting it.  I was never a part of the sales process of a Tuck mattress, and although I tested it never really encouraged my readers to purchase one.  Was I some kind of mad genius that saw this coming? This serves as a good lesson for me.  Although I will continue to give the little/new guys a chance, if I don’t love their product, I probably won’t be recommending it.
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