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Dream Cloud Adjustable Frame

Dream Cloud Adjustable Frame

Welcome to the Future of Sleep: the DreamCloud Adjustable Frame

Take your rest to the next level with fully customizable sleep. The Dream Cloud Adjustable Frame is the perfect addition to your Dream Cloud Mattress to help you create a luxurious bedroom experience for personal comfort.

Introducing the Dream Cloud Adjustable Frame

Whether you spend your time in bed reading, working, or watching TV, you can preset up to three positions, and use the wireless remote to raise the head up and feet up separately, or together. It’s never been easier to achieve your ideal sleep and rest positions.  Here is a bit of back story on my experience with the DreamCloud.  One of the main things that I pointed out was that the thickness of the mattress (15″) make it difficult to work with adjustable frames.  I have tried it on 3 other adjustable bases and I didn’t find one that was capable of working with a beast like the DreamCloud.

So, did they make sure that their adjustable frame works with their mattress?  YES!!!  I was a bit scared that it wouldn’t work, that the frame just wasn’t going to be strong enough.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The DreamCloud adjustable bed is the front runner for the best adjustable frame.  It has replaced the one that I had been sleeping on, and here is why:


  • It has tamed the beast of a mattress that is 15″ in thickness, eight layers and weighs about 100 pounds (queen size)
  • Dual massagers with 3 different levels for the foot and head units.
  • $899 queen size delivered to your door.  It’s $799 now, I asked them to match the price of the Nectar adjustable base, and they did!
  • It fits inside the DreamCloud bed frame and Headboard.


  • USB port is on one side of the frame
  • Some assembly required
  • No underbed light

USB ports on dreamcloud adjustable bed

DreamCloud Adjustable Frame Video Review

It took me 41 minutes to put it together by myself.  I had help moving it around, and flipping it.  Unless you are a giant you will need an extra set of hands to get it set up properly.

Assembly is Required

Mine shipped in a box in 2 days and it was a bit beat up from the transit.

shipping box of dreamcloud adjustable base

Seriously Fedex, you needed to step on the box?

Before I let this scare you, I’ll let you in on a secret.  The majority of the adjustable bases that I have tested come a bit beat up by the fedex guy.  So make sure that you do an inspection of it (take pictures) to make sure that it isn’t damaged.

Spoiler alert: mine was just fine, it’s just a bit of a beat up box.

Ok, I said some assembly may be required right?  If you get the white glove service they probably can assemble it and get you ready to go in about 15 minutes.  It took me 41 minutes, but I kind of slow down to make sure I have good camera angles and what not, plus I did it alone as a challenge.  I had help lifting it and moving it, but the assembly can be done by someone of my size.

The instructions are only 8 steps and they made it just about as easy to assemble as possible.  Here is the main thing that they did; it ships in two parts.  I have received others where they are assembled before shipping and in one case the middle connection was damaged during shipping.  DreamCloud solves this problem by making you put in a bit of elbow grease.  Here are the instructions:

DreamCloud adjustable frame instructions

A couple of things that they don’t mention in the assembly instructions:

  • you assemble it on the underbelly of the frame
  • Which way do the motors go? It is clear which motor is the foot motor and which is the head motor.  What’s not clear is which direction do you install it, or does it matter?  I mean it’s a 50-50 guess, so I either got it right or it doesn’t matter if the motor part goes in the center or further away from the bed
  • There are six legs the short two go in the middle on the part that connects the two sides of the frame (which you assemble in step2)
  • Invite a friend to help you move it into place and flip it over after you put the legs on.

Adjustable comfort

Find your perfect position for reading, working, or watching a show with a TV recline setting all at the touch of a button. Put your head up, your feet up, or both together. No matter what position you choose, you’ll feel your bedroom, and your sleep, fully transformed.  The remote comes programmed to your frame, but if it isn’t they have instructions on the back of the assembly instructions booklet.

