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Nectar Mattress Review 2019

Nectar Mattress Review 2019

Nectar Mattress Review 2019

My first Nectar review and sleep test was done in early 2017 right after they launched into the US.  Back then they were so good at selling a super comfortable mattress at a industry busting price.  Unfortunately, they were unprepared for their success, so shipping times were outrageous.  Mine took over a month from the time I purchased it until I received it.  This meant that I was a bit skeptical about it at first.  Since my initial tests, I have tested around 50 other mattresses and have no doubt that Nectar is the best value for a high quality mattress that you can buy.  I am so confident in that statement that I purchased one for my mother in law in 2018.  

Know Before You Read

  • You won’t find another 11 inch thick high-density memory foam mattress on the market at anywhere near this price
  • It is relatively firm, yet offers just enough sink-in for a petite side sleeper like me
  • Nectar offers Free Shipping, a 365 Night Sleep Trial, and a Forever Warranty

What’s Inside the Nectar Mattress?

The Nectar mattress is an 11 inch thick mattress that is much more dense than the competition.  It all starts with the cover which is really cool.  That’s meant to be a pun as the tencel cover is combined with a gel memory foam layer.  Put simply they put a lot of cooling tech into the cover to keep you cold at night.  They use the same concept with the Nectar Mattress Protectors if you want to protect your investment.

Once you get the cover off and cut the fire sock (don’t do this) you will find a layer of Gel Memory Foam.  This gel foam carries a trade mark of Lush Foam, which is on the expensive side so you don’t often see it in mattresses.

The cover and the first layer are all dedicated to providing a cool sleep experience.  The next layer is a recovery hi core memory foam which provides the bounce that you need so that you don’t sink into the bed.

The final layer is a supportive base layer that serves as the foundation for the entire mattress.  This layer is a 2.2 ILD rated dense foam.  I have an old video of me standing on a Nectar vs. standing on a Leesa and on a Casper.  In this video you can see that I sink far into the Leesa and Casper.  However, I want to point out that I hate this video, since it was shot so poorly and edited even worse (but it was one of my first videos.)  Furthermore, both Casper and Leesa have redesigned their mattresses.

Nectar Sleep Tests

I have slept on the three Nectars over the last 2 years and I have had great experiences on all of them, although they are all a bit different.

First, nothing has changed from the first Nectar that I got when they launched in early 2017, except the pillows.  They have moved from a free Mily pillow to their own branded shredded memory foam pillow.  What I like about the pillows that they now sell is that they are adjustable.  If you find that there is too much fluff in the pillow, simply pull a handfull out and give it another try.  

The one that we put on my mother-in-law’s boat smashes the competition.  Seriously, mattresses that come on boats are generally horrible.  Boat owners are typically forced to put skinny/foldable mattresses into the cramped cabins.  I recognized that the shape that Nectar ships in would allow me to squeeze it into a spot that should definately not be possible.  It’s really hard to explain without you seeing the video above, but trust me a typical bed-in-a-box wouldn’t squeeze into that space as they are folded and compressed differently.  To say that my MIL is impressed with the bed on the boat is a huge understatment.  I hope she doesn’t read this, because I’m pretty sure she thinks that I paid like double what I actually paid for the mattress.

I then got to try the mattress that they make and sell in the UK.  It worked for me, but I still struggle with the zoned comfort technique that they are using.  The theory is that if you cut some channels into various parts of the mattress you can allow different parts of the body to sink further into the mattress.  The idea is to achieve that perfect spinal alignment.  The problem is that people come in different sizes and shapes, and I think that it is difficult to match everyone up to the one size fits all category.

Which is why I’m more of a fan of the Nectar mattress version that they sell in the US.

In the middle of 2018, Nectar released an adjustable bed frame.  It offers a massage feature, head and foot movement, USB ports, and a chance to revolutionize your sleep.  If you haven’t tried an adjustable bed this is what I would consider your best chance at getting into one.  A Nectar mattress combined with a Nectar Adjustable Base is still going to be less expensive than many of the mattresses that you would find in store.  Think of it this way the savings that you get on the mattress alone are going to be more than enough to pay for an adjustable base.


  • 11″ Thick High-Quality Mattress at a Budget Friendly Pirce
  • 365 Night Sleep Trial Period
  • Forever Warranty
  • Financing Available Through Affirm
  • Unique Package Can be Squeezed into Tight Spaces


  • Explosive Growth in 2017, meant poor delivery times (shipping issues have been fixed)

Price Table

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King
$524 $594 $724 $824 $924 $924
$125 Off $125 Off $125 Off $125 Off $125 Off $125 Off
365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial 365 Day Trial

Current Specials

Nectar has what I call an evergreen promotion as they have run the same one since a few months after their launch in 2017. They give you $125 off a mattress and give you 2 free pillows. If you figure that each pillow is worth around $75 then this value ends up being a $275 discount. That combined with their already low prices make a Nectar bed the best value in the bed-in-a-box industry (although it comes in a bag).

