Pillow Guy Sheets and Pillow Review

pillow guy bag

Pillow Guy has a fun marketing plan The first thing I thought when I was introduced to the company was that the PG label looks suspiciously similar to the ones you see in the Motion Picture Association of America.  You decide, did they do enough to ensure that they don’t confuse consumers? Menu: Sleep Test […]

Purple Sheet Set Review

Purple Sheet Set

The Queen size in the color Purple is so popular I just bought some sheets (for $114) and my estimated shipping time is 3 weeks!  Here are the current (4/20/18) shipping times for their sheets: • Q White: 7-10 Days FedEx Ground • Q Purple: 3 Weeks FedEx Ground • All Other Sizes: 1-2 Days […]

When is the right time for a new mattress

tulo mattress layers

There are 4 times during the year when mattress companies hold massive sales Look for the best mattress deals during: Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Labor Day, July 4th, and Memorial Day. Any of those days will typically score you 10-25% off your mattress, and many companies will throw in extra goodies like pillows or […]