Did you know that you can turn your bedroom into a spa with just a click of a button?

You heard (read), that right. Transform your bedroom into a spa.

With the DreamCloud Adjustable Frame, you can unwind after a long day with 3-speed vibration head and foot massagers. Inclining your upper body can reduce potential snoring and relieve indigestion. When your lower body is raised it can improve circulation and ease pain. Get the luxury and pampering you deserve in the comfort of your own home.

Lifting Capacity

Please check back, it isn’t listed on their website and it isn’t in the instructions or on the law tag.

Zero Gravity, and much more

The Zero Gravity position supports your body in the position astronauts use in space to provide alignment and support. Feel like you are floating as the innovative whisper-quiet mechanism glides into place, allowing you to relax effortlessly. But that’s not all, this adjustable frame also comes with

  1. Three Programmable Memory Setting
  2. USB plugs for comfort and convenience
  3. Wireless remote
  4. Luxury Three Zone Massage
  5. TV Recline Setting

Adjustable Bedframe Features

DreamCloud Sleep

Head up only for reading or watching TV

DreamCloud Sleep

Feet up only for a restorative pose and relaxation

DreamCloud Sleep

Head and feet up together for supported rest

As if this amazing adjustable frame plus its features were not enough

And since the folks at Dream Cloud are so thoughtful they decided to make life even easier on us making sure that this adjustable frame is EASY TO ASSEMBLE.  They took the extra step to color code all of the pieces of the adjustable bed.

It offers a durable design without a complicated set up. No tools required as they provide the allen wrench.

The DreamCloud Adjustable Frame works with any foam, latex, or air mattress, and comes with three leg height options (3, 6 and 9 inches) to fit your bedroom space.

What they offer:

The Dreamcloud Adjustable Bedframe

Easy assembly (well this girl did it by herself), adjustable frame transforms your bedroom for plush relaxation and deep sleep.

100 or maybe 365 NIGHT TRIAL

At DreamCloud YOUR comfort comes first. That’s why they give you 365 risk-free nights on the DreamCloud Adjustable Frame to decide if it’s right for you.  I need to check on this but their site says both 100 night and 365 night trial.  The mattress has 365 night trial so perhaps it makes sense that it would be the full year rather than the 100.


They do offer free shipping and returns right to your door, it is a really sturdy bed so don’t worry too much if your box is a bit beat up by Fedex.


Personal Comfort  is DreamCloud moto. The DreamCloud Adjustable Frame provides dual support with head up and leg up options, massage, and zero gravity for ultimate customization.

The DreamCloud Adjustable Frame is available in:

Split King . 76in x 80in x 15in

The Split King Adjustable Frame will arrive together in two separate TwinXL packages. You will be able to easily assemble them together with included instruction manual.

Split King Dream Cloud Adjustable Base

Too sturdy it can hold a Luxurious DreamCloud mattress (or 2 in this case)

DreamCloud Adjustable Frame Price Table

The product just launched this week May 15th so it is possible that the pricing may change in the future.

Twin XL Full Queen King Split King
Price $649 $699 $799 $1,199 $1,298
Size 39 x 80 54 x 75 60 x 80 76 x 80 76 x 80

It is true an adjustable frame IS HEAVY. At DreamCloud they got it covered with their White Glove Delivery (available upon request). DreamCloud delivery is always FREE to begin with. If you would like DreamCloud adjustable frame removed from packaging, set-up in the room of your choosing and the packaging removed, select optional White Glove service. Also, their White Glove service can remove and dispose or donate your existing mattress.

The law tag says that it was manufactured by Classic Brands LLC, so my guess is that they have a distribution deal with DreamCloud.  My adjustable frame doesn’t have any DreamCloud branding, although I’m willing to bet that will change as they start to sell more of these.

