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December Bearaby Napper Giveaway

December Giveaway: Enter for your chance at a free Bearaby Napper.

It is very Easy to enter and your odds of winning are way higher than you would think.

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Past Winners

Ooler Sleep System: Elizabeth M

Chilipad Sleep System: Dennis W

Google Home Hub: Danae Ruppert

Layla Pillow: Amy Hall, Leesa Hybrid Pillows: Ashley Sammons & Deb Beyer Laurie Arnheim: Purple everywhere seat cushion (non-sponsored). Monica: May Mattress. J Morris (Lufkin Texas): Everywhere Seat Cushion (not sponsored) Jake Bray: Everywhere Seat Cushion (not sponsored) Julie T: Leesa shopping spree    Darris Mishler II (Portland Oregon): Jupiter Smart Mattress from Eight Sleep Kim JooAe (Moscow Idaho): April mattress winner Michael P: Gift card for sleep interview. Kitty Kelleher: Nest Bedding Love and Sleep   Kevin Reager: Nest Bedding Love and Sleep   Rachel: Nest Bedding Love and Sleep    Brooke Melton: Tomorrow Sleep Mattress, Sheets, Comforter   Wilma M: Nest Bedding Sleepwear Killen J: Nest Bedding Sleepwear Jason A: Nest Bedding T-Shirt Mary L: Nest Bedding T-Shirt Ade M: Nest Bedding T-Shirt Lisa M: Leesa Blanket Dan R: Brooklyn Bedding Pillow Man H: Brooklyn Bedding Pillow Paula R: Brooklyn Bedding Pillow Danielle L: Brooklyn Bedding Sheet Set Holly G: Brooklyn Bedding Sheet Set William Greismer:  Winner of 2 Leesa Pillows (sponsored by Leesa Sleep) Briana J: Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow (sponsored by Nest Bedding)
Melisa Stephens: Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow (sponsored by Nest Bedding)
Marline A: winner of a Casper pillow (not sponsored by Casper)

Carol C.: winner of a Pangea bed pillow (sponsored by Pangeabed)

Debra Dubois: winner of a Pangea bed pillow (sponsored by Pangeabed)

Congrats to Heather Jacques, grand prize winner of a Layla Sleep Mattress (Sponsored by Layla Sleep)

Layla Sleep Pillow: Kitty Kelleher (Sponsored by Layla Sleep)

Layla Sleep Pillow: Twila Jane Ramage (sponsored by Layla Sleep)

Congrats to Angela Meek for winning the Nectar Mattress (Sponsored by Nectar) 8/25/17

Live & Sleep Pillow (Sponsored by Live & Sleep) @oxcyland 8/4/17

Live & Sleep Pillow (Sponsored by Live & Sleep) Natasha Berry 8/4/17

$149 Nest Bedding Fidoze Dog Bed (NOT sponsored by Nest Bedding) @weslynfugate 7/28/17

$25 Gift Card:  @CafilliarP 7/21/17

Eat Pizza in bed: Rashed Almarwan 7/20/17

Free Brooklyn Bedding Pillow (NOT sponsored by Brooklyn Bedding): @Firms77 7/15/17

Free Brooklyn Bedding Pillow (Not sponsored by Brooklyn Bedding): @Dane_Fritz 7/15/17

I decided to move some of my non mattress content to my alternative couch site, so you may want to check it out as well.

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9 Responses

  1. Thank you for this opportunity! We recently got a new Purple mattress and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. It is taking some getting used to. However, I’ve been looking at the ChiliPad and would love to try that! Thanks for the opportunity. Keep up the great reviews.

  2. I could get a lot of use out of this Product. I live in Florida and I stay hot at night when i sleep in the winter and summer.

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