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You shouldn’t have to be in the hospital to enjoy the benefits of an adjustable bed

Fortunately, several companies offer adjustable frames.  As the prices have come down the quality and features have gotten better.

Want to charge your phone in bed?  Many models will come with USB ports.

Always losing your remote?  Some adjustable beds will have an app that will connect to your phone.

Tired of tripping over your child’s toys at night?  Well, how about an LED light under your bed so that you can see where you are going.

Want to watch TV, but your partner has all of the pillows?  Just lift up the head part of the frame to move your bed into a lounge position.

Is your partner snoring too much, well there’s a setting for anti-snoring on many of these adjustable beds.

Want a gentle massage? Odds are one of the frames you are looking at will have that as an upgraded feature.

First, what is an adjustable bed?

Surely you have heard of a zero gravity bed, a reclining bed, an electric bed, or a hospital bed for the home.  There are a good deal of different types, but they all have flat sections which can be independently moved so that you can get into a variety of positions.  They need a minimum of three sections to provide balance and support when shifted into their different configurations, but some (like the Rize Contemporary II) will have 5 separate movement points.

Many of these beds will come with preset positions such as:

  • Anti-gravity
  • Anti-snoring
  • Lounge setting
  • TV watching setting

Of course, many of the models will allow you to set your own desired configuration.

As you move up in price, expect to get a sturdier base, more sections that move, wall hugging technology, and integrated technology options with your adjustable frame.

How do different mattresses preform on an adjustable bed?

I hate to spoil surprises so I’ll give you the video and you can see for yourself.  If you are in a hurry skip to 7:17 for great mattresses and 8:15 to see the winner.

What things should you look for when considering an adjustable bed?

Lifting capacity

This is what I feel is the first thing that you need to consider.  When you are analyzing this number be sure to include yourself, your partner, your mattress weight, as well as any unexpected guests (like dogs or kids).  Make sure you have a little buffer in case you go a little overboard during Thanksgiving.

Will my Current Mattress work with an adjustable frame?

If you have a mattress which has interlocking coils, I’m sorry to say that you either need a new mattress, or you need to wait until you buy a new one before you get into an adjustable bed.  An all foam, or latex bed is the perfect bed for an adjustable frame.  Hybrid beds that have independent coil systems are typically going to be just fine on an adjustable frame.  It’s just important that those coils get the chance to move around without being locked into place.  Most of the mattresses sold now conform to adjustable frames.  I find that when I’m at a mattress store it is now nearly impossible to see interlocking coil beds and classic box springs.  There is clearly a push to get more people onto adjustable beds.

How long is the Warranty?

Let’s face it, an adjustable frame will take a bite out of your budget.  So, it’s very important to know that the company selling it to you is going to stand behind their product.  You should expect to get a 10 year warranty on a purchase of this size, and many of these companies will offer up to 20 year warranties.  If their warranty is under 10 years, you may want to keep doing your research.

What Extras are Included?

Some models will be no frills, while others are going to spare no expense.

If you are willing to pay more, a cool feature that you are going to want to explore is what they call wall hugging.  As you lift up the head section of these beds the frame will adjust to keep you close to the wall.  Sounds like an unnecessary luxury right?  Well, if you don’t have it you may find yourself drifting away from your end tables, which means you may have to invest in the clapper to get your lights off.

Want to charge your phone? Some will offer outlets while others will offer USB ports.

Some will have attached remotes (like they would at a hospital).  Others will have detached remotes, and others will take the next step and offer mobile phone apps.

Who doesn’t want their bed to give you a massage?  Well they won’t all have it, so when you are doing your comparison shopping make sure you know if your model is equipped with this feature.

I live in a hot area of the country, so I’m not out actively searching for a base that has heating technology in it.  Perhaps you are, just remember if you find it in an adjustable base odds are you are going to need to pay more to get that extra feature.

So what options do you have to get one in your house?

This year I have switched from:

To what I’m currently on which is the new DreamCloud Adjustable frame.  None of the other three that I have tried this year worked well with the DreamCloud mattresses due to the 15″ thickness of the bed.  However, the folks at DreamCloud had that in mind when they partnered with Classic Brands to make this adjustable bed.

Rize currently has 5 models each with different features and specs.

If you are a fan of Purple’s commercials, which I am, you may want to learn more about the Purple Powerbase.

Saatva offers an adjustable bed called the Lineal adjustable bed, which they offer with all three of their mattress types (the Saatva hybrid, Loom & Leaf foam, and the Zenhaven Talalay Latex).

Legget and Platt offer a few different models.

Want a no frills adjustable frame?  Take a look at the Brooklyn Bedding Adjustable Foundation.

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