Current Specials

$200 off a DreamCloud mattress 

You may not have picked up on this, but I noticed that the same model of adjustable bed was sold by Nectar and I contacted the company to see if they would price match.  A day later they did, so the prices are now $100 less than they were when this product launched.  Seriously folks, I’m trying to save you guys money!

Never sleep alone

Never sleep alone

Sharing a bed. Pros, cons and Tips!

Some people use a white-noise app on their phone to drown out the snoring. Others think that two separate sheets under one comforter can solve the hogging problem

No matter what your genius idea or ideas may be, they are all useful and can absolutely help you avoid your most comfortable space (AKA Bed), from becoming a war zone.

The pros and cons of sharing one bed and some tips.


Sharing a bed with someone can have its pros and cons.

Don’t get me wrong. I know we do love our partners therefore we share our beds with them! Totally.

Sharing a bed is not that easy, that’s maybe why the cons list is a tad bigger than the pros one?

I’m talking from my personal experience, maybe I’m wrong. You be the judge!

Pros: Always having that someone you can cuddle with.

Cons: Sweating from the extra body heat next to you, that person you decided to “cuddle” with. And dealing with a bed/ sheets/ blanket hogger. (I know, we brought this to ourselves). UNLESS, you happen to be a heavier sleeper. Then my friend, you may be in luck.

Don’t worry if you are not, below I will be sharing some helpful hints and tips for dealing those bed hoggers and snorers and most importantly to avoid turning this bed into a war zone. Because after all, sleeping with a partner can benefit your health and increase the chances of your having a better and longer lifespan.

Now of course, if you happen to have some tips of your own to share with us, PLEASE DO SO. Sharing is caring.

Size DOES matter

Depending on the size of both people and how much space each one prefers, the dimensions of WHAT BED TO CHOSE is going to be crucial.  Because let’s face it, you are not going to have and enjoy the same amount of space as you would when you are not sharing the bed with a partner.

Fortunately, beds come in different sizes: Full, Queen or King. Now, I personally don’t like a Cal. King bed in my small bedroom, but the bigger the bed can fit in your room, the better the sleep you will have.

If Your Mattress Just Isn’t Working Out

Firm or soft? Hybrid or foam?

If you and your partner prefer the same type of mattress, then you’ve lucked out. But it’s a huge problem when you cannot decide on one type of mattress. Some companies free trial periods go up to a whole year, if you don’t like and still within the trial period you can return it. They will arrange pickup no questions asked. It may sound inefficient but it’s like trying a fancy mattress, in a box, in the comfort of your own home.

I mean it’s better than going to the mattress store where you get to lay down on a mattress for 3 minutes and leave with the wrong one (because by the time you are trying to make up your mind it’s too late).

The following idea may seem silly, but if you are willing to compromise and save that relationship, try investing in two different twin beds to push together- two extra-long twins is equivalent to a king-sized bed. This can be the perfect solution for your sleep issues because both you and your partner can choose your ideal type while still sleeping next to each other. It’s better than a customizable mattress.

If There Isn’t Enough Blanket

One thing that really annoys me, especially during cold nights is to wake up because someone stole all of the sheets, or decided to take over the comforter.

A king-sized comforter on a queen-sized bed solves the blanket-hogging problem. Or simply try investing in two separate blankets, each will have its own.

Lights and TV

My husband cannot go to sleep, or fall asleep if the TV is not on! Ugh, even when he falls asleep and I try to turn it off he wakes up sometimes to ask me to leave it on. If you have the same problem I think a TV in a different room is a better solution. Back in the days I don’t believe they used to have a TV in their bedrooms, everything turned out to be fine and they survived just right. ( I am really upset now that I am typing this) .

Another “ light” dilemma, reading before going to sleep. This one is easy peasy, get one of those clip-on lights. They clip perfectly on to your book, no need to move  or leave the bed to turn your lights off – also no jeopardizing waking your partner up when you try to get out of bed to turn the lights off-

It’s a Win, win situation. High fives all around!

