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How does the new Casper Wave compare to the traditional Casper?


Update 10/20/17


I now have the Casper Essential.  Would you like to know which Casper mattress is best suited to your sleep style?

 The first thing that you have to look at is the price.  In queen size the Casper wave will set you back $1,850, while the Casper original is $950.  Right away it is difficult to compare the two as the wave is nearly double the price.  To do a proper comparison we have to forget about the price difference, otherwise, I would just tell you that the Casper Wave is better (WAY BETTER!)  Edit after 11 nights on the Casper Wave I no longer feel that the Casper Wave is better, read more to understand why.


To start lets talk about what I consider to be the main con with the traditional Casper


The Casper has a good deal of sinkage, and may not be a great fit for large people.  Here I am standing on it, I weigh about 115 in both shots.

 Here is what it looks like when I stand on the Casper Wave

 The Casper Wave has an extra inch and a half of foam, so it provides more support.  I would consider that con “fixed” in the Casper Wave.  Here is a short clip with me walking on both mattresses.

 To me, it’s pretty clear that the Casper Wave has much more support.

 How do the Covers compare?


Both come with zippers so that they can be washed if they get dirty.  The new wave fades from a dark grey at the bottom to white.  They no longer have the blue Casper tag sticking out of the side, it just says Casper on the two long sides of the mattress.  The wave cover is more pleasant to touch, but it isn’t so amazing that you would choose to just sleep on it without sheets.


Differences in the Foam Construction

 The traditional Casper mattress is 10″ of foam


  • 2″ Open Cell Foam
  • 2″ Memory Foam
  • 2″ Transition Foam
  • 4″ Support Foam

 The Casper Wave is 11.5″


  • 1″ Flow Foam
  • 2″ Latex
  • 2″ Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • 2″ High Resiliency Foam
  • 4.5″ Support Foam

Between the support foam and the high resiliency foam you will find that some of the material has been removed from where your shoulders and feet would go.  In the middle, where you hips go, they have inserted what they call a Polymer network.  As long as you are the appropriate height your shoulders and legs will sink in a bit and your hips and butt will be raised a bit.  This helps to line up your spine.  It is a really nice feature and I’m willing to bet we will see it used by other mattress companies. 

 Is the Casper Wave more Firm?

 The feel is similar, but you sink in way less on the Casper Wave.  The Wave is much more supportive, yet it has the same soft feeling of The Casper.

Update after 11 nights on the Casper Wave.  The wave’s polymer section is giving me problems.  It is pushing up on my back too much, which is giving me back pain. 

How do they Sleep?

 I’m not trying to pick on the traditional Casper, but there is no way anyone would pick it in a blind one on one test with the Wave.  Of course, you would have to hide the price tags, as the Casper Wave is about twice as expensive as the original mattress.

 Update after 11 nights on the Casper Wave.  Now that my initial honeymoon phase is over, I need to change just about all of my initial thoughts.  I haven’t been sleeping well on the Casper Wave.  The polymer section lifts my hips and back so much that there is now a gap where I can slide about 4″ through my lower back.  At night I toss and turn to try to shake my back pain.  Eventually, I just have to get up and start my day early by stretching out my back.


 If you are currently on a Casper and you are looking for a more luxurious version of it, you will find it in the Casper Wave.  Personally, the Casper Wave just doesn’t work for me as I’m having too many issues with the polymer section. 

Want to see more about the traditional Casper (2017 model)


Want more of the new Casper Wave?


this week I purchased a Casper Wave for $1,850, and then they released a $100 off (if you spend $1,000) coupon for Labor day.  I contacted them and they applied the code.  They weren’t obligated to, but it was the right decision.  So thanks Casper! 

Casper $100 off
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Casper Price Table

Type of Mattress Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King
Casper $595 $645 $895 $995 $1,195 $1,195
Casper Wave $1,000 $1,150 $1,650 $1,850 $2,250 $2,250
Casper Essential $350 $400 $500 $600 $725 $725