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When your bed is just not enough!

It’s late at night, and all you can think of is your bed! You crawl into it and hope you can sleep until the next morning. Is your sleeping position on your belly, back or side? Did you know that how you sleep can be linked to many health problems? Your sleeping position can be the cause of that terrible back pain, snoring as well as how often you wake up at night. Below you will find the most common sleeping positions, the way the affect your health but most importantly some of my top sleep products such as Best Mattresses, Pillows and Adjustable Bases that could help you snooze better.

Stomach sleepers: If you sleep on your Stomach or Belly, you’ll tend to toss and turn to get comfortable. This can cause severe tension on your neck and lower back. Plus, no on ever wants to toss and turn to find their comfortable position! The only thing I can say about stomach sleeping as much as I find it uncomfortable, is that it eases snoring. But I have managed to try some mattresses that turned out to do wonders for stomach sleepers such as the DreamCloud!

Back Sleepers: This position can cause lower back pain if you don’t choose the right mattress for back sleepers. If you snore or have sleep apnea, sleeping on your back can make it worse because your airways are narrower. I have two solutions for you: Solution number one is a good adjustable base! I have some of my Top Favorites listed here. I have tried them all, believe it or not some of them did not make the list. But of course I am sharing with you nothing but the BEST of the list.

You can have it all with just a click of a button!

You can lounge, you can set some positions for relaxing, reading, binge watching your favorite show or simply to sleep better thanks to all the available features that come with them. Every adjustable bed comes with its own remote control that allows you to manage your positions with ease. Here’s a tip: Want to reduce that annoying acid reflux? Try slightly lifting your head. The other solution is to put a pillow under your knees if you are sleeping on your back. Placing a pillow under your knees will help your spine maintain its curve.

Similar to back sleeping, some people tend to a sleep in a Starfish position. Not too common but you can certainly find yourself falling asleep or waking up in a starfish position. It sure does have its benefits, it also reminds me how kids ( infants, toddlers) sleep. Also probably why they recommend you put your babies to sleep on their backs. This position helps rest the spine and neck. It also lessens acid reflux since substances cannot enter the esophagus from the stomach!

Side Sleepers: It’s the most common sleeping position. Side sleeping helps reduce snoring, also you should sleep on your side to prevent back pain! There’s a never-ending list of mattresses for side sleepers but here is my pick for best mattresses for side sleepers that I have tried and slept on: Finally, if you happen to be a combo sleeper who shares the bed with a partner – and maybe some furry friends- here are a few mattresses that are almost made just for you. They are customizable, comfortable yet supportive, and can respond to your body movements helping you sleep better without interruption.

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