If It’s Too Hot or Cold

Agreeing to a certain room temperature alone can be tough. But when it comes to bed temperature, let me tell you IT NO LONGER IS.

If your partner likes his side of the bed on the cold side, you could use a temperature regulating pad to keep your side warm. Or vice versa. Alternatively, if you like your side at 73 degrees and your partner likes it at 68, a mattress pad with a cooling and heating temperature control system is what you two need.

Tossing and turning

Constant movement can make or break a good night’s sleep for some. (more like break)! Maybe you just can’t help it and you are trying so hard to get comfortable and if that is ultimately affecting both of you, then the struggle is real. For real real.

Three words for you: NO MOTION TRANSFER.

It could be a foam or a hybrid mattress. Almost all mattresses nowadays are put to the “ Tossing and turning” test as they are being manufactured to make sure that they can hold up to it. Better yet, I myself have tried some of them. Here’s my top


And finally SNORING

It’s more then just annoying, it makes you wanna leave that bed and compromise and sleep on a couch or anywhere away from that snorer. The solution: an adjustable base! Did you know that there are adjustable bases out there that have so many cool features like a massager, Dual USB ports as well as a “anti-snore button” ? And it works. I know because I sleep on one of them and use that specific button ( on someone else) ~wink, wink~

So when you have trouble getting the shut-eye yet still want your partner by your side sharing that same bed with you try some of those tips. Keep in mind, your tips are also welcome to share here.

Best Adjustable Beds

Best Adjustable Beds

Finding the Best Adjustable bed For You

You will notice that the intro is about snoring.  Well I credit the anti-snore position on my adjustable beds for curing my husband’s snoring issues.

Fortunately, several companies offer adjustable frames. As the prices have come down the quality and features have gotten better.

Want to charge your phone in bed? Many models will come with USB ports.

Always losing your remote? Some adjustable beds will have an app that will connect to your phone.

Tired of tripping over your child’s toys at night? Well, how about an LED light under your bed so that you can see where you are going.

Want to watch TV, but your partner has all of the pillows? Just lift up the head part of the frame to move your bed into a lounge position.

Is your partner snoring too much, well there’s a setting for anti-snoring on many of these adjustable beds.

Want a gentle massage? Odds are one of the frames you are looking at will have that as an upgraded feature.

Last month I tested the Morphiis and the Tomorrow Sleep Adjustable bed.

This month I started testing the new DreamCloud Adjustable frame.  None of the adjustable frames that I have tested have been able to properly adjust a 15″ thick mattress, did the people at DreamCloud crack the code?  Maybe you should look at the table below to see where it ranks.

I noticed that Nectar and DreamCloud both sold and delivered the same model from Classic Brands, LLC.  I contacted the folks at those companies and inquired about the price difference.  A day later they got back to me and said that they lowered the price of the DreamCloud to match the Nectar adjustable bed price!  Please don’t say that I’m not trying to get you guys the best deals, ok?

  • Best Adjustable Bed Frames

    Brand Score See Reviews Price Coupons
    Logo For Nectar Mattress Company 96 Nectar Adjustable Review $799  Shop Nectar
    dreamcloud luxury hybrid mattress logo  96 DreamCloud Review $799 Shop DreamCloud
     Rize adjustable bed logo 93 Rize Verge Review $1,003 Check Discount on Overstock
    Lineal by Saatva  91 Lineal Review $1,399 Shop Lineal
     brooklyn bedding logo Best Budget 92 Brooklyn Bedding Review $399  Shop Brooklyn Bedding
    Purple logo on white  91 Purple Powerbase Review $1,499 Shop Purple
    Tomorrow Sleep 90 Tomorrow Sleep Review $999  Shop Tomorrow Sleep
     Nest Bedding Logo 90 Symmetry Review $1,199 Shop Nest Bedding
     Casper 88 Casper Adjustable Review $1,000 Buy from Amazon
     S-Cape Leggett & Platt 86 S-Cape Review $1,050 Buy from Amazon
     Morphiis 83 Video Review $850  Shop Morphiis

    Check out the pricing of the DreamCloud, it is the only one that offers dual massagers, and USB ports at under $1,000.  It certainly isn’t a bare bones budget adjustable frame, but it is the best combination of quality and price that I have found, so far.  I’m still holding out hope for a frame that will sense snoring and automatically adjust to an anti-snore position.

