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Sharing a bed. Pros, cons and Tips!

Some people use a white-noise app on their phone to drown out the snoring. Others think that two separate sheets under one comforter can solve the hogging problem

No matter what your genius idea or ideas may be, they are all useful and can absolutely help you avoid your most comfortable space (AKA Bed), from becoming a war zone.

The pros and cons of sharing one bed and some tips.


Sharing a bed with someone can have its pros and cons.

Don’t get me wrong. I know we do love our partners therefore we share our beds with them! Totally.

Sharing a bed is not that easy, that’s maybe why the cons list is a tad bigger than the pros one?

I’m talking from my personal experience, maybe I’m wrong. You be the judge!

Pros: Always having that someone you can cuddle with.

Cons: Sweating from the extra body heat next to you, that person you decided to “cuddle” with. And dealing with a bed/ sheets/ blanket hogger. (I know, we brought this to ourselves). UNLESS, you happen to be a heavier sleeper. Then my friend, you may be in luck.

Don’t worry if you are not, below I will be sharing some helpful hints and tips for dealing those bed hoggers and snorers and most importantly to avoid turning this bed into a war zone. Because after all, sleeping with a partner can benefit your health and increase the chances of your having a better and longer lifespan.

Now of course, if you happen to have some tips of your own to share with us, PLEASE DO SO. Sharing is caring.

Size DOES matter

Depending on the size of both people and how much space each one prefers, the dimensions of WHAT BED TO CHOSE is going to be crucial.  Because let’s face it, you are not going to have and enjoy the same amount of space as you would when you are not sharing the bed with a partner.

Fortunately, beds come in different sizes: Full, Queen or King. Now, I personally don’t like a Cal. King bed in my small bedroom, but the bigger the bed can fit in your room, the better the sleep you will have.

If Your Mattress Just Isn’t Working Out

Firm or soft? Hybrid or foam?

If you and your partner prefer the same type of mattress, then you’ve lucked out. But it’s a huge problem when you cannot decide on one type of mattress. Some companies free trial periods go up to a whole year, if you don’t like and still within the trial period you can return it. They will arrange pickup no questions asked. It may sound inefficient but it’s like trying a fancy mattress, in a box, in the comfort of your own home.

I mean it’s better than going to the mattress store where you get to lay down on a mattress for 3 minutes and leave with the wrong one (because by the time you are trying to make up your mind it’s too late).

The following idea may seem silly, but if you are willing to compromise and save that relationship, try investing in two different twin beds to push together- two extra-long twins is equivalent to a king-sized bed. This can be the perfect solution for your sleep issues because both you and your partner can choose your ideal type while still sleeping next to each other. It’s better than a customizable mattress.

If There Isn’t Enough Blanket

One thing that really annoys me, especially during cold nights is to wake up because someone stole all of the sheets, or decided to take over the comforter.

A king-sized comforter on a queen-sized bed solves the blanket-hogging problem. Or simply try investing in two separate blankets, each will have its own.

Lights and TV

My husband cannot go to sleep, or fall asleep if the TV is not on! Ugh, even when he falls asleep and I try to turn it off he wakes up sometimes to ask me to leave it on. If you have the same problem I think a TV in a different room is a better solution. Back in the days I don’t believe they used to have a TV in their bedrooms, everything turned out to be fine and they survived just right. ( I am really upset now that I am typing this) .

Another “ light” dilemma, reading before going to sleep. This one is easy peasy, get one of those clip-on lights. They clip perfectly on to your book, no need to move  or leave the bed to turn your lights off – also no jeopardizing waking your partner up when you try to get out of bed to turn the lights off-

It’s a Win, win situation. High fives all around!

If It’s Too Hot or Cold

Agreeing to a certain room temperature alone can be tough. But when it comes to bed temperature, let me tell you IT NO LONGER IS.

If your partner likes his side of the bed on the cold side, you could use a temperature regulating pad to keep your side warm. Or vice versa. Alternatively, if you like your side at 73 degrees and your partner likes it at 68, a mattress pad with a cooling and heating temperature control system is what you two need.

Tossing and turning

Constant movement can make or break a good night’s sleep for some. (more like break)! Maybe you just can’t help it and you are trying so hard to get comfortable and if that is ultimately affecting both of you, then the struggle is real. For real real.

Three words for you: NO MOTION TRANSFER.

It could be a foam or a hybrid mattress. Almost all mattresses nowadays are put to the “ Tossing and turning” test as they are being manufactured to make sure that they can hold up to it. Better yet, I myself have tried some of them. Here’s my top


And finally SNORING

It’s more then just annoying, it makes you wanna leave that bed and compromise and sleep on a couch or anywhere away from that snorer. The solution: an adjustable base! Did you know that there are adjustable bases out there that have so many cool features like a massager, Dual USB ports as well as a “anti-snore button” ? And it works. I know because I sleep on one of them and use that specific button ( on someone else) ~wink, wink~

So when you have trouble getting the shut-eye yet still want your partner by your side sharing that same bed with you try some of those tips. Keep in mind, your tips are also welcome to share here.