In 2019 Nectar Launched into the UK Market

Most of you are probably US readers so it probably isn’t a video that would interest you.  What was great about the UK version is that they started using a zoned sleep concept.  I’m not saying that the US is going to get this anytime soon (or ever), but what I can see is that Nectar is still young so they are exploring all of their options to improve the sleep experience.  

Can I try them before I buy one?

Unfortunately no, however they balance that with a 365 night sleep trial as well as a forever warranty. Basically, they assume all of the risk of letting you take it home to make sure that you love it. This is an industry best offer.

Has Nectar Solved Their Shipping issues in 2019?

My mother in law received hers in 3 days! So, clearly they have learned from their earlier mistakes and they now have an idea of how many they need to supply the market with great sleep at an affordable price.

Unusual places to set up a bed

Unusual places to set up a bed

How about putting a mattress on a Sailboat?

We took the challenge, and by the way no one challenged us.  We’ve been thinking about putting a mattress on a boat for awhile.

We as a family, love to take road trips. We drive by RVs and think how fun it would be to have your own moving bedroom. I t must be comfortable since it’s a bed and you don’t have to leave it.  How easy it must be nowadays, to order a bed in a box to ditch the old RV mattress and get a brand new shiny one that would last long.

One thought led to another and finally it clicked!  How do you get a mattress on a boat?  And how do you get rid of the old one?  How big should it be, do you have to get a special “boat mattress?”

Luckily, I had access to a sail boat since my MIL close friend owns one.  I talked to her about my idea on how intrigued I am now to find out if I can get a bed in a box on that boat and she immediately approved.  She told me how much she hated the flimsy mattress she sleeps on when she is sailing and how sleeping on it is sometimes impossible.  Perfect!  That’s my cue right there.  I went online after inquiring about that mattress size and bought her one.  Did you catch that part, the part where I said that I bought her one?  I could get just about any direct to consumer mattress company to give me a mattress for free.  However, I chose to buy her a Nectar.  I will tell you later on why I was so lucky I chose Nectar.  Better yet, watch my movie on YouTube, trust me it’s worth it.

I will give you a hint as to why I chose to buy a Nectar, it does not come in a box…

I ordered it, but then I was so worried.  Flash back to the first time I ordered a Nectar mattress in 2017, it took FOREVER to arrive.  During the wait I forgot I have ordered it.  I honestly freaked out when I saw a big, long tube shaped wrapped item by my door I thought it was a dead body (I  know, too much Sons Of Anarchy).  At first I thought wow, why ship in a tube all compressed and rolled up?  Why not just compress and then fold it and ship it in a box?

If that Nectar doesn’t make it on time I am screwed.  I can only do it during Spring Break that’s the only time when I am free and available to travel to CA.  Surprisingly, Nectar took care of that issue, the proof: The mattress was by my MIL’s doorstep in 4 business days!  Kuddos Nectar, you saved the day (Spring break vacation/ work in this case) and now I am super ready and excited for this.

So how did we do, did it fit?

Oh, and in case you were still wondering why Nectar? Easy, I really got lucky here. Unlike other mattresses on the market nowadays, Nectar comes wrapped in a tube shaped container not in a box (the only other mattress that comes wrapped I can think of is The Purple Mattress).  Also the way it’s wrapped and compressed, not folded compressed helped me a lot inside that small room.  Do you see the part of the boat that my hat is touching?

nectar mattress and pillow inside a sailboat

Imagine that I had found a way to get a wider mattress through the door (hint I couldn’t have) when a typical bed in a box is unfolded it wouldn’t make it under that part of the boat.  I would have been stuck with an L shaped mattress, which would have meant that it would be time to breakout the saw to get it out of the room.  So Nectar had 3 key advantages over other choices:

  1. Affordable price
  2. Ships in a tube shape (taller and skinnier than a typical bed in a box shape)
  3. Rolled up not folded

End results, WE DID IT.  We installed an 11″ thick queen sized mattress in a place where it certainly shouldn’t fit.  Of course, this means that it isn’t coming out without being chopped in half, but that’s a problem for another day, hopefully 10 years or more from now.

rana on a nectar mattress inside a sailboat

Yes We Can! I put a mattress on a boat.

I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I enjoyed setting up a Queen Size Mattress on a Sail Boat.

I also would love to hear your thoughts!  Do you think we could have gotten another similar quality mattress into that tight space?  I’m pretty sure that a typical bed in a box wouldn’t have made it through the door.  I heavily considered a Purple mattress, but they are SOOO heavy, so I opted not to buy one.

If you are looking for a bed that will fit into just about any spot, you can get $125 off a Nectar mattress plus 2 free pillows.

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