    First, what is an adjustable bed?

    Surely you have heard of a zero gravity bed, a reclining bed, an electric bed, or a hospital bed for the home.  There are a good deal of different types, but they all have flat sections which can be independently moved so that you can get into a variety of positions.  They need a minimum of three sections to provide balance and support when shifted into their different configurations, but some (like the Rize Contemporary II) will have 5 separate movement points.

    Many of these beds will come with preset positions such as:

    • Anti-gravity
    • Anti-snoring
    • Lounge setting
    • TV watching setting

    Of course, many of the models will allow you to set your own desired configuration.

    As you move up in price, expect to get a sturdier base, more sections that move, wall hugging technology, and integrated technology options with your adjustable frame.

    How do different mattresses preform on an adjustable bed?

    I hate to spoil surprises so I’ll give you the video and you can see for yourself.  If you are in a hurry skip to 7:17 for great mattresses and 8:15 to see the winner.

    What things should you look for when considering an adjustable bed?

    Lifting capacity

    This is what I feel is the first thing that you need to consider.  When you are analyzing this number be sure to include yourself, your partner, your mattress weight, as well as any unexpected guests (like dogs or kids).  Make sure you have a little buffer in case you go a little overboard during Thanksgiving.

    Will my Current Mattress work with an adjustable frame?

    If you have a mattress which has interlocking coils, I’m sorry to say that you either need a new mattress, or you need to wait until you buy a new one before you get into an adjustable bed.  An all foam, or latex bed is the perfect bed for an adjustable frame.  Hybrid beds that have independent coil systems are typically going to be just fine on an adjustable frame.  It’s just important that those coils get the chance to move around without being locked into place.  Most of the mattresses sold now conform to adjustable frames.  I find that when I’m at a mattress store it is now nearly impossible to see interlocking coil beds and classic box springs.  There is clearly a push to get more people onto adjustable beds.

    Will it work with my current Headboard & Frame?

    In my case I downsized from a king bed to a queen bed, and I have purchased a couple of different frames and headboard connections that just didn’t work.  When they sell these they typically say that they will work with most bed frames.  What they leave out are the beds that it absolutely won’t work with.  If you have a frame that has under-bed storage, it won’t work.  If you have a platform base, and the center piece doesn’t come out, it won’t work.  If you have a slatted base and the slats won’t come out, it won’t work.

    After you rule out the types of frames that just won’t work with your adjustable bed, you may be tempted to buy a headboard kit.  I did that and, well if you watch my videos I still haven’t figured that part out yet…

    Casper Essential from the Side

    Casper Essential conforms nicely with an adjustable bed

    How long is the Warranty?

    Let’s face it, an adjustable frame will take a bite out of your budget.  So, it’s very important to know that the company selling it to you is going to stand behind their product.  You should expect to get a 10 year warranty on a purchase of this size, and many of these companies will offer up to 20 year warranties.  If their warranty is under 10 years, you may want to keep doing your research.

    What Extras are Included?

    Some models will be no frills, while others are going to spare no expense.

    If you are willing to pay more, a cool feature that you are going to want to explore is what they call wall hugging.  As you lift up the head section of these beds the frame will adjust to keep you close to the wall.  Sounds like an unnecessary luxury right?  Well, if you don’t have it you may find yourself drifting away from your end tables, which means you may have to invest in the clapper to get your lights off.

    Want to charge your phone? Some will offer outlets while others will offer USB ports.

    Some will have attached remotes (like they would at a hospital).  Others will have detached remotes, and others will take the next step and offer mobile phone apps.

    Who doesn’t want their bed to give you a massage?  Well they won’t all have it, so when you are doing your comparison shopping make sure you know if your model is equipped with this feature.

    I live in a hot area of the country, so I’m not out actively searching for a base that has heating technology in it.  Perhaps you are, just remember if you find it in an adjustable base odds are you are going to need to pay more to get that extra feature.

    Top Budget Adjustable beds

    On a tight budget? You aren’t going to find great quality adjustable beds under $750 if you walk into a mattress store. They have too many salaries and other major expenses like rent and utilities to pay to get you out the door at the $750 or below price range.  Now, what if I told you that you could get an American made adjustable bed sent directly to your house for under $400 (queen size)?

    Introducing the Brooklyn Bedding Adjustable bed frame.  It doesn’t have all of the fancy stuff like a massager, but it also doesn’t have a fancy price tag.

    If you are looking for a mattress to go with it the code Nonbiased10 will get you 10% off.

    Best Luxury Adjustable Frames

    Want a adjustable bed delivered to your door that just screams luxury at a fraction of an in store price? Of course you do!  This category is going to be for those that want just about everything that you could want out of an adjustable bed.  I’m still in search of an adjustable bed with smart tech that can recognize snoring and automatically switch into the anti-snore position.  Until, I find that solution let me introduce you to my 2 favorite luxury adjustable beds:

    DreamCloud just launched with a high quality frame all of the perks that you expect in the luxury category.  Did I mention it has both a foot and head massage feature?  However, that’s not why it is the best one on this list.  It’s the pricing of the product that makes it so hard to beat.

    The Lineal also has all of the bells and whistles that come on a luxury adjustable bed, and they also have the advantage of one stop shopping.  When you purchase the Lineal you can couple it with a mattress from any of the three Saatva product lines:

    Recommendations for People with Medical Issues

    Back Pain

    I was in a major car accident in 2002, every day I am reminded how lucky I am to have survived by the pain that I encounter. Each day it is difficult to escape from bed, and I truly know the difference between sleeping on a good bed and a bad bed, by how my body reacts in the morning.  Switching over to an adjustable bed was a life saver.  I really had no idea that I could eliminate so much pain by just using a few different sleeping positions on different nights.  You can adjust the bed to help you get out of bed on those days where you just need an extra hand.


    As embarrassing as this is to admit, I have slight scoliosis. This coupled with my life threatening car accident force me to mainly sleep on my side. This means that I’m not able to take advantage of the zero gravity position while I sleep.  Zero G works for me when I’m reading or watching tv, just not for sleeping.

    Neck Pain

    Fortunately, I don’t currently suffer from neck pain. I found an adjustable shredded memory foam pillow and I swear by it. If my husband is using it, even if he is sound asleep, I will yank it out from under him. I won’t go anywhere without my Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow.


    You can try sleep masks, or mouthguards, and they may provide you with relief from snoring at an affordable price. However, there are two simple ways to combat snoring. One is to upgrade your pillow to something thicker. This will allow you to get a better angle to increase your flow of oxygen while you sleep. The best cure to snoring is the one that worked wonders for my family. An adjustable bed frame will tilt up the head section of the bed just enough to keep your partner from snoring.

    Bed Size

    • Twin: A twin will measure 39″X 75″. Your basic set up for children and a spare bedroom with limited space
    • Full: 54″ X 75″, which is a good size for teenagers as long as you don’t expect them to grow to six feet tall.
    • Queen: 60″ X 80″. It fits two adults, but you had really better like each other as you will be very close.
    • King: 76″ X 80″. This gives two adults more space, but has the same amount of leg room (height) as a queen.
    • California King: 72″ X 84″. This will give plenty of room to two adults and allow people in the 6’6″ range the ability to sleep on a bed without dangling their feet off the end.

