Best Fiberglass Free Mattress

Natural Form Refresh Mattress - best adjustable firmness mattress

BEST FIBERGLASS FREE MATTRESS Our Top Picks – Updated Yearly Since the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission started regulated flammability of mattresses in 2007, many mattress manufacturers have moved away from unhealthy chemical-based fire barriers to a slightly healthier, though potentially very dangerous material – fiberglass. Did you know that many bedrooms are 2 to […]

Best Mattress On Amazon

The Nectar Mattress

BEST MATTRESS ON AMAZON Our Top Picks – Updated Yearly Have you been wondering about the best mattress on Amazon? We get it! We would too. Buying on the largest global marketplace comes with an array of benefits. Their customer service is incredible, returns are easy, shipping is quick, and there is peace of mind […]

Best Mattress For Kids

Purple Kids Mattress review

BEST MATTRESS FOR KIDS Our Top Picks – Updated Yearly Our Best Mattress For Kids list is updated yearly and designed to help parents (and grand parents) choose the safest mattress for the children in their lives. As years go on, we are seeing incredible mattresses hit the market. They are engineered by safety and […]

Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain

Best mattress for lower back pain

BEST MATTRESS FOR LOWER BACK PAIN 2023 Our Top Picks – Updated Yearly If you are one of millions of Americans suffering from lower back pain, you know the excruciating pain of waking up in the morning with a bad back. You are having trouble getting comfortable, toss and turn all night, and wake up […]

Is A Firm Mattress Better For Your Back

Best mattress for lower back pain

IS A FIRM MATTRESS BETTER FOR YOUR BACK? Purchasing a new mattress is a large investment that should not be taken lightly. When it comes to choosing your new mattress, you should take your time and make an informed decision. One frequent question on sleepers’ mind? Is a firm mattress better for your back? If […]

Who Takes Mattress Donations

who takes mattress donations

WHO TAKES MATTRESS DONATIONS Congratulations, you have decided to replace your current mattress for a new one! There is plenty of restorative sleep and long lazy mornings in your future! But for the time being, you are wondering who takes mattress donations. Our mattress experts are here to answer your question. In the meantime, if […]

SleepDog BigDawg RV Mattress Review

SleepDog RV mattress review

SLEEPDOG BIGDAWG RV MATTRESS REVIEW Finding a good-quality RV mattress, or truck mattress, is no small feat. We tested the BigDawg mattress by SleepDog, and found a very comfortable mattress working with all sleep positions, that we are excited to recommend to RVers and truckers. SleepDog has been specializing in truck mattresses, but their short […]

GhostBed Reviews – Mattress Comparison + A Chat With Marc Werner

Interview with marc werner ghostbed

GHOSTBED REVIEWS AND MATTRESS COMPARISON A look at GhostBed’s 4 mattresses, the foundation, & the adjustable base. All GhostBed reviews in one convenient place! We had the incredible opportunity to visit the GhostBed showroom in Plantation, FL and meet with Marc Werner, GhostBed Founder and CEO. In this article, you will find all GhostBed reviews […]

Foam Vs. Coil

cross section of sapira mattress with innersprings

Foam Vs. Coil Vs. Hybrid Mattresses Have you ever wondered, what’s inside a mattress?  Or has a mattress salesman thrown a ton of info at you in an attempt to get you to buy an expensive mattress?  Well, check out this video for a look at what is inside: In this video we take a […]

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