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Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow

I love the fact that I was able to go and pick the Easy Breather Pillow fresh out of the Nest Bedding factory here in Phoenix! How cool is that? It’s true that first impression is something to look forward to when you get to unbox it, how it feels and smells but most importantly how I slept on it.

Pillow feels easy breathy thus the name? No off gassing, so here comes the real test, the part where you get to lay your tired sleepy head on it. Here’s how it went:

The Easy Breather comes full of Nest Bedding proprietary blend of foam and fiber and can be adjusted to your liking by removing some of the material via the zippered cover. Sweet, you can actually adjust that pillow, we just covered the subject on how could a pillow be soft and supportive at the same time! Speaking of cover, it’s not recommended that you wash it. You are better off purchasing a pillow cover to keep your pillow clean.

Soft and supportive

The Easy Breather memory foam pillow








I have to say I slept cool on the Easy Breather pillow, I highly recommend it if you have neck soreness too. It did remind me of those high quality nice hotels pillows. It is everything you look for all in ONE pillow! I say go ahead and try it, you have 30 days to change your mind (but I guarantee you won’t).

Nest Bedding easy breather pillow

So fluffy!

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Want to see how the Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow stacks up against other pillows that I have sleep tested?  Drag and drop a few pillows into the pillow comparison tool below:

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Casper PillowPlush100 Night Trial, Free Shipping4.5 Star Rating$55None RequiredVariesShop CasperLayla Sleep PillowCopper Infused Foam120 Night Trial, Copper Infused4.5 Star Rating$99Vip30$30 OffShop LaylaNest Bedding Easy Breather PillowShredded Foam100 Day Trial, adjustable, Made in the USA4.5 Star Rating$99Dreambed55% OffShop Nest Bedding Easy Breather PillowPurple PillowFoam & Polymer Section for Egg Catching100 Day Trial, Made in the USA,2.5 Star Rating$99None RequiredBest PriceShop Purple PillowPangeabed PillowFoam & 100% Pure Talalay Latex100 Day Trial, Copper Infused, Talalay latex3.8 Star Rating$125None Required$30 OffShop Pangeabed#BestpilloweverTalalay Latex120 Night Trial, Talalay Latex, made in the USA4.6 Star Rating$40nonbiased1010% Off & Free Pillows and SheetsShop Brooklyn Bedding Best Pillow EverTomorrow Sleep Plush PillowPlush100 Day Trial, Backed by Serta, add a sleeptracker4.7 Star Rating$75nonbiased125$125 Off Purchase of $500Shop Tomorrow SleepLeesa PillowAvena Cooling Foam100 Night Trial, Made in the USA, 1 in 10 Program4.6 Star Rating$75None RequiredBest PriceShop Leesa PillowTomorrow Sleep Foam PillowMemory Foam100 Day Trial, Backed by Serta, add a sleeptracker4.6 Star Rating$99nonbiased125$125 Off purchasse of $500Shop Tomorrow Sleep Foam Pillow

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