      Our Rating Criteria

      We use muliple categories to rate the adjustable beds we sleep test. Each category is scored 1-10. Unlike other reviewers we aren’t scared to give a adjustable bed a low score if it is deserved. If I spend 2 weeks sleeping on a adjustable bed that consistently gives me back pain, you will read about it on my review!


      I’m not going to lie to you, these things are heavy.  You probably won’t be able to move one without a friend or two.  Be prepared to invite over some friends or perhaps take the white glove delivery service.  Expect your box to be a bit beat up when it arrives.  Make sure you do a full inspection of the frame to make sure it isn’t bent.

      Range of Mattresses that Will Work

      If you have an innerspring mattress, one with connected coils, you need to either stop dreaming about an adjustable bed or go back and look for a new mattress.  Some mattresses are too thick to bend on certain adjustable frames.

      Lifting Capacity

      An adjustable bed needs to be able to lift you, your partner and your mattress.  Figure that your king size mattress could weigh as much as 200 lbs if you have had it long enough for all of the little bugs and sweat to accumulate.  Then add you combined weight, plus the dog and a kid or two to calculate how much lift capacity you need.


      With the hundreds of new brands that have popped up over the last few years it is difficult to sort through them. I’m putting in the leg work to figure out which companies are connected to each other. In doing so I can help determine the expected longevity of each of these adjustable bed companies. If I don’t think a adjustable bed company is going to make it in the long term, then I won’t expect their warranty to hold up. A company my promote a forever warranty, but if it closes down in six months you surely won’t be able to get your bed replaced.

      • I use Fakespot to see if companies are planting fake reviews. You will be amazed by some of the results some of these online retailers get on fakespot.
      • Community outreach by the company: I love companies that give back to their communities. If your company is holding an event for the community in the Phoenix area let me know and I’ll cover it.
      • Customer support: If a company has poor communication or support, you will read about it here or hear about it on my video reviews.
      • Warranty: the companies in our top categories all score highly in the warranty field. If we don’t think a company will be around to honor their warranty they won’t be included on our list.

      Sleep Quality

      If I’m not able to sleep on a adjustable bed, then it’s possible that you may have the same issues. This is really the most important category that a buyer should be focused on. It is nice when a bed is well constructed or made by a reputable company. However, if you can’t sleep on it, you are going to find yourself shopping for a new bed sooner than planned.


      Surely the construction of the adjustable bed matters right?  Can it stand the weight of a couple of sumo wrestlers?  Most of the adjustable beds are made from steel and will be able to hold more than their officially listed lift capacities.


      You really have to look at the prices of the adjustable bed vs. the competition. Not just the direct to consumer, bed in a box model, but the in store values as well. The direct to consumer model offers consumers huge cost savings vs. buying from the store. This is because the middle man is cut out and the companies don’t have to pay electricity and rent.

      We give each category a score from 1-10 with 10 being the highest. I am using a 10 point must system. The adjustable bed that preformed the best in a category gets a 10 and all other adjustable beds are judged against that standard.


    Why Buy a Adjustable bed Online?

    • It will ship directly to you, most of the time for free
    • Do you really enjoy having a adjustable bed salesman follow you around and check you out as you try out all of the adjustable beds? The answer is NO
    • Wouldn’t you rather take some time to test a adjustable bed rather than just be lead around by the salesman to the highest commission bed he sells? Most online retailers offer a trial period of 100 days or more to test out your new adjustable bed.
    • Same quality adjustable bed for a fraction of the cost.
    • You have more time to comparison shop from your home.

    If you make an adjustable bed purchase using my links, I’ll send you a $25 gift card as a thank you.

    Thinking about buying the items we have reviewed? Help Non-Biased Reviews out if you do. Just click on any of the seller links above and the seller will contribute a portion of the sale to help support this site. It won’t cost you anything extra and is a simple way to help us fund more items to review